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December 24, 2005
i miss you too much
Changes in store for the world’s #1 online safety portal.
Happy holidays everyone! 2006 is going to be a great year for online safety. Coordinated initiatives between and other related endeavors are going to pave the way for many to finally take control of their online experiences.
I hope you like the new look of our news letter layout. I’ve been looking for something cleaner and easier to navigate and felt this one fits the bill nicely. Comments welcome.I had hoped to prepare a review of the new Trend Micro Internet Security 2006 in time for this news letter but, holidays being what they are, time was in too short of supply. Look for this first part of January, followed closely by a review of a new free web filter product made by BlueCoat called K9 Web Protection. These are good people with a mission to serve others, as opposed to what we’ve become used to – people with a mission to serve themselves.

From my family to yours,
Have the Merriest of Holidays ever!

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Very brieflyThere’s been a lot of news lately regarding anti-virus software becoming the target of hackers making us vulnerable by the very software designed to protect us. In light of this new development I begrudgingly recommend that, as opposed to just updating the scan engines and virus definition files, you purchase extended service contracts from the publishers of your AV software of choice. It will then update the entire product including files targeted by hackers, not just the previous two files I mentioned.Gotta make you wonder, though. Doesn’t it? Who exactly was behind the start of this new trend?

Computer virus watch.

Last month I was pretty hard on Symnantec for their unwise decision to charge users even for manual updates to their Antivirus software by giving them the boot from my AV update links. But I digress. If you still own the product and don’t mind paying too much for something most others offer for free, who am I to withhold the means for you to acquire the over priced updates? So, here again I include a link to get those updates.

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