WhatsApp Alternatives: 21 Amazing Chatting Apps for Android

WhatsApp Alternatives: 21 Amazing Chatting Apps for Android
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Searching for WhatsApp Alternatives? Why?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular IM app that has the highest number of users.

But, WhatsApp has some annoying restrictions which may encourage you to move onto its alternative:

  1. You can send Audio/Video Files only up to 16MB of size.
  2. You cannot send XLSX, WAV, and other file formats.

Want to know the best part?

These WhatsApp Alternatives have these advantages in common:

  1. They have many functionalities that WhatsApp restricts users to.
  2. They’re quite popular as well. So, you don’t need to go and request your ever another friend to join you on that app.

So, let’s move on to the 21 Amazing WhatsApp Alternatives you would love to use!

#1 – Telegram

Amongst all the WhatsApp alternatives, Telegram is by far, the most powerful, fast & secure.

This app is built by Durov brothers, the same guys who built the Russian’s popular networking site Vkontakte. While this app might seem a WhatsApp clone, right from those double ticks to wallpapers to UI, but there’s a lot more to it. There’s no doubt why millions of people now trust Telegram.

Telegram is like; SMS and Email combined. You can write to your phone contacts and find people by their usernames.

The best feature of Telegram is, it’s Security. The way you have the ability to self-destruct messages to protect it from everyone near you, that’s the best deal! The heavy-encryption too ensures that your messages are safe from any attack or vulnerability.

That’s expected. If you’re trusting an app to secure your privacy and they’re doing it perfectly well, it’s good!

It gets better:

Telegram is available for all platforms!

Right from your Android phones, iPhones, Windows Phones to a PC-Desktop Client, Mac Client, Linux Client as well as a web version too!

This makes it the most versatile app of all.

Imagine an app which can be handled from your PC or Mac or Linux, also from a web browser and also from your phone. While there could be a privacy issue with this, but you have the choice with you, whether to install or not.


  1. Send Large Files: With WhatsApp, users had the restriction of sending files of only up to 16 MB’s while with Telegram, you can send files as big as 1.5 GB each. This is 900 times bigger than that of WhatsApp!
  2. Secret Chats and Self-Destructing Messages: Secret chats are messages sent by a person to keep secret; i.e. the receiver cannot forward those messages to anyone. Also, when the sender deletes the secret message from his side, it will be deleted from the receiver’s chat as well. Secrecy maintained well! Self-destruction, as the name suggests, can self-destruct themselves after a specific amount of time after they’ve been read or opened by the recipient. The message, then, will automatically disappear from your as well as the recipients’ device. So, you’ve full control over for how many periods of time will the message stay, after being read or opened.
  3. More Members In a Group: You can have 200 members in a group; which is double the number of members possible in WhatsApp. This can be of a huge advantage for large groups of students, an organization, etc.

Download Telegram

#2 – WeChat

WeChat, after its release, became one of the top ranking apps on Google Play Store and also called out at one of the world’s most powerful app by Forbes has received huge popularity. This is what makes it eligible as a WhatsApp Alternative.

While there’s nothing new on the desk by WeChat, the reason it is still highly popular is, they’ve taken inspiration from almost every other messaging app in the market and tried to inculcate it in the app.

Originated in China, it is one of the most popular messaging apps in countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. It has now reached a mark of 500 million user base, and that’s really a huge number!


  1. Walkie Talkie: WeChat has recently incorporated it’s one of the best features ever into it; the infamous Live Chat aka Walkie Talkie. With this, members of a group can have a nice conversation, making it just like a Walkie Talkie in your hand.
  2. More Members In a Group: In WeChat, you can have up to 500 members in a group. That’s 5x the number of members you can have in WhatsApp. A great feature!
  3. Group Notices: If you’re an admin for a group, you’ve special rights to create Group Notices that’ll be read by all the group members, as same as like a reminder to your friends about the next day’s exam, or reminder to your colleagues to complete a specific task before the deadline, etc.
  4. Ownership Transfer: You have the ability to transfer the ownership of a group to any of your friends of saved contacts. This might be another very useful feature added very recently that can help you do wonders!

While these are some of the attractive features, WeChat has loads of other features including a Desktop App and other customization features. Not worth mentioning; it already has almost all the required features in a messaging app.

The basic app is forever free but there are in-app purchases of around $1/item, but still, as far as it’s free for most of the basic features, and half a billion people use it, it’s really worth a try.

Download WeChat

#3 – Line

Free Messaging; Whenever, Wherever

This slogan of Line which holds true caught eyes of millions of people. It’s now amongst one of the best Internet Messaging App. What’s more with this app is; it’s not just an ordinary Internet Messaging app, but it’s more of a Social Networking App to have more potential as WhatsApp Alternative.

