How you can access your PC’s HDD from your Android phone

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June 5, 2015
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Today we will discuss about the procedure of accessing your system’s HDD (Hard Drive) from an android platform. Many people who use android would love to learn about the ways by which they can simply gain access to their PC’s hard disk via their smartphones without much hassles.

You can do this very easily just by following few easy steps to gain access to your system’s HDD or any other drive through your android phone. This procedure requires your computer’s drive to be on a sharable Wi-Fi network from where you can access your computer from your android phone. Let’s explore the method in detail below.

How you can access your PC’s HDD from your android phone

Well, the method is as simple as you possibly can think. Your computer and your android phone should need be on the same Wi-Fi network for you to obtain access to it. Once connected, you can easily browse your personal files, listen to music, play videos, see images, and could also sync between your phone and your computer with the ease of a butter on slice. To gain access to your PC’s HDD from your android phone, follow these steps below:

Steps to access your PC’s HDD from your android phone

  • As the first step, go over to ‘My Computer’ on your desktop screen and right click on the drive or the partition of the drive you want to share on your local network.
  • Click on ‘Properties’ in the option there and under the tab of sharing choose ‘Advance Sharing’.
  • Once inside the advance sharing options: check the ‘share this folder’ option and click on apply and press OK. Your hard drive will now become sharable on the local network.
  • Download and install ES File Explorer on your android phone and open it.
  • On the topmost left side of your phone’s screen you will see a three line button on which you have to click and to scroll it down to select LAN. After that a short scan will run and you will see your computer listed there in the scan results.
  • After clicking on your computer you have to enter the user name and password. The user name will be the name of your computer and the password will be the one which you use to sign into your user account in your PC.
  • After this you will see all of the drives listed there from your PC. Click open the one that you have shared on local network as mentioned in the early steps of the procedure.
  • Finally, browse the folders and files that you made accessible right from your android phone.

This was the procedure on how you can access your PC’s HDD from your android phone, easy isn’t it? By continuously following the above procedure you can easily gain access to your system’s hard drive whenever you want and could enjoy all your PC’s media right on your android phone.

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