Six Windows 10 Apps That You Need To Try

November 8, 2015

Microsoft has introduced their latest version of Windows that is Windows 10, a long-awaited version to meet the challenges of Internet world’s lots of new creations. It extends some fresh apps to gallop with the expansion of contemporary Internet advancements; this article is meant to introduce you to six modern apps from the whole package of apps offered by Windows 10. The newly offered apps are destined to help create new designing options and extended the usability of them in other fields as well. For your convenience, we let you know that the use of these apps is almost similar to the older version of apps in former episodes of Windows for the desktop. The offered six windows 10 apps that you need to try are meant to do the business identically on almost all desktop brands, apart from light-weight they are restricted to mingle up with your OS and files as well. In the lines below we introduce you to top six apps of Windows 10 out of the lot.

Groove Music (Pre-Installed)

It’s a new version of their older app named Xbox Music, the famous music app of Microsoft, meant to challenge Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and other competitors. It has two parts; the first part is named as Groove, it’s a music service and the 2nd one is Groove Music, the official music player from the OS giant.

You can play all sorts of desired music through this light-weight music app; also you can save the preferred music file locally or with using your OneDrive account as well. It has offered simple and easy to operate menus that enable you to listen or save the desired music effortlessly on either drive you want to store the music file. As Groove Music is intended around Groove service, this helps you to access millions of compositions with obtaining the Groove Music Pass, similar to that of Google Play Music or Spotify facilities.

Photos (Pre-Installed)

It’s the 2nd from six windows 10 apps that you need to try; this is a great photo app for display and stores all your pictures, all your picture previews opened in Windows 10 through this app. However, you can customize the photo settings to skip the process; it also incorporates effortlessly with the OneDrive Cloud Service. This way you can display and save your images through the device internally or on OneDrive Cloud as well. The Photos is meant exceptional business if you’re using OneDrive Cloud, as it automatically backup all images in your mobile phone as well.

Mail (Pre-Installed)

It’s a top app offered by Windows 10, it’s light-weight and simple to use an exceptional Mail app, an elevated version from its predecessor in Windows 8. You can effortlessly add all your e-mail accounts devoid of any issue in the app; it also supports the POP accounts as well. Drag and drop support is its top feature along with other notable features like touch-friendly user interface, auto reply in addition to the incorporation of the calendar, with this app Windows 10 aligned it with the Stripped-down Outlook services.

Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s yet another app from our six windows 10 apps that you need to try, Adobe Photoshop is considered top photo editing tool, but it used by professionals mostly. It’s a paid tool that’s why common users avoid acquiring that for occasional usage. To sort out the issue, Adobe has invented Adobe Photoshop Express for common users; it can be acquired from the Window Store free of cost.

It’s obvious that it hasn’t offered full features as does its paid version. It just extends basic features like cropping; color rectification, photo straitening, one-touch filters and auto fix etc. the ideal app for common users but lacking the features for pro.

Fresh Paint

Microsoft has offered a brilliant free of cost painting app called Fresh Paint, despite it’s an official app from Microsoft; it’s not installed by default then even. You can fill an empty canvas with paints, also it bring images from outside for future paint creations. You can use captured images for painting experience with using this app. It supports plentiful inputs like a mouse, touch and stylus. It supports to print your high definition works, a working dream heaven for designers indeed.

Code Writer

It’s the last app from our list of Six windows 10 apps that you need to try,  Code Writer is an effortless code editing tool that supports more than twenty working languages, some are including C#, C++, HTML, VB, PHP, ASP, CSS, Python and more, a fantastic app indeed. It extends all necessary features as do any other coding app, such as color preview, auto-case correct, auto-complete, advanced find and replace along with code errors etc. you can save your paint files in the device or in the cloud.

Despite all goods, it’s still lacking a leg short to powerful code editors such as Notepad++, Sublime Text or Atom, it does get the job done. How do you find this article? Do comment to help us to produce quality stuff in the future postings. Thank You!

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