With signing an account in the app, you’ll receive some of the best deals and coupons near you in the feeds. Also, it helps you stay ahead of all the happenings around you with their news service.

It’s social networking style consists of a news feed timeline, where you receive the best of news, coupons, deals, etc. and also can share and comment on stories from your friends (just like facebook).


  1. Shake It!: This is one of the most adorable features of Line. You can quickly connect and add friends easily by shaking phones together and the rest of the work will be done by the app itself. Quite amazing!
  2. Snap Movie: Inside Line, you can create high-quality videos within seconds and also add background music and more.
  3. LINE Pay: An inbuilt digital wallet with which you can send and receive money with your family, friends, contacts. It’s highly secure, all your payments reach quickly and successfully.

These were among the adorable features of Line. The basic functionality is free, but there are in-app purchases with which you can make your experience quite better.

Download Line

#4 – BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

One of the early players in the Instant Messaging field, Blackberry Messaging (popularly known as BBM) is amongst the most loved IM app. As a role of WhatsApp alternative, BBM doesn’t have much to its desk. Almost all the features of BBM are the same to that of WhatsApp (considering the free version of BBM).

Where BBM gets an edge is it’s “Community”. More than an IM app, BBM is a community in its own self.


  1. BBM Channels: A community feature. Through BBM channel, one can live broadcast shows; just like the new Periscope and Blab.
  2. Privacy Protection: Instead of your phone numbers, you can share PIN (a QR code) personalized for you to contacts; especially when you want to protect your privacy.
  3. Timed Messages: You can set the timer for how long you want the messages to be read by the recipient. After the time is over, the messages automatically get deleted from both the devices. (A premium feature)
  4. Retract: A productivity feature. Keep your chats clean by automatically setting a timer to delete it from your phone.

Download Blackberry Messenger

#5 – Facebook Messenger

Facebook was already expected to be on this list, right?

This social giant started on s simple chatting web application which further developed into a multi-million dollar company. Now it offers just about everything you need to have with it’s most intuitive Messenger App. It’s a WhatsApp Alternative in the true sense although both the products are now from the same company.

This means almost all your friends are active over here. No need to send some funky request to join messaging app of your choice. You already have it!

Not only you get an Internet Messaging app, but the most used and famous social networking site. You’re always in the benefit.


  1. Money Exchange: Facebook has a built in pay feature with which you can send and receive money with a few taps on your phone.
  2. Extensive Emoji Library: Within Facebook Messenger, you’ve all the native Facebook reactions along with the new feature-rich library of emojis that will help you to express your emotions.

Download Facebook Messenger

#6 – Hike

Hike has some extra-special touch these days which is increasing its popularity to a high extent. With over 100 million users, Hike is one of the student’s favourite messaging app because this app has taken students experience at the highest level.


  1. Hike Direct: A recently introduced most amazing feature. Hike Direct can be defined as “directly sending messages without Internet connection within 100 meters radius“. All you need to do is connect with your contact using Hike Direct and you’re done. You’ll then be able to send messages and files without any internet connection.
  2. Massive Group Calls :In Hike, you have the ability to do a group call with 100 other people. This means that 100 people in a group can talk together. This can include a whole meeting or even a conversation!
  3. Group Members: In Hike, you can have a group with 1000 members! That’s 10x the normal limitation of 100 members with most of the apps. Great!
  4. Doodles:You can spice up your photos with Doodles as you receive them, decorate them and send them!
  5. Extensive Search Ability: This is amongst the very lesser found features. You can search inside chats to find out some content! Also, you get sticker suggestions as you type. Productive and fancy!

Along with the above highlighted main features, there are plenty of other unique features which will make you “WOW”. Got a GANG? Get on Hike!

Download Hike

#7 – Wickr

Although not that popular, it’s one of the best apps you’ll ever have to consider.

The major problem with many of the IM apps is – Security.

And that’s where Wickr comes into the picture. It’s one of the most secure messaging apps. Also, they’re the PC Mag’s editor’s choice of “Best Overall Messaging App”.


  1. Transparent Privacy Policy: It’s one of the very few messaging apps that provide a clear, transparent policy that “they do not collect any of your data“.
  2. Anonymity: Your conversations cannot be tracked, intercepted or monitored. Your Wickr ID is anonymous to everyone, even the app developers.
  3. Shredder: Irreversibly remove all deleted messages, images, and video content from your device.
  4. Configurable Timer: You can set the expiration time for all your messaging content.

With these as the major features, Wickr seems more of a secure messaging app instead of a very functional app. Albeit, it still contains almost all the necessary functions that an IM app has.

Download Wickr

#8 – Viber

Viber is well known for it’s free and better video calling service with which you can call anyone, anywhere in the world.

Although this app doesn’t have something very special in it, users love it for its simplicity and power.


