Faster Browsing With Yahoo Mail Basic Version

May 9, 2016

Are you having difficulty loading Yahoo Mail due to a poor wireless connection? Maybe the newest release of Yahoo Mail has less-than-ideal spec compatibility with your hardware or your operating system? The Classic variety of Yahoo Mail is now gone for good, so users will either have to accept the current release or else change to an altogether different email provider. Fortunately, the new Yahoo Mail offers users the choice to toggle between a ‘Fully featured’ and ‘Basic’ version of their email inbox and dashboard.

It’s easy to improve your loading speed by ‘upgrading’ to Yahoo Mail’s Basic version. As well as cutting down on loading time, downgrading to Yahoo Mail Basic can save up to 40% on the app’s data usage (compared to the fully featured version). We’ll talk you through it in this straightforward step-by-step guide.

How To Get The Basic Version Of Yahoo Mail

This isn’t a complicated process at all. There’s no danger of doing anything irreversible, and you don’t even need to download or install any new programs. You can get faster email browsing by downgrading to Yahoo basic all using just one open tab in your Internet browser. Simple.

In order to switch back to the Basic version of Yahoo Mail, you’ll need to open up Yahoo in your preferred browser and follow these five steps:

  • Log in to Yahoo Mail
  • Look for the Settings icon (a cog or gear) in the top right-hand corner of your Yahoo Mail dashboard
  • If you hover over the cog you’ll see a drop-down menu – select Settings
  • Look for the ‘Mail Version’ option toward the bottom of the window. Use the drop-down menu or check-boxes (depending on your browser/OS) and switch it to Basic
  • In the same window, make sure you hit the button marked ‘Save’ do enable changesYahooBasicView

Once you click ‘Save’ the pop-up window will close and your inbox should automatically refresh, putting in place the change to a simpler version of Yahoo Mail. The changes may not be completely obvious at first – especially if your inbox is fairly empty and you haven’t yet created a series of topics or folders to appear on the left hand side menu.

Verify The Version Switch

  • Log out of Yahoo Mail
  • Close down your browser
  • Reopen your browser and reopen the Yahoo Mail webpage
  • Log in to Yahoo Mail again

At this point it should be clear that you have successfully downgraded to the basic version of Mail. Hopefully you will notice it loading faster from the first load. If you saved your settings correctly when you were switched back to Basic, your Mail dashboard should automatically load in the Basic version every time from now on.

This stripped-bare version of Mail won’t let you use many of the cool features of Standard Yahoo Mail, such as being able to view photo slide-shows; click to drag then drop attachments directly from your finder/explorer window or downloads bar; nor will you be able to personalize your dashboard theme. Luckily, getting rid of these unnecessary bells and whistles means that you will be able to access your emails a little more quickly and cleanly from now on.

Changed Your Mind?

If you ever decide to switch forwards to the newer version, don’t worry: it’s even easier than downgrading. The designers of Yahoo Mail clearly want to encourage their customers to upgrade. Instead of having to navigate through settings to Mail options and toggle the setting like you did before, just look for the product link underneath your name in the top right area of the page. You’ll see a blue hyperlink that reads ‘Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail’. You’ll need to reload your mail to see the changes again.SwitchNewYahooMail

Pros And Cons Of Using Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is still quite popular

You may not have heard too much about this company recently, except that their new CEO has been buying start-ups with a vengeance these last few years. Over the last four or five years, the international giant has managed to acquire Tumblr and Flickr, two sites that were massively popular in their own right. In 2015, the main website of itself became fourth on the list of most-visited websites, trailing only Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Better spam prevention

Some people who use Yahoo Mail say that the website has better spam mail prevention abilities compared to Gmail.

Quick access to Yahoo subsidiary sites

A Yahoo email account has become mandatory if you want to join Tumblr or Flickr for the first time.

It’s easy to get all your external emails (Gmail, Hotmail, outlook etc.) delivered into Yahoo account, and vice versa

If you would rather not stop using your primary email account – and you’re worried about winding up with several accounts each with different addresses and passwords, and having to sign in to each one separately to access your mail, – you’re in luck. It’s actually quite easy to connect your Yahoo email account with your Gmail, Outlook, and most other major accounts, letting you check all of your emails in a single place with one sign-in.

Paginated inbox instead of an infinite scroll

This feature of basic is likely to appeal to some users regardless of your Internet speed. When set to the default, full-featured version, your Yahoo Mail inbox displays emails as an infinite list (the further down you scroll, messages continue to appear). Basic, on the other hand, will display your email messages using pagination (dividing 500 messages into e.g. 50 numbered pages with e.g. 10 emails on each, just like in the old Yahoo Classic Mail). Reverting to Basic does however mean that you’ll lose the ability to do a preview pan.

Basic will work even when JavaScript won’t

If any of you are running a significantly old MacBook with an equally old OS, you’ll know that your computer reaches a point when you can’t download JavaScript unless you update your OS, and you can’t update your OS unless you repartition your hard drive. If you’re looking for a hack that allows you to keep using a decent email inbox anyway, Yahoo Basic might be for you. Basic is so lightweight and pared down that it will happily continue working even if JavaScript is completely disabled. Full-featured Yahoo Mail actually does automatically switch back to the Basic version if there’s an issue with your Internet speed or if JavaScript gets switched off.

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