Sites Like Craigslist for Buying and Selling Stuff

June 6, 2016
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While you may never know who “they” are, most of us have heard what “they” say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Most people who are regulars of online browsing, shopping and selling recognize Craigslist as the leader in the field of buying and selling online. The site has grown so much that most locations in North America have an area devoted to commerce in that area alone.criags list alternatives

But there are other sites that provide the same service, or something very close to the same service. Some of the lesser-known sites even have a benefit or two that Craigslist does not have. Take a closer look at this list for expanded knowledge about online buying and selling.offerup

OfferUp – This site has the stated mission of providing a safe place for those interested in marketing online. In the effort to do this, the developers have established an identification/verification process that should ease the concerns of others who interact with you. Not only can you browse through available items, you can communicate smoothly with others using the site. Reviewers are happy with the feature that shows if individuals on OfferUp have Facebook friends in common.


BooKoo – Users report this site is very much like Craigslist, offering specific sites for different cities, so you can find items that are being offered close to you. The number of focused sites is not as large as that of Craigslist but this is changing. The site provides extra information about sellers, including a brief biography.


VarageSale – This site is different in a significant way. The VarageSale program brings online and offline communities together to buy and sell. You can join a group of others from your area and make your transaction within that group. You will know more about who they are and where they are, which could lead to longer relationships. One of the differences here is that buying and selling can take place within a group, in which the individuals share a common passion or interest.


Only the Start

These three buying/selling sites are just the beginning of what you will find when you have products, services or just miscellaneous items to sell, or when you are looking for a special bargain.


The Online Yard Sale – It would be difficult to find a better name to describe what is taking place with all of these sites. This site has a similar feel to the one just described because it wants visitors to feel as if they are really walking around a neighborhood sale. Of course, the pool of sellers and buyers is huge, and people offer most of the items that you would expect at a real-life yard sale. Some items are too large to ship but that is between buyer and seller. The total number of listings is smaller than some other sites but it is growing.


Oodle – Creative name for a site with a slight difference. Three categories are key with Oodle: pets, places to live, new cars and trucks. There are other categories but these are the big three. The process is simple, like most other online selling/buying sites. This one is a rather active program, with great buys that are often 30 miles from your home (or less).


OLX – This entry is billed as India’s largest site of its kind. It does have a presence in dozens upon dozens of countries around the globe. The list of items offered here is very large. You may even find real estate or a new job! Some products are produced from what are known as protected animals, so this is something to keep in mind as you browse. In a side-by-side comparison, this site may be bigger and more active than Craigslist. But then, who’s keeping track?


Even More

Each of these entries in online buying/selling world has a difference, small as it may be. Some have interesting names; others are known the world over. Take a look at these last items to see if one of them will work for you.


Gumtree – The name alone has to be a favorite among users and reviewers. This example began as a UK site, primarily, but it has expanded recently, gaining favor in Europe and in Australia. Some look at Gumtree as the Craigslist of Europe, with a similar structure and ads. Job offers are a key element here. However, there have been quite a few reports of people losing their money because they do not receive merchandise. Be careful.


Kijiji – This site states that it is the most popular site for free classifieds. It is thought of by many as a local version of Craigslist for Canada. It does have millions of classifieds – at last count, more than 7 million. One difference users will notice here is that there are jobs, special services, even vacation rentals, in addition to items to buy and sell. Videos are allowed with a post too.


Ebay Classifieds – For some reason, this one doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise. This is probably the only other site that rivals Craigslist for name recognition and sheer size in the buying-and-selling world. But you can exchange with residents of your own community here – a fantastic source if Craigslist does not do the trick. Should see some growth with this site.


Facebook – There are a lot of things to do with Facebook, other than keep in touch with family members and friends. Not only can you share photos and ideas you can let people know you have things for sale. You can also ask if others have items to sell. Search by typing in your community’s name and the words “garage sale.” Keep your eyes and ears open for a feature called local market.


SocialSell – This entry does not have its own website. You will have to access it through apps with iOS or Android. With SocialSell you can send a direct message. Not a huge number of users just yet but this free offering is growing.

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