Tips For Linking Your Website, Blog And YouTube Account

January 19, 2016

Linking your website or blog to your YouTube and linking your YouTube account can drastically increase the flow of traffic to all of them. It can bring you more interest, follower and subscribers. This can mean more money in your pocket. In this article you will also find out how to monetize your YouTube account. This is crucial if you want to make money by producing your own videos. It is also necessary if you want to have your website officially added to your YouTube Account.

If you run a blog or a website that generates most of the traffic for your YouTube account, then if is a great idea to have a pop-up link to take people directly to your channel. This will help you get more subscribers and it is relatively easy to create.

You Need To Have Your Channel Link

This is the link that people use to get to your channel on YouTube. You are given a YouTube Channel link as soon as you sign up for YouTube. When you are on your page, it is the URL in the address bar up top.

What Do They Look Like?

There are two different kinds of links. This is also known as your URL. There is absolutely no difference in the two; it is just something that YouTube decided to do. Do don’t worry that maybe you are missing out on something. It is because any channel name that has existed cannot be used again even is the account if closed. It is one way to allow me names so you don’t have to add a bunch of numbers to the end of your user name.

The first is the user link


The second is a channel link


After you have your link, you need to turn it into a pop-up. This will make it clickable for the people that are visiting your website or blog.

How To Turn Your Link Into A Pop-UpYouTube Pop Up Subscribe Link

First you need to attach a query string to the channel URL. This makes it so that the link will only appear for unsubscribed visitors to your website or blog making it more likely for you to get new subscribers. It lets your sites and your YouTube account to share information so that you can get the most use of your pop-up.

After you do that, you need to create the subscription link. You need to add: ?sub_confirmation=1 onto the end of the channel URL. When you do this last step your visitors will then be able to go directly from your Website or Blog to your YouTube Channel.

The user subscription link would look like:


The channel subscription link would look like:


As a YouTuber you always want to have as many subscribers as possible. The more subscribers you have, the more money you can make. And if this is a full time job for you, you will want to make a lot of money. Anything you can do to generate more interest and traffic will increase your popularity and exposure. The more people that see the ads on your YouTube, the more money you will earn. YouTube has a lot of users, so you need to do everything possible to make your channel successful.

Linking Your Website Or Blog To YouTube

Linking your website or blog to your YouTube account can also help increase the amount of people visiting your site or blog. Linking them to your account if very easy and takes very little time. If your website or blog is very important to your YouTube brand, then you really want people to see them. It can help to expand your subscriber base.

Website Link

YouTube has a new option available for users that have ‘partner’ status. This allows you to officially link your website to your YouTube account. Being a ‘Partner means that you will allow ads to be shown on your page in exchange for a percentage of the profits that Google is paid for the number of views.

How Do You Become A YouTube Partner?

Anyone who has an account that is in good standing can you come a ‘Partner’. If you have any YouTube violations in the past this may cause issues with approval.

You need to go to “Account Monetization” page in the “Channel Settings”.

Click on the “Enable My Account” Button. When it is accepted YouTube will put ads on, around and even in your videos.

Google makes money based on how many people view the ads.

Partners” will earn a percentage of the money Google gets.

You need to have a Google AdSense account to collet your earnings.

Steps to adding your Website to Your YouTube account if you are a ‘Partner’

  • You first have to go to your channel settings.

  • Click on ‘associated Website’ button.

  • Then all you have to do is add your website link into the field.

  • YouTube will then verify it and send you a message saying “Success”.

If you do not have ‘partner status, you can always add your website into the video description. You can let your viewers know that there is a link in the description during or at the end of your video. This can be just as useful if not more so than officially linking your website to your YouTube account. Of course that means that you will have to do it will every video but it can be worth it to generate more traffic for your website.

Blog Link

Adding a blog link is the same as adding a website link if you do not have ‘partner’ status. Also remember to let your subscribers know that you have added the link in the description and ask them to check it out

By adding your YouTube pop-up to your website or blog and adding your website or blog to your YouTube, you can increase traffic to both. If your goal is to get views and make money, then this is the step in the right direction. You want to get as many subscribers to your YouTube and more visits to your website. This really solidifies your brand and will give you great recognition.

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