Best Free and Paid Antivirus Apps for iPad and iPhone

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February 4, 2016

The tides of technology have brought us incredible smart phones and tablets, most notably the iPhone and iPad. But with technology so advanced that we store our whole lives on the microchips hidden inside it, protecting the vast quantities of data stored on your iOS devices should be a serious priority. That’s why it’s so important to do the research and install the best Antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad. There are many of these apps available in the iTunes store to help you protect your smartphone data from unwanted access.

The first step in securing your data is to do the research. Simply searching for antivirus software in the iTunes store will turn up a lot of results – the difficult task is searching through and finding the app that will work best for you, and for your smartphone. That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of the best antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad to save you the trouble and allow you to make a choice, download an app, and be on your way to smartphone data safety.

Take a look and find which app will work best for you.

1: Lookout Mobile Security – FREElookout-iphone antivirus

The Lookout Mobile Security app includes features that let you not only back up your data, but also find a missing phone easily. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The app lets the user know about out of date software that is open to threats, as well as notifying you immediately of any threat. And not only will your phone be easy to find when you log it as missing, but the app send you an email when it suspects that your phone may have been stolen.


  • Lost device location sounds an alarm even when the phone is on silent, and saves the last known location of the device in case of the battery running out

  • All contacts and important data are backed up

  • Notifies you of outdated iOS and important software

2: McAfee Security – FREEMcAfee ipad antivirus

McAfee is a well-known antivirus malware protection service. Now McAfee is not only for desktops and laptops, but also for smartphones and other devices. The user interface looks great, but more importantly it is easy to understand and use. It updates quickly and swiftly scans to find any possible threats to your iPhone or iPad.


  • McAfee protects all your videos and photos in a secure vault hidden behind a pin so that your private data is exactly that – private

  • Duplicates and copies cannot be made without authorization when stored with a PIN in the vault

  • All contacts are backed up and can be wiped remotely to avoid being shared with the wrong people. They can then be restored at a later time.

  • Lost or stolen iPhones and iPads can have an alarm activated remotely which sounds even when your device is in silent modeDownload the app HERE.

3: Avira Mobile Security – FREEavira_antivir_ipad

Avira will create a user profile before offering protection for your smartphone. The app has high standards of security. However, this app requires sign up and user data is backed up to AntiVir cloud storage. Some people might be concerned that this is less secure but that hasn’t been the case. Avera AntiVir has still been demonstrated to be one of the best antivirus apps for iPhones and iPads.


  • An identity verification feature monitors your identity

  • Instant malware scanner

  • A calling feature is in place for lost devices

  • An OS checker ensures that your iOS is always the most recent update

  • A “Yell” feature causes your device to make a yelling sound on up to five different devices

  • Includes a free tech community for answers to questions users may have

4: Norton Mobile Security – FREENorton_av antivirus

Norton is one of the most well-known antivirus software creators for desktops and laptops alike. Now they have an app for iPhone and iPad dedicated to providing quality antivirus protection for your smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store so you can instantly ensure your smart phone’s data security.


  • When your phone is lost you can instantly locate it on the handy map with remote location features

  • Contacts can be backed up in the app and restored later in case you have to delete them for security reasons (like stolen phone)

  • Synced and backed up data such as contacts can be accessed from linked apps across all your mobile devices

  • A handy “scream” feature can be activated to trigger an alarm that sounds if your iPhone or iPad has been lost or stolen

  • If your phone has been lost it is possible to use the internet to place a call to your device to help you in getting it back

5: Trend Micro Mobile Security – FREEtrend-micro-iphone 6 6s antivirus

Trend Micro is a clever app that allows you to select various levels of protection for your iPhone, iPod, or other smartphone device. This allows you to identify apps with malware as well as fake websites that are set up to steal your personal information and secure data.


  • This app guards your smart phone against threats to identity theft, fraudulent websites, and malware in other apps

  • Tracking enables users to manage monthly data usage and costs associated with data usage

  • All contacts can be backed up and shared across multiple platforms

  • Includes features for locating lost smartphone devices

  • Ability to modify protection levels

6: VirusBarrier – Paidvirusbarrier-iphone app

VirusBarrier can offer complete protection to your smartphone data on your iOS device. It scans the apps and games already on your phone to check for malware and back doors from which data security threats can enter. Additionally, you can scan and save email attachments or files without being concerned that they may have viruses encrypted in them. You can also scan files in remote locations such as Google Drive and Dropbox before downloading t hem to your device.


  • An integrated file reader allows you to view documents and files in app immediately after scanning without needing to open a secondary app.

  • Instant scanning possible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

  • App scans for Trojan horses, key logger software, spy ware, ad ware, and other hacker tools.

  • App is capable of repairing affected files after malware has been found and destroyed

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