Hate Snapchat? Try These Secure Instant Messaging Apps

April 6, 2016

When looking at the number of instant chat applications that are available for download, Snapchat may be one of the most popular that is out there. This is despite it having a tarnished reputation as being a way to send messages that others will never see. With many people believing that this application only stirs conflict and issues among those who use it. However, despite this, it is still one of the most widely used applications out there for sending instant messages and pictures.

One of the reasons that Snapchat has become so popular is the ability to send an image, and then this is not traced back to you. In fact, it seems to vanish. This is what has led others out there to develop something similar to Snapchat in order to get in on the glory that this application has found online. However, those who have tried to replicate the success with Snapchat have had mixed results. There are some of those applications developed that simply failed immediately, while others are seeing success. Here are some successful alternatives to Snapchat for users to consider.

Wickrwickr snapchat alternatives

This application started in 2012, and calls San Diego, California home. This instant messenger was designed for Android and provides completely secure methods of messaging others. It also has the same vanishing feature among texts, pictures or folders that are sent to others. Within a few minutes after sending these, they disappear. As far as security goes, those who have tested this are often surprised at how secure the messages and pictures that are sent on here are. Thus, you can rest assure that your information is safe.

Along with being a secretive way to send messages, the application also allows you to edit the images that you may be sending. You can add filters to these image sin order to make them look differently. Something that many people enjoy about this instant messaging application.


This was developed by Facebook Inc., and offers people a way to send images to their friends that are completely secure. Just like Snapchat, the messages are only temporary and will self-destruct within a few minutes of being sent. One of the aspects that makes Slingshot stand out against the others on the market is that this app will allow you to choose whether you like the photo that you have taken without sending it. Other instant messaging platforms on this level does not allow for a retake.

Security wise, this app is decent. There have not been any major complaints where the security is concerned. This is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

YovoYovo snapchat alternatives

For many, Yovo is even better than Snapchat. Though Snapchat allows your message or picture to self-destruct once sent in a few minutes. There are those who can screen shot the snapchat session and keep the photo that you sent. However, Yovo takes care of this security flaw. With this, once you send it the image, if someone were to screenshot this, the image would become blurred. Thus, nothing would be recognizable. This is just one way in which this app has improved upon the failures of Snapchat.


This instant message app is more dedicated to video sharing, than photo sharing, however, can be used for both. With this app, a photo or video is sent and it remains with the other person until they click on it. Until this point, the photo or video is blurred. Once it has been seen or watched, it disappears. One of the nifty features about this app is that it will notify you if someone has taken a screen shot of what you have sent. Thus, it allows you to have more control and knowledge about the security that is taking place within this exchange. It was first released for Apple devices, and is also going to be for Android devices.


This is a fully loaded instant messaging app that can be used instead of Snapchat. In fact, it has a few features that Snapchat does not have. When sending messages or videos, they are going to self-destruct after a few moments. However, videos and messages are not the only things that can be sent. People can send website addresses, stickers, animations, and GIF’s. And all of these are going to benefit from the self-destruction feature that is ingrained into this application.

You also get notifications in the event that someone does try to take a screen shot of the item that you have sent, and it will not stick if the person does try to do this. This makes this a fairly secure instant messaging app to utilize.


This is a newer messaging app that has made it to the market, however, it is getting some very high marks from those who have tried it. This app allows you to chat and even call someone in privacy. For those who worry about their conversations being heard, this program encrypts the voice calls, and also ensures that who you call is not seen within your phone history.

The program also has the self-destruct feature in terms of messages and pictures that are sent to someone. And it has extra security in that it requires your picture to unlock this app to use, so you know that no one is going to be able to access this if they were to have your device.


For those who are just looking to send notes to someone, then TempNote may be the instant messaging app for you. Every note that is sent to a person is encrypted, thus it cannot be hacked. In addition, these notes are anonymous, thus they are not going to come back on you. Many people find that this application is nice to use in an office setting where messages to one another need to be private, but speedy in their delivery.

In the end, if you are not sure about Snapchat, it is clear that you do have options. With these other instant messaging apps, you may even find one that you enjoy better.

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