5+ Top Free Alternatives To Microsoft Visio

June 24, 2015

Just like every other office product from the Microsoft, Visio also comes with a price tag. The price is good enough to keep the home users away from buying it. That’s why you came here looking for the best free alternatives to Microsoft Visio. I am sharing 5 of them right here, with their description and a link from where you can grab their installer files.

Data linked diagrams is what for Visio is designed. You can use this professional software to quickly create professional looking diagrams, vectors, graphs, and related animation which are all somehow associated with the data. In short, Visio is a software application that helps users in diagramming and vector graphics creation.

Now, for corporate or enterprise use, buying the full version of official Microsoft Visio is advisable because a little investment will reflect the outcome in a positive manner. But, for home users, the one who want to learn this type of designing or work for their own, can’t pay the price for the complete software. Those users are looking for alternatives which come without any price tag.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

As such a user, you will find dozens of options to choose from, which, in fact, can get you confused easily. That’s where this guide comes in to help you find only the best ones.

#1 LucidChart

The two coolest feature inside LucidChart is that it offers drag and drop interface and it is available in web-based platform. You don’t need to download any installer file and deal with the installation process, because you can simply access its website, wait for a while till tools get load up and then you are ready to use it for your drawing related purpose or projects.

visio-LucidChart 5+ Top Free Alternatives To Microsoft Visio

If you are part of a team and you all want to work together on a team project, then it is possible within. The tools available inside are capable enough to create any kind of diagram or vector. If you have worked with Visio before and have a half-done project, then you are allowed to export that file to this LucidChart and you will be able to finish off your project from where you left.

Every tool is well-labeled and you can also find different shapes preloaded inside. Another great feature is that you need not sign up for a new account in order to begin using this tool. Sol, there is no stopping between you and this perfectly alternative tool.

Visit LucidChart

#2 OpenOffice

This is another free alternative which is worth taking an interest in. It comes with a simple looking user interface with well-labeled tools and shapes. Any purpose of drawing is possible of developing within and you will easily able to select a shape by choosing it from the specific categories. Yes, the shapes and tools are divided and categorized in a proper manner.

Download OpenOffice

#3 Dia

Being an open source solution makes it available for free and the best part of this software is that it offers a similar interface to that of Visio. If you have used Visio earlier, then you will not find any issues with getting started here.

visio-LucidChart 5+ Top Free Alternatives To Microsoft Visio

Creation of a new file is simple and it supports all common file formats in this special designing field. It also supports the exported file format of Microsoft Visio i.e. VDX format. UML diagrams, flow charts, architectures, entity relationship diagrams and network processes are all within the grasp of Dia.

Download Dia

#4 LibreOffice Draw

This particular tool looks and functions mostly like the OpenOffice, which I have already discussed above. You will find similar interface but with certain differences in the functionality. Even if it was offering a similar experience, it was worth mentioning in this list because we are talking of best free alternative to LucidChart Visio. If you didn’t like OpenOffice for any reason, then you should give LibreOffice Draw a fair try.

Download LibreOffice Draw

#5 Diagramly

As the name suggests, this tool is specially developed for creating different sets of diagrams. You will feel comfortable enough to create any set of vector or diagrams which can help you to create entity relation diagrams, or network flow charts, or any other related graphic stuff. It allows storing of the file in the local drive and the file is offered in XML format.

Personally, I didn’t like the way its user interface looks, but it is still simple enough to know everything and get started with. Also, the tools are powerful enough to meet any kind of basic level of requirements at your end. Its right-hand column offers an easy way of selecting a tool, based on the fact that we all are familiar with this design of tool arrangement.

Visit Diagramly

#6 Pencil Project

Another open-source alternative to Visio that is available without any price tag. There is an active community over the internet in which you can participate and learn new things which are shared by the community members. This tool is usable for newbies and experts, both.

visio-LucidChart 5+ Top Free Alternatives To Microsoft Visio

If you love using Firefox web browser, then Pencil Project is also available as an add-on to the browser. I bet you won’t find any simple way of accessing a tool within a modern web browser than this.

Download Pencil Project

Wrap up

These were the best options I found over the web folks. I have gone through their individual reviews before listing them here ahead of you. So, if you can take out few more minutes and share your experience with any of this software in the discussion section, then it will help me to improve my future tutorials and it will also help other users at this guide. Do let me know which one you are choosing among these.

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