How to Add Custom Voice Commands to Google Now

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May 24, 2016

Android users have been watching iPhone users talk to Siri for years. It’s not that they don’t have one of their own-Google Now is pretty cool. But for a few years, it’s been lacking. However, Android has listened to user requests, and you can finally customize your voice commands! So let’s look below on how to set it up!

The Initial Setup

You will need to be doing some downloading before you can actually use these options. First and foremost, do you have the Tasker app? If you don’t, you’ll need to download that first. It costs a whole $2.99 in your app store. If you don’t really want to buy it now, you can go ahead and get their trial period. But warning, the trial works as an APK file. This means that you’ll need to load it onto your phone.

Now it’s time to pick an app to get the voice command going. You can use either Commandr or AutoVoice. What’s the difference between the two? Well, Commandr is free. AutoVoice isn’t incredibly expensive-a whole $1.34. If you want, you can use their free seven-day trial version just to get a feel for it. For the most part, they both work the same.

Getting Started

Are you ready to customize your Android voice commands? Well, let’s get going!

Get Tasker running on your phone. Select its “Preferences so that you can turn off the “Beginner Mode.” You’ll find all that located under the UI Tab. After that, you’ll want to go into the Misc tab so that you can enable the “allow external access” section.Tasker-Preferences

After you’ve done these steps, bring up Tasker’s “Profile” section. Click on the “Plus” button (the plus sign showing on the bottom of the screen) down in the bottom bar. Now select “Event.”Tasker-New-Profile

Scroll through the “Event Category” section. You’ll want to select “Plugin.” Once there, pick which app you are using-Commandr or AutoVoice.Tasker-Event-Categories

Putting In Your Commands

The way you are moving along, you are now ready to put in your voice commands.

Since you have your Event created, you will next want to hit the “Edit” button. It’s beside the “Configuration” section. Now, enter in the text that you want for your voice command. After you have done this, hit the “Done” button.

Now, go back into Tasker. It will automatically prompt you to give this task a new name. You can give it any name that you would like: “Call Me” “Rock Me” etc. Now click on the tick button.

After you have done this, hit the “Plus” button at the bottom of the screen. This is going to add an action to the task. Now you’re ready to go through and add in actions to accompany your commands. Like if you chose “App”, you can set it up for all features: launching, running, showing your apps, any of the above.

Configuring Within Commandr or AutoVoice

Now that you have gotten this far, you are almost set up. You have gotten everything connected through Tasker, which is great. The next step is now to configure everything into Commandr (or AutoVoice).

If you open Commandr, it is going to ask you to set up within the Accessibility section. Go ahead and go into your Accessibility. You can go in through Settings to Accessibility section. Make sure that Tasker is still running at this point.Commandr-Accessibility-access

Now you should be looking at the application’s main page. Here you will want to select the “Built In Commands” menu. This way you can turn on or off the commands that you do or do not want to use. This includes any of the tasks that you may have just put in via Tasker.Commandr-Built-in-commands

If you need more commands, just follow the above referenced steps! You should be ready to fully interact with your voice commands.

A Word on AutoVoice

Most of these instructions have been laid out for those of you using Commandr. What about AutoVoice? As was mentioned earlier, both are pretty similar in their set ups. So basically if you have Tasker and you can make sense of these instructions, you’ll be set. Just know that when you are in the Accessibility section of your setup, you will want to configure AutoVoice here as well. You’ll be able to follow the same set up steps afterwards.

Google Search Warning

Just a small security warning for this process: by setting up these two apps in your phone, you’re giving them access to anything that you may have searched anywhere through Google. This may or may not be ok with users. That being said, Commandr does give an update that this is not stored. If this still isn’t ok with you, you can use the limited version of either app. Just note that before every command you’ll have to say “Note To Self.” It will still work great the same way.


You may think that going through all of these steps just for voice commands is a little silly. But have you looked into how beneficial that it is? First of all, voice commands mean no more typing. This means hands free. So if you happen to be running late in traffic, or have your hands full heading out of the door, you can simply command your phone to pull up an app or to send your message. In addition to this, Google Voice is superfast. All you have to do is open your phone, start up Google Voice and get going.

It’s also a bit more fun. iPhone users have been using Siri for fun for years. You can ask your commands questions like “how many cups are in a quart?” Or “what day is Mother’s Day this year?” It will cut down your search time and get you answers to your very real questions every day.

So don’t worry about how the technicalities work. Go ahead, give it a try and get yourself going!

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