  1. Push-to-Talk: One of the unique feature of this app; Push-to-talk lets you stream conversations with any of your contacts by directly from it’s Main Interface.
  2. Doodle on any Photo: This interesting feature lets you doodle on any photo you receive from your contacts. Have fun!
  3. Personalization: Viber has lots of features to set it the way you like. It’s interesting.

The powerful video-calling feature in Viber is its strength. All the other features of a normal messaging app are present in Viber. Try it out!

Download Viber

#9 – Kik Messenger

Another powerful messaging trusted by more than a 100 million people, Kik surely has some “Kick” in it to be so popular.

This app is almost similar to other messaging apps with loads of features. The main power in Kik is its simplicity, the easiness of use.


  1. Privacy: Kik has a system of “No number, just username“. With this, you’ve your privacy maintained, perfectly.
  2. Extraordinary Media: In Kik, you’ve access to Memes, funny pictures, celebrity news, videos, GIF’s and more right from your phone. No need to go on searching or creating memes to express your feelings. You already have them with you!
  3. Social Integration: You have the ability to connect to some of the most popular social networks and share stuff from there over in Kik.

Download Kik Messenger

#10 – IMO

IMO is one of the successful startups from CA. It is funded by first ten Google employees while the app has registered over 150 million users.

A smooth, clean UI is with you along with some power-packed features.


  1. High-Quality Calls: With IMO, you can make high-quality video and audio calls. Crystal clear voice, HD video calling takes the experience to the highest level.
  2. High Encryption: IMO has a well-developed encryption system, with which, your messages are completely safe from invasion or any kind of attacks.
  3. Unique Sticker Library: Hundreds of sticker, animated GIF’s to express your emotions and have fun.

Download IMO

#11 – Tango

More than an Internet Messaging app, Tango is a social network.

With Tango, it’s becoming more easier to connect with new people, influencers just swiping through profiles of people. Also, the conversation is a fun in Tango. There’s surely a reason why over 300 million people trust and use Tango just about every day which makes it a good WhatsApp alternative.


  1. Top Quality Calls: Tango has made sure that you can have a top class video and audio calling experience. You can talk with just about any phone number. Tango them!
  2. Social Networking: You can find out some people in your nearby area, make friendship with them, connect with them. All of these within Tango just by swiping through profiles. This has never been so easy.
  3. Gaming: Tango has incorporated 11 in-call games to make sure, you’re just not going anywhere. Enjoy yourself by playing games while you’re waiting for someone’s message to receive.

Download Tango

#12 – Google Hangouts

It’s Google!

Hangouts is originally an SMS client expanded into an Internet Messaging App. Yes, with Hangouts, you can send and receive both Hangouts as well as SMS/MMS. Also, the ability to quickly switch between them is adorable.

Another interesting feature is; “One Account, All of Google“. So, all you need to get started is your Gmail ID. Hangouts is incorporated straight into Gmail as well. So, whenever you’re in the mail, you can just chill and hang out over from anywhere.


  1. Hangouts + SMS: With this, you finish the limitation of Internet. Even if you want to send when the receiver has Internet off, Hangouts SMS has got you covered.
  2. The power of Google: After all, it’s Google! With Hangouts, you’ve got an app you can trust on. You’re secure.
  3. Another interesting feature is; “One Account, All of Google“. So, all you need to get started is your Gmail ID. Hangouts is incorporated straight into Gmail as well. So, whenever you’re in the mail, you can just chill and hang out over from anywhere.

Download Google Hangouts

#13 – JioChat

JioChat reimagines the way you communicate with your friends and family. With JioChat enhanced messaging, voice and video calling are just one-click away. With power packed features that suit both personal and businesses, it has a good scope as an alternative to WhatsApp.


  1. Media Rich Experience: Chat one-to-one or in groups with emoticons, stickers, pictures and video share for a media rich experience.
  2. One Tap Conference: Pick your friends and start a conference with just one click.
  3. Rich Messaging: You have the ability to send all files types. No limitations on sending your favourite audio, video, docs, pdf’s, apk’s or any other format!
  4. Chat Offline: JIOChat gives you free 100 SMS credits every month. So, what are you waiting for? Even if your friend is short on Internet Connection, send him free SMS!
  5. Follow Brands: JioChat offers the latest news, updates, and special promotions through JioChat Channels. Whether you are a Bollywood freak or music lover or a cricket fan or a news junkie – JioChat has something for everyone!

With these amazing features, you’re always covered by those normal and important Internet Messaging features with you. Enjoy!

Download JioChat

#14 – TextSecure

Another addition to the list of IM apps, TextSecure is actually made for better privacy. Along with it’s clean and sleek UI, TextSecure has made sure that sending messages for you is now a breeze while security on their part is at it’s highest. As security is well maintained in this apps, this can be amongst the secure WhatsApp alternatives.


