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November 25, 2002

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In this issue:

1. New press release format
2. after Comdex!
3. Computer virus update


1. New press release format

Starting this month we are moving to what we hope will be a more
effective media distribution vehicle, PRWeb. All of our press
releases going forward will be posted at the PRWeb media portal
and hotlinked from the press page. Our two most
recent releases can be found at the following URL’s: elevates voluntary content labeling to new heights
at Comdex. founder Mark Brasche skeptical of domain
acceptance, urges Congress “Proceed with caution.”


2. after Comdex!

What a week! Our sincerest thanks go out to Positive Image News
for the hospitality they extended to us by offering us space in
their beautifil pavillion. For a wrap-up of the weeks’ events
in the pavillion, visit

In spite of the fact that all of the locals I spoke with said this
years’ Comdex was the smallest yet, we still reaped huge dividends
by being there. We spoke with Dozens of large computer user group
representitives who were interested to recommend our pre-filtered
Internet Service to their user bases for its’ unique ability to
offer custom tailored browsing for each family member. We are
one of the few pre-filtered ISPs that are not a one-size-fits-all
solution, setting us apart from the majority of players in this
market. See for yourself by visiting
You’ll find a full write-up on it at the Positive Image News web
site, as well as very favorable mention in the Comdex show daily
online under the Positive Image News headline. The direct URL is

Some of the other products featured in our pavillion will be up
for review here very soon. They include Spector from Spectorsoft
and EmailParent, a powerful yet easy to use email management add
on that allows parents to prescreen email from unknown sources or
others that may contain potentially harmful material even from
known sources. Very good idea. We’re anxious to try it out.


3. Computer virus updates

I stress this point in almost every newsletter I send and I can
not stress it enough. If you do not have antivirus software, get
it. If you haven’t updated your virus definitions lately, most
are free. Do it now.

Some recent virus threats and their impact. Fortunately, none
of the ones circulating in recent weeks are considered to be
high risk by the antivirus software companies. I take a different
view. All viruses are dangerous because they reveal weaknesses in
our defenses to prevent them. Many folks don’t even bother to try
and that, in my opinion, is the greatest threat of all.

Fake email greeting cards. More of a nuisance than anything else
they will, at the very least, compromise your privacy and the
privacy of anyone in your address book.

The latest virus to be upgraded to low risk is
due primarily to media attention. (Translation: Media hype.
Someone needed a story. Hopefully the media does not become
“The boy who cried wolf!”)

A partial list of computer viruses still known to be out there
with a time released destructive payload can be found at:


Next newsletter

Well, you knew it had to happen. The very MOMENT I released my
review of AOL 7.0, out came 8.0. I have been using it since and
should have a complete review by the next news letter, but let me
say this now… While many of the changes look cosmetic only,
they have made good progress on other fronts that might not be so
obvious. I’ll tell you all about them next time.

Also next time, along with the regular features I plan to have
a little more fun and review a couple of MP3 creation tools I
promised the authors I would long ago but never had the chance.

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