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May 29, 2016

Make sure you and your guests are ready for your party. Below are some online alternatives to the usual Evite way of sending Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Purpletrailbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

When you want to send an electronic invitation to someone, you want to have options! Sending merely a drab card is no fun. Enter Purpletrail. This site offers free invitations and there are no bothersome ads. Choose from different themes to match the occasion you are planning. Additionally, with these themes, you can add individual messages and photos of your own choosing. The site is simple to use; and for a reasonable fee, you can skip the online delivery and have real printed cards delivered announcing your party.

Invititudebest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

For those times when you need to send out invitations to a party and you are not in front of a computer, you can use Invititude. The entire party planning and RSVP process can be done via a mobile phone. At no cost, you can add pictures, videos, even the forecasted weather for your event and more to your invitations before you send them.

Manvitebest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Where does a man go when he has a party to plan? He can’t just go to any online invitation website. He has to go where real men go. Manvite is exclusively designed for men. It can be used for a variety of “manly” events, such as a bachelor’s party, football match, dinner, etc. Manly men can plan away, send their invitations online and also keep track of who’s coming and who’s not—all in one convenient online service.

Sendomaticbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Choosing from multiple themes is a key part of the fun of using Sendomatic for electronic invitations. Whatever you party’s theme is, this site offers an e-card option that is sure to excite your guests about coming. When you send the invites to your friends, there will be ads. But you can remove those ads by paying a fee. Once you have sent out your invitations, RSVPs can be recorded and managed conveniently in the excel program through a simple exported of the data from the Sendomatic site. If you desire to include another event through your invitation, (such as attending a concert), Sendomatic also sell tickets through its site.

Facebook Eventbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

If you are planning a party and want to invite your friends, you don’t even need to go to a specific online invitation website. It is likely that many of your friends are already on Facebook, so you can use a special feature of the site to send your party invite. All you need to do is create your event once you are logged on through Facebook—into your account. Make sure to include any and all pertinent information regarding the party. Then you can choose whether you wish to invite your friends using the private messaging section of the public messaging section. Your friends will promptly receive their invite through their Facebook account. After the party, the Facebook Wall will be an excellent area to post how it all went.

Paperless Postbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Paperless Post offers invitation-senders both a free and paid version. If you select the free version, you can invite up to 500 guests. By paying a fee, you have up to 1,500 invitations that you can send. Paperless Post again offers options for your invitations (from designs, to entering your own text, to colors, shapes, and images). A handy benefit of using Paperless Post is the ability to see who has RSVPed to your invitation. You can immediately know how many attendees you need to plan for. If your plans change and you need to alter the time or place of your event, this site allow easy changing of these details. You can resend out your information to update your guests. Then, when all of the fun has been had, share photos and experiences of the big event on their site.

Punchbowlbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Another online invitation service is Punchbowl. This site offers an RSVP feature as well as permits invitations to be sent via Twitter and Facebook. Importing contact information from your party guests is easy as Punchbowl lets you access your usual email account(s). Once the guest list is complete, the Punchbowl site also allows you to buy party supplies, such as decorations, plates, cups, etc. for your planned shindig. They also help you plan your party even more. They offer suggestions for invites, decorations, and more. Post party, guests who attended your party can share the good (or bad) times they had (along with photos) on an online forum section of the invitation site.

Smileboxbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Colorful invitations can often entice prospective guests to come to a party you are planning. Designing funny, musical, and colorful invites may be improved with additional artistic elements. Smilebox lets users create invitations and then add animation as well as music to them. Even picture collages can be added to the invites. Once the invitations are designed, you can simply send them out via e-mail or send them through Facebook.

Anyvitebest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

If you are planning a get-together with friends, you need to tell them when, where, and what. E-mail is a convenient way to do this. But one site, Anyvite, lets you send your guest their invite via a text or SMS message. Anyvite still allows you to make creative invitations; and if your event includes tickets to a concert, etc., this site lets you collect money. And if your friends want to invite a few other people too, Anyvite lets you add this feature to your invitations. You can also limit the number of “plus ones” that your friends end up bringing with them. Social media is also an option for sending out your invites.

Celebrationsbest-evite-alternatives Sites Like Evite - Best Evite Alternatives

Yet another online invitation service is that of Celebrations. Choose from numerous themes for holidays, events, and more. If you are planning a wedding, birthday party, a simply get-together, or a dinner out, Celebrations offers a variety of cards to choose from. Send your invites via e-mail or through numerous social media sites.

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