Write on TPT

Are you a tech freak? Want to join me in the initiative of helping people solve their tech problems?

TECH PC TRICKS (TPT) is a tech blog helping people to solve their daily problems with some beautiful in-depth guides being viewed thousands of times daily.

Are you also to be a part of the mission to help people solve their daily tech problems?

Then you should join me.

What skill does it takes to get featured here as an author?

In short – Come up with solution to a problem that people are facing.

That’s it!

  • Even if you’re a very beginner, but know something worth sharing, you can.
  • Even if you’re bad at writing, but know something worth sharing, you can. (Don’t worry, I’m here to transform it!)

All you need to do is share your part of knowledge on this site which can help many people to solve any problems they’re facing.

It’s all about helping others to get them out of nasty problems.

What type of article you can write and get featured here?

Simply – anything that solves a particular problem.

I’ll always recommend you to come up with something unique if possible. But that isn’t a compulsion. Here are the types of articles that are accepted on this blog:

  1. How-to posts: Simply as “How-to” do a particular stuff; short and simple. (Eg: 2 Easy Tricks to Send Blank Message on Facebook)
  2. Problems-and-solution posts: A piece of article where you discuss the problem, it’s causes, related factors in depth and finally provide the solution to it. Similar to “How-to” except here, you explain stuff in detail. (Eg: How to Remove Shortcut Virus: 9 Powerful & Easy Tweaks!)
  3. Definition posts: A piece of information about a product or a category of products meant to solve a problem. (Eg: Recover Windows Admin Password Easily with Windows Password Key Tool)
  4. Comparison posts: Article where you compare two products, which are meant to solve the same problem, deciding by benchmarks (or various factors) that which one’s the best of them. (Eg: Android vs iPhone: 16 Important Features Compared!)
Tech News” articles aren’t allowed, as there’s enough news content being published everyday on the web.

Important Guidelines

  1. We obviously don’t expect you to copy from other sites and paste it here. Plagiarism is what I really hate!
  2. Try to come up with unique articles. Because else is what everyone publishes.
  3. Write it in your own style. Don’t worry, as I’m here to give it an uplift to match awesomeness!
  4. You should know what you’re writing. Only write after you’ve did enough research to confirm that the stuff works.

How to apply to write for TPT

If you’re super interested to join me in the mission to help others get out of daily problems, you’re welcomed to join me and write here on TPT.

A simple, 4 step method to contact me:

  1. Send a quick mail from the contact form and let me know about you and why you want to join me on TPT.
  2. Keep the subject line as – “Write on TPT“. That helps me to filter out from other hundreds of mails.
  3. Please keep the mail short and to the point. That helps me take decisions and loop through other mails faster!
  4. Expect to get replies within 2-3 business days. Seriously, I receive a lot of mails to go through, but you’ll get priority. Promise!

(Contacting shouldn’t be this hard, right? If you prefer to get quicker replies, ping me on Facebook!)

This isn’t a pay-for-post site. I believe in the principle of helping without expecting anything in return, and want you to follow the same (if you wish to join me here). I’m on a mission to help people dealing a tech situation. So, if you’re genuinely interested in sharing your part of knowledge and helping someone, only then contact us.