Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

April 10, 2016

As soon as we get a new phone, one of the first things we all do after loading our contacts is search for music. It’s funny how our phones keep us in touch with music. The more space we have for storage the more music we can have. We all know about Spotify and music apps you pay monthly for music but what about free music. The one thing that we all need is a free music downloader. So let’s go over the top free music apps to download free music for android users.

Free MP3 DownloadsFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

Free Mp3 Downloads is the top free music downloader for android users. This app allows you to download and listen to all music that is licensed as free to use. Once you have downloaded this app you can use the search bar to type in the name of a song, artist, or genre to find a list of songs to download. Once you find the one you like hit download and there it is. This app allows you to create multiple playlists as well.

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4Shared MusicFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

This is a app that uses a search engine to search its many files and data bases and then lets you download the file to your device. 4shared music also gives you 15 GB of storage for your music files.

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Simple MP3 DownloaderFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

The Simple MP3 Downloader allows to download as many songs as you want to your phone in a mp3 format. The search tab allows you to find your songs, artist and genres as well. The download tab shows you what is downloaded to your device. This app is very simple and easy to use.

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Supercloud Song MP3 DownloaderFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

This is a great app that allows you to download free music to your device and it’s very easy to use. It’s the same idea as the others, you can search your favorite songs and you can see what is already downloaded to your device. The best feature to this app that makes it stand out from the others is it plays the song and displays the album artwork.

How to download songs from Soundcloud

The Soundcloud app works differently than the other free download apps. So let’s go over how to use the SoundCloud.

  • First you must download the app from the google play store.
  • Then create an account and login
  • Search for the song you want to download and start playing it. Don’t skip or fast forward you must let it play all the way through if you want it to download.
  • Once the song has played all the way through then go to PHONE STORAGE – ANDROID – DATA- .COMSOUNDCLOUD.ANDROID- FLIES- STREAM- COMPLETE

You will see the files there

  • This is the easy part name the song whatever you want and put .mp3 after it.

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Mp3 music download

The MP3 Music Download is a free app with millions of songs to listen to online. It lets you search download and listen to free music. It will also show you the lyrics to the song. It also recommends the top hottest songs for you.

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Music MP3 Download Free CopyleftFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

This is a great app that lets you listen and download music for free. You just need Internet connection. You can play the song with the built in player, that way you can listen to it before you download the song. You can also search and download music for free that are under the creative common license.

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Music Download ParadiseFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

Music Download Paradise lets you download music and also sound effects to your device for free. This app is different from the other is the fact that you can look up short clips, sound effects, and music all for free. You can download them and we all know the short clips of songs are great for notifications and ring tones.

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I Tube MP3 Music DownloadFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

I Tube MP3 music download is another free app for android users that’s allow you to download music from a public domain. This is also a very fast and effective app. It works the same as the others where you can search for music but also see what you have downloaded as well.

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Soundload MP3 DownloadFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

This is a great app for android users. The soundload lets you search and then buy music online. Once you buy the song you want you can download it to your phone, but it also has a category for free music. So this is your one stop app for all music. That’s what makes this one stand apart.

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Google Play MusicFree-mp3 Top Android Apps for Downloading Free Music

This app has over 35 million songs to choose from. It’s a huge player in the music apps. This is probably the most popular MP3 player. They offer a subscription, but if you don’t pay for it you can still download free music and albums. The Google Play Music allows you to download over 50,000 songs. It’s one of the best music downloaders there is. It also has all the songs and albums you could think of. This is the all in one music stop for android users.

The bottom line is its all-personal preference. There are plenty of options out there and if you ask your friends I bet they all have different ones. Music is a huge part of our lives and we all have to have music with us where ever we go. Just so you know the MP3 DOWNLOAD PLAYER which is not on this list has been removed by the google play store. Google Play store is looking out for their users and when they find an app is unsafe they must remove it. They have also removed mp3 music downloader, Easy downloader, Music Manic, MP3 Downloader, and Mp3 Music Download Super. They removed all these due to being unsafe for your device and they are always checking their apps for safety.

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