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May 30, 2016

Although Android phones are already fitted with their own native file managers, enough capable of providing all basic exploration features for an average user. So, when you are content with Android’s built-in file manager why need to go for some third party app for this purpose? Well, here’s why. The third party file manager apps available on Google Play provides a user some heaps of extra value added functionalities that enable the user to have optimum exploration inside their phone’ content with others. So, if you are looking for a file manager yourself, make sure you are claiming the one’s that is the best fit for your needs and a great one as well. Following are the top Android file managers that I have picked for my best collection and to introduce them to you (the user) for the optimum experience.

Top Android File Managers

The AntTek File ExplorerAntek File Eplorer


The AntTek File Explorer might not be the most beautiful ones in your collection, but it is certainly a very good file manager to try on your smartphone in working behalf. The interface presents a very basic 90s era’ icons and file folder images with a deeply rooted exploration of all the folders in your Android phone & the integrated SD Card. Plus, it has a very convenient drag & drop feature that is highly recommended for easier exploration of files/folders & copy-pasting tasks. All in all, AntTek File Explorer is good as a starting point for those who are new in using file managers for their Android phones.

File CommanderFile-Commander


File Commander is an app among the top Android file managers that is both very common in usage & yet profoundly famous among Androiders globally. First of all, apart from working factor, it’s highly intuitive and visually simple interface just grabs your heart. Second, File Commander provides one of the best frameworks in order to make your exploration inside your smartphone a very easier & retina-friendly task.

It caches all the major folders in the phone like downloads, videos, documents, music, pictures, etc. Another very amazing thing in File Commander is its overall indexing of similar content. For example, you click on a particular file format within your smartphone and it will show you the locations of all the same files that are inside your device, good isn’t it? Try File Commander yourself.

ES File Explorer



Among the top Android file managers ES File Explorer has been one of the most loved ones. With a beautiful decoration of its interface, ES File explorer brings about the best in phone file exploration options to a user. You can browse through several sections of your phone with ES File Explorer such as documents, music, videos, pictures, eBooks, & others. Additionally, ES File Explorer integrates a powerful search feature inside that enables you to quickly reach your destination in no time at all. Want something appealing, fast, & easier, go for ES File Explorer.

File Manager HDFile-Manager-HD


Among other notables for this file manager, one that is mostly responsible for its wide acceptance is the fact that this file manager is developed by the famous Cheetah Mobile apps developers, praised for their famous Android ‘optimizer’ CleanMaster. But, File Manager HD is also a quite capable application on itself as well since it has the feature to keep track and save a record of your activity on your phone that can be reached easily just by visiting the ‘Timeline’ inside File Manager HD. Along with exploring through your smartphone, if ever you want to find a recent activity at fast, just open File Manager HD and revisit it on its dashboard in the timeline. This is something quite novel and much appreciated in a file management app as of now.

Root Browser File ExplorerRoot Browser (File Manager) v2.0


Own a rooted device? Here is the ultimate solution for your rooted smartphone. It’s called the Root Browser. This is a powerful compact file explorer that additionally offers you to handle file permissions/ownerships within your Android device. Now you can easily locate system files (or others too) and conveniently edit them within Root Browser’ dashboard. Another great thing is that Root Browser works on both rooted and un-rooted devices, but on a rooted device you can enjoy some great additional functionalities within it.

So, this was the compendium of top Android file managers that are in a stern competition out there. You can determine yourself which one should be on top by trying them all or an individual file manager from the list that you personally liked now. Let us know in the comments if you know some other good file managers for Android as well?

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