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May 18, 2016

We have all used YouTube a time or two in our lives. While it is the biggest and most popular video site, it may not always be accessible to you. Or maybe you just want to find a way to bring in new viewers. Let’s take a look at a few alternatives just in case you need (or want) to try someone else!


Technically, DailyMotion is the most popular video site after YouTube. But chances are, most users haven’t actually tried it. Despite that, it does currently have 112 million users. Mostly, it looks and works the same as YouTube. If you want to use it to reach different viewers for your own video, just register for an account. There is a time limit of sixty minutes for each video upload, but you can get that removed if you have a MotionMaker account. This, like DailyMotion, is free. Join DailyMotion’s OpenVOD program and you can even make money from your videos.


Vimeo is also a great alternative to YouTube. But unlike YouTube, you won’t find yourself watching a ton of ads in between each video. You also won’t find yourself watching a ton of cat videos, because Vimeo is geared to a more artist quality. It’s free to search and use, but you’ll have to follow a couple of protocols for uploading. For free, it’s allowable to upload 500MB to the site. There’s no limit to how many videos you can upload, just don’t go over that 500MB. For $9.95, you can upgrade your account to one, which allows 5GB a week. Now if you want really big, check out their PRO Plan. This will give you 20 GBs a week while only billing you $199 a year.


Flickr began its life back in 2004. After that, it was acquired by the widely popular search engine Yahoo. That was when it really got going. While Flickr may have caught your attention from being an image site, did you know that it also allows video updates? If you already have an account, you can begin uploading videos the same way that you would upload your images. Once you sign up, you’ll find that there’s an HD option for uploads as well. Your free account will have a 1TB-sized memory. Upgrade to a full account and you’ll have all the storage space you want, plus no more ads. In Flickr, you’ll find one of the most reliable content sites out there.


After officially launching in 2007, Veoh is bringing in 17 million users each month to their site experience. The cool thing about Veoh is that you can post videos of any size. They’ll be ready for sharing immediately. It’s also making a name for being an alternative social media site. Once signed up, you can add friends and receive personal messages, plus join forums or groups with other parties of your interests. Content wise it has a great selection of movies, music and video for viewing fun! The only warning? It does feature advertisements. It is the number one complaint of users currently active on the site.


You may have seen Metacafe’s name pop up in your search engines over the years. If their name sounds familiar to you, it should. The reason for that is because Metacafe has been around since 2003. This makes them the oldest video site out there-long before YouTube. The fact that they’re still going strong speaks volumes. You can search and view videos with a huge variety of content. The only problem with this site? They do not have an ability to upload at this time. It is currently unknown if one is coming. While that may make them slightly less appealing for new users, Metacafe will give video views a huge content option. (

This may be another site, which sounds familiar to you. It has also been around for a while-it originally started back in 2005. Nowadays, it’s going by You’ll find a ton of video content on there. You can watch everything from new movie trailers to full length movies or kids’ animation. At the moment, the site isn’t offering any new registrations. This means that you won’t be able to upload your own content. Don’t let that stop you. It’s still a great site for content browsing! While there was talk of the site shutting down the entire site in the summer of 2015, you are still able to pull up their website which offers even the latest movie trailers.


In comparison to the other sites on this list, Vube is the baby. It was only launched in early 2013. Don’t let its young status make you hesitant to trust them. After only being on the market for a few months, it had shot right to the top of the hundred most visited sites in the entire world. Nothing speaks for a company’s reliability like that! It is currently one of the most popular sites for advertising companies in promoting their content. In an attempt to make the content experience of this site even better, Vube is currently running a variety of contests to up the quality of the content.


Now if you’re running a business, these other options may be nice, but they may be a little too casual for your liking. However, a great alternative to that is Viddler. Launched back in 2005, Viddler is specifically geared to the more professional aspect rather than the amateur video content. It’s more of a brand than anything, which could be a great aspect to marketing your videos. With it, you can get into the analytical side. You can utilize their ad tool, add comments directly into your videos, or even send a video over to iTunes. Viddler is not a free service-which adds more to its business aspect. But if you’re looking to market your company, it’s totally worth the price to pay for a more professional atmosphere.

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