8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

May 11, 2016

Here’s our list of great Android PC suits that we feel are worthy of your consideration. We list the main pros and cons associated with each of these different software products. Whichever one you choose, be sure to access up-to-date user reviews to ensure compatibility with the device you wish to use them with. Enjoy our list of the top 8 best Android PC Suites to use for Windows, Linux and Mac.

MOBILeditMobileEdit 8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

This is a great suite. A useful app to manage your device’s files and software remotely. Use this suite to create backups, edit contacts, transfer files and media, and use your phone’s messaging services. Use this software to check and manage apps on your phone too. MOBILedit offers you the ability to run a thorough text search of contact data on your phone regardless of whether your device could normally do that for you. You can easily change any of this information once you’ve brought it up on your PC screen. MOBILedit will easily connect to your PC via all the usual wireless options as well as cable.

Download MOBILedit PC Suite

Droid ExplorerMobileEdit 8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

Droid Explorer offers users incredible simplicity as well as functionality. DE will let you use your Android phone or tablet via your desktop or notebook. You can back up your text messages, contact lists, photo albums and more, as well as manage folders and files, and you can easily adjust contact data saved to your phone. This is a great way to extract and even edit contact data if you’re phone has met with a nasty end and the screen has gone blank, but you need to be able to copy down your old contact list by hand. Droid Explorer is stripped down to a few simple features but runs well and is clear to use.

Download Droid Explorer PC Suite

MobileGoMobileEdit 8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

This piece of software is one of the strongest and most-downloaded suites on the market. MobileGo offers two primary features that complement applications already on your phone and desktop. The mobile app boosts your transfer rate and RAM, cleans up excess unused files, and joins up to your personal computer via WiFi. The desktop application mirrors your phone, letting you make backups, move folders, images etc.

As with most mirrors, this means that you can also access and manage your device from your PC – send messaged, enjoy mobile gaming and checking notifications that are coming trough onto your phone. MobileGo offers serious usability and may improve the function of your mobile phone.

Get the MobileGo PC Suite now

Mobile GenieMobileEdit 8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

Mobile Genie stands out from the crowd a little here – it can fully root your phone for you, and even download games directly to your phone. This software offers you really useful features to help you manage and clean up files and whole folder systems of your phone during back up. Mobile Genie allows you to view and edit technical specs of your device’s creations and performance any time you join up to it. With just a few clicks you can massively lighten up and clear out old unnecessary files, scanning for unused software and bloatware that it will then prompt you to remove. MobileGenie is currently not compatible with Mac or Linux.

Get MobileGenie Suite

MoboRoboMobileEdit 8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

Users love this great piece of software because it works with iOS as well as Android phones and tablets. Apparently, MoboRobo could be the original multiple platform suite that lets you connect and transfer files and account data between phones and personal computers operating through different OSs. If you need to transfer all your contacts between your old iPhone and your new Android phone, you can use MoboRobo for that, although an easier way to do that is probably to just use your iPhone to go to a browser, create a Google account and opt to import contacts from your old apple device or account.

This suite has the best appearance and intuitive functionality out of all the Android Pc suites we have reviewed for this list. It displays all the different types of storage on your phone under different easy to use tabs, including overall storage, which is handy, since you are most likely using MoboRobo to transfer files. Photos and music are all displayed clearly and separately, allowing you to resolve those pesky copies you accidentally created when uploading music via different apps that do not talk to each other.

Download MoboRobo PC Suite

AirDroidMobileEdit 8 + Android PC Suites For Windows, Linux And Mac

This suite offers a much higher standard of compatibility than all the rest – you can install it on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and the list of Android mobile devices supported by Airdroid is just as impressive. All the standard functions we’ve listed so far apply here – Airdroid enables users to view, manipulate and back up every type of file and application that you might have on your phone from eth comfort of your much larger desktop monitor. Again, as with most of the rest on this list, you can transmit SMSs and voice calls.

Airdroid allows you to transfer app data on and off your device, use applications like flashlight and camera, and send a website link to your phone where it will automatically open. This suite gets new updates all the time and functionality is always improving.

Download Aidroid PC Suite

Android PC

Android PC is another option, this one favoured by many users because of how simple it is to use. It leaves a little to be desired in terms of design, but counteracts that with reasonably impressive usability and especially speed.

Try AndroidPC Suite today


Each of the examples that we have provided here are useful pieces of software that should enable you to easily access and manipulate the contents of your phone remotely. Some of them will download and install apps right onto your phone for you, and some will even let you access your carrier and let you make voice calls over your usual network. All that’s left is for you to choose based on your particular needs. Create a list of requisite features that you’re looking for, and check these against what each Android Pc Suite option has to offer.

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