7 + Custom ROMs for Your Android SmartPhone

March 22, 2016

As soon after purchasing an Android smartphone, an action reflex overwhelming feeling fills you up. However, after some days of usage, you realize that it does not meet your expectations, and it requires a complete customization. The need may be to update its current apps, or tweak the user interface, or even installing extra features.

This situation is very normal, which is due to Android manufacturers releasing their smartphones with a stock ROM. For this reason, customizing your ROM is an ideal option. Well if you are looking for custom ROMs to upgrade your smartphone with, you are in the right place. We have sampled some of the top ranking Android custom ROMs in 2016, based on download stats and comments, to offer you the ‘feel’ you want and also give your phone the appeal you desire.

What if you wish to keep the stock ROM? Honestly, this is not a good idea. This is because the stock ROM, which initially comes with the phone, gives you little room for customization. Nonetheless, installing a custom ROM does away with the limitations posed by a stock ROM. It enables you to change your device’s look. Moreover, you can format your phone with the latest Android OS version before your device’s manufacturer officially releasing it.

Number 1 rule before installing a custom ROM to your Android smartphone or tablet, you must root it first. After successfully rooting your device, check the ROM list below and select then download one that has caught your attention.

1. Cyanogenmod

At last, our top rated Android custom ROM is Cyanogenmod. This is due to its remarkable features, incorporated with an appealing user interface. Also, its developers frequently update the ROM to enhance its performance. It is very stable despite its loads of features, customization options, and awesome themes. Because of its features, the ROM has been selected as the default ROM in the latest Yu Yureka smartphones. The ROM is also just a click away on your smartphone; thus, it can be used installed without any tech skills. This custom ROM guarantees a stable Android environment and offers most customization options than any other custom ROMs. Well, this is why it tops the list. Expect a notch higher experience of Android ROM customization with the Cyanogenmod.

2. Paranoidandroid

This custom ROM makes it to the second position because of its wide list of features, frequent automatic updates, and an excellent user interface. This ROM enables you to apply numerous tweaks to a device like adjusting both status and navigation bar’s color scheme of apps thus offering your device an amazing complete makeover. Furthermore, the PARANOIDANDROID features a hybrid mode, which allows you to change to tablet layout on your smartphone. The ROM enforces security using an App privacy feature. You can also hide the navigation and status bars, and a HALO feature, which enables accessibility to apps easily. The floating mode allows you to open a mini version of a previous app without leaving the app in progress.

3. AOKP Custom ROM

The second runner up on our list is the AOKP – Android Open Kang Project. This is a better alternative for stock Android for your Android device. The AOKP provides all ROM settings in the ROM control tab. Also, the features listed are very remarkable. Whereby, you can change the height of the navigation bar to your preference, make the navigation and status bars transparent, pin your shortcuts and apps to the navigation bar as well as append shortcuts to the navigation ring. More features of the ROM enable the user to create a custom vibration for each task. Also, you can select among some BOOT animations from its settings menu and many more. Experience the taste of customized sophistication with this custom ROM.

4. Slim Bean

The Slim Bean was developed with simplicity in mind. Therefore, makes it the user-friendliest Android custom ROM. It also comes with no bugs so do not worry about them when downloading it. Furthermore, the good thing about Slim Bean is that simplicity is not singly focused on the user interface, but also the operation of the ROM. This means even if it is your first time using it, you will not fail to apply some incredible custom options to your device. The Slim Bean also enables you to update to the most recent Android version by just a click of a button. Furthermore, with this one, downloading new ROMs is not necessary since it comes with a custom kernel. It makes use of it as a processor thus better performance and enhanced battery backup.

5. PAC-man ROM
PAC-man ROM is deemed as the all in one custom ROM. This is due to its pack coming with features contained by robust custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid and AOKP thus giving you some of their best features.

The ROM’s interface is amazing and easily customizable. Its developers refer to it as stable; therefore, expect it to run any problem less. Since it packs features from the three best Android custom ROMs, I recommend you to give it, at least, a try.

6. Carbon ROM

Carbon ROM is considered as a great custom ROM for Android devices. Not saying that it is more remarkable than the ones below, although certainly packs some excellent features.
First, it is an AOSP-centered Android ROM. Whereby it enables you to acquire features such as Chronus Clock Widget, PIE, some lock screen options, and also allows hardware customization as well as the software keys. The list is endless; just give it a try to experience the different new look for your device.

7. Vanilla Rootbox

The seventh on our list is the Vanilla Rootbox. Not because it is inferior in any way, but what customers have decided. However, it features OTA updates when already installed on your device, therefore, saving you the distress of having an outdated ROM. It allows you to customize your user interface, whereby you can manually select and pin apps to the notification menu.

This feature also unhides the menu notification apps by just swiping the screen from a particular side. This is a suitable ROM to go for if you want to change a lot about your device’s user interface.

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