  1. Better Privacy: What else can you expect from a privacy oriented app? TextSecure app has made sure that its encryption is not only hard but just near to impossible to crack and hack into. With this said, you can chat with your friends without privacy leak concern.

Download TextSecure

#15 – Groupme

GroupMe is the free, simple way to stay connected with those who matter most. Whether separated by a hallway or a hemisphere, GroupMe allows you to stay in touch with the connections that count. Get your group together.


  1. Internet, Incorporated: With GroupMe, you have the whole Internet with you right into the app. Whether it’s memes, GIF’s or just a normal search, you can get info about everything right from the app.
  2. SMS, Redefined: You don’t need GroupMe app to start with your favourite groups. Add anyone from your phonebook and they’ll be immediately able to chat with the group!

Download Groupme

#16 – KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is a fast & multifaceted messaging app. Send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and your location for free. Make chatting extra fun with an array of emoticons and sticker collections.


  1. Voice Filter: Fun free calls with Talking Tom & Ben’s voice filters.
  2. Android Wear: You’ve the ability to reply with voice from wearable devices.
  3. Multitasking a step further: Even during free calls, KakaoTalk enables you to simultaneously chat with other contacts as well.
  4. Scheduling: You can schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings and many more right from the app.
  5. Kakao Games: It’s even more fun with Games incorporated right into the app.

Download KakaoTalk

#17 – Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz Messenger lets you make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files etc across popular messengers. Nimbuzz Messenger is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Windows, and Mac.

Over 200 million people daily use it which proves that it’s quite popular. This makes it a good WhatsApp alternative.


  1. Chat Rooms: Discover new friends in chat rooms.
  2. Chat Buddies: Popular chat buddies has Cricket, Astrology, Meet a Stranger, Jokes, Games and many more features right into it. With these, you’ll never get bored.

Download Nimbuzz

#18 – Threema

Threema is amongst the world’s favorite secure messenger that keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. Threema can be used completely anonymously, and offers a rich set of features.


  1. Highest Encryption Strength: Threema encrypts ALL your communications end-to-end including messages, group chats, media files and even status messages. You can rest assured that only the intended recipient can read your chats, and nobody else – not even Threema itself.
  2. Unique Poll Feature: The integrated poll feature in Threema makes decisions easy. Easily poll your friends on anything in just a few simple steps and get immediate results.
  3. Anonymity: Each Threema user receives a random Threema ID for identification. A phone number or email address is not required to use Threema. This unique feature allows you to use Threema completely anonymously – no need to give up private information or to open an account.
  4. Privacy: Group memberships and contact lists are managed on device only, and on servers. Messages are immediately deleted after they have been delivered from their servers. Local files are stored encrypted on phones. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including metadata.
  5. Trusted Contacts: Users have the ability to confirm trusted contacts with a QR code (barcode) or a key fingerprint to prevent man in the middle attacks.
Threema is a paid app.

Download Threema

#19 – SnapChat

Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They’ll view it, laugh, and then the Snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot! You can also add a Snap to your Story with one tap to share your day with all of your friends.


  1. Automatic Deletion: Snapchat is specially made to automatically delete messages, photos, videos, etc after a specific time by default. By far, a very secure app you can trust on.

Download SnapChat

#20 – QQ International

Stay in touch with your loved ones, find new friends, do business and translate all chats. With 1 billion registered users in 80 countries, QQ is one of the most popular messaging apps.


  1. Live Translation: One of the very awesome features of this app is the instant translation. With this, you can connect with anyone from anywhere in the world overcoming language barriers.

Download QQ International

#21 – VIPole

VIPole messenger strongly encrypts instant text messages, group chats, voice calls, video calls and files so that no third-party (even the service providers) is able to tap into a message or file. VIPole is a secure messaging app powered by strong encryption technologies that perfectly guard your privacy, sensitive private communications, and files from prying eyes and surveillance efforts


  1. Conferencing: Enjoy secure and encrypted group conversations with your contacts, including voice and video conferencing.
  2. Security: Edit and delete sent messages, change voice during the call, view other self-connections to the server, close the application remotely, lock or close the application when idle.

Download VIPole

Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives:

  1. Telegram
  2. Hike
  3. WeChat
  4. Line
  5. Viber

Are WhatsApp Alternatives Worth Replacing WhatsApp?

Yes, definitely!


WhatsApp isn’t the only perfect messaging app in the world. It lacks many of the important features as highlighted at the start of this article.

And these WhatsApp Alternatives are actually far better. Each one of them has it’s speciality, whether it’s security, feature packed, something new and other.

So, if you want to get something better, for free; this is it.

Which are your favourite WhatsApp alternatives? Do you know any other app that competes WhatsApp?