10 Best Android M Features

October 11, 2015

The very latest among Google’s successful line of mobile operating system the Android is a deliciously camp-snacked Marshmallow, known in short as Android M. Since Google has un-curtained the “M” secret few days ago and released the very first dev. preview of Android Marshmallow for limited handsets, such as Google Nexus, the lucky few have been trying hard to get the most out of this novel addition to Android’s family. Therefore, it becomes a must for tech enthusiasts like me to share my own list of 10 best Android M features with my readers so that they can also enjoy the OS’s maximum potential at ease, and know about it in a bit of depth. There are some great enhancements Google has provided with this new version of Android which would, well, appease some users and some not. But let us focus for now what we can do with Android M and how to use it for our full benefit.

10 best Android M features


Android M (Marshmallow)

Individual Application Permissions

Among the very first of the tricks in 12 best Android M tricks, now you can manage all of your app permissions individually in Android Marshmallow. The personal preference in permitting a third party apps specific permission as you deem fit (without breaking the operation of the app) was a long time desire of all Android users globally. Finally, in Android M their wishes has been granted by Google and this will not only prove a great addition, but would make a solid Android selling point as well.

Uninstall Your Apps Right From Your Home Screen/App Drawer

Another amazing feature in Android Marshmallow is that you can now easily uninstall your apps right from your home screen or app drawer, some drawer it is!!! Well, what this will do for you is to actually save your time in removing the apps that disturbs you as well as avoiding confusion for those who are not so techie to go into settings, find apps, and then find means to uninstall them. So now just hit the “Uninstall” icon on your home screen and done away with the culprit app.

The New And Powerful UI Tuner

One of the most beloved things a person would like is in a mobile phone is the ease and convenience of setting their home screen the way they like it. In Android M the feature is finally arrived with “UI Tuner” which is a specific tool or setting option in it that you can use to fine tune or setup your Android home screen as you like it in a matter of few clicks. You can drag, move toggles, remove icons, and do several other things that will customize your home screen in no time. However, to use this tool you need to activate “Developer Mode” in Android M and here it is.

The Developer Mode

Although, developer options are nothing new to Android OS but the Marshmallow strikes your smartphone with some exciting new additions. That is why it is being held as one of the most amazing features among 10 best Android M features . To enable it on your smartphone you need to tap continuously 7 times on “Build Number” and then a new pop will tell you that you are now in developer mode. Now use USB debugging, show touches, tweaking animations, OEM unlocking, and several other admin tasks in your smartphone.

Automatic Linking

In Android Marshmallow, what could be a very exciting feature among the 10 best Android M features , now you can easily associate certain types of links to certain apps in your phone which will always be opened whenever that app connects to web. Suppose you a Pinterest link and would like to associate those types of links only to Pinterest then you can do this in Android marshmallow. This feature was also available in previous Android versions though but its working was a bit questionable. Now, this has been fixed in Android M.

RAM Manager

Another amazing enhancement in Android M which is among the 10 best Android M features because Marshmallow is all about to empower its users. RAM, which is an integral part of both handheld and desktop devices, now Android M provides you with a powerful RAM manager which will help you in managing your RAM’s memory and the management of apps that sucks out power from your RAM. This feature will give you amazing insight about RAM’s memory and tools with which you can optimize it easily. Isn’t this great?

The Dozing Feature

One of the great features in 10 best Android M features , the all new “Doze” in Android Marshmallow was a novel induction that is in my opinion a great feature to be in a smartphone. Doze works in background and whenever your smartphone is at rest for a couple of minutes it will automatically go into hibernation mode. However, another great thing about Doze is that your priority notifications or alarms will still be unaffected by the hibernation it causes. Just wonder how much battery power you will save and prolong your device’ life.

Find Out The Secret “M” On Your Android

Though not what we can call a feature but still it is a fun game of a sort. Every Android shows a secret dessert which is associated with the version when you continuously tap on version number in your smartphone. However, in Android Marshmallow by tapping version number, you will finally see the letter M which stands for Marshmallow that is associated with version.

Google Now

There are full chances of your completely missing this one feature but in Android M the shortcut to dialer button now goes respectively to Google Now. In Google Now, you can simply reach to someone just by speaking their name. Plus, there are other exciting things you can do with Google Now’s voice command service as well in your smartphone. A great feature indeed to be introduced on the right time among 10 best Android M features .

Disabling Notification Pop-ups

Finally the last from our pick of 10 best Android M features : The heads-up notifications that continues to pop-in on the work you are doing is a very irritating aspect of any device. Specifically, this pop-up intrusion is now finally tackled in Android M where you are in driving seat to enable or disable these. So if these peeking notification bothering you then go to Settings > Sound & Notifications > App Notifications and then choose the app which is creating notification, and finally switch off ‘allow peeking’

So, these were the 10 best Android M features I was impatient to share with my readers. Now that I have done it, and I leave them unto your usage so that in return of this favor you can later comment to me how do you find these feature tips for your smartphone? Adios!

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