The 20 Best Flash Games to Play

November 20, 2016

In the current times, anytime you get bored you just have to get out your smartphone and play the available addictive and mind jogging games that are installed in your phone. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have the games installed in your device or you do not have a smart phone within your reach then all you have to do is to get a stable and active source of internet connection so as to play some of the numerous small flash games available online.

All the flash games available online are small hence with a stable and active source of internet connection and a browser they can run on almost every system. To play these games you don’t need to have a powerful central processing unit or even a high end graphics card, an effective browser is all that is needed to run these games.

Best Browser Based Flash Games

  1. Agar.ioagar-io

This flash game has more than 300000 players and has within a short span of time become one of the most sensational and popular flash games. It is very simple and thoroughly addictive. In this game you are supposed to control a cell with your mouse. All you have to do is maneuver around consuming other cells to grow bigger. On the other hand, you have to maintain your cell from getting into contact with a cell of a bigger volume as compared to yours because it will consume your cell hence the game comes to an end. It is possible to play this game with your friends as you can also sign in using your Facebook ID.

This game is also available on iOS as well as Android platforms.

2. Canabaltcanabalt

Supposing you don’t enjoy consuming cells and gaining mass as in then Canabalt can work best for you ;it is a continuous running stake far much better than Temple run and subway surfers. This game applies the continuous running type of gaming in a totally new method. This flash game has a black and white interface; it does not employ the use of other flashy graphics or colors. The game has only one objective; to run. Everything is falling down in this game hence you have to keep running and jumping across rooftops. You have to keep jumping over hindrances and breaking the window glasses as one single miss of the step will lead to the end of this amazing game. The game is made more interesting by the fact that it has a double-player mode hence you can play with your and share the fun.

The game is available on steam, iOS and also Android.

3. Snakesnake

This game came with the introduction of the old school Nokia phones which had this game already installed in them. It was during this time that it became one of the most played and loved games ever and still is regarded as a boredom killer by most of the gamers. This game is very simple, you as the snake you should consume the small dots in order to grow longer however, and you have to be careful not to bite yourself as this will bring the game to an end. The game has three different modes which are defined by the speed of the snake. These modes are set for different types of gamers. The slug mode is the slowest, it is basically for inexperienced gamers who are actually very new to the game and are trying to get acquainted to the game. The worm mode is for the average gamers; its speed is a bit faster as compared to the slug mode. The python mode for those who are thoroughly experienced in the game.


This is another flash game that got many addicted on several smart phone platforms. This game involves puzzles with sliding tiles and has a very simple target; combining similar numbered tiles in order to come up with the total of both the numbers. The tile that you have created should have the numbers 2048 in order to emerge victorious in this game, this task is not so easy. You are supposed to move your tiles in a particular direction and also strive to match and sum as many of the tiles in every movement made.2048 is found in iOS, Windows phones platforms and also on Android.

5. Tanki onlinetanki-online

Due to the availability of this awesome flash game online, you no longer have to keep longing to play the amazing world of tanks on a PC. It is no longer a matter of how powerful your PC is as this flash game got your interests covered. You can make use of Tanki online and have utmost fun in the process of having your personal tank in the game. The game is available for free and you can buy the items required in the game to make your tank stronger. This game allows you to pick your tank and then compete with anyone around the world even those close to you. You can also build up your team and go against another team. You should gather the crystals and use them to lignify your team.

6.8-Ball pool8-ball-pool

This flash game is for all people even the snooker lovers. This is the most played online snooker game which is played on Facebook on most occasions. This game allows you to compete against any opponent in the world even those around you. You can actually challenge your friends to a match and confirm who the best player in this game is. In order to play the game you need to use the mouse as a control to your stick. This game provides an all simple and easy to conceptualize tutorial hence even the players who are not so used to the game and its rules can get an easy time playing.

This awesome game is found on iOS platforms as well as on Android

7. Tetristetris

For close to over 20 years now this game has been a favorite of many is the standard block building and block destroying flash game. Playing this game rekindles the fun that was in the game way back in the olden days. If you are searching for a game that can bring back the memories of the good olden days, then you must try this game. You have to pile up the blocks in a way that each of the fields is occupied with a block. You also have to do away with the initial blocks by making up combos, failure to do this you will lose as the game ends when the blocks pile up to the top. This game is fun and worth trying as it jogs your mind.

8. Curvytroncurvytron

Just like the name suggests this involves curves. This game involves a peculiar line-bending where you as the player is in charge of the colorful line. This line is in motion and you should turn it either to the right or to the left. You should not come into contact with other lines and you should not touch your line either as this will lead to the end of the game. For you to win that particular round you have to survive more than the other lines. You can decide to make your own room or domain and play this game with your friends or join other existent domains to play with more people from all over the world.

9. Hextrishextris

Crazy wheel meets with Tetris in this new puzzle game known as Hextris. Here you direct a hexagon that is in motion, you have to fill it with several different colors. You are supposed to fit in colors by coming up with matches of 3 and awarding combos. If in any case you allow different colors to stack up on top of the other and come into contact with the grey line then you happen to lose the this game you should have a target to match as many colors as possible and also within the shortest time. This game aims at testing you intelligence.

Hextris is available on iOS and also on android devices.

10. Cube fieldcubefield

In this game you are supposed to direct a ship in a ground filled with cubes. You are expected to direct the ship past all the cubes because a mere action of the ship coming into contact with a cube will destroy your ship hence you lose. You should go the furthest you can without touching any cube. The further you go, the higher your score gets and the faster the speed gets. You should score the highest possible points and compete with your friends to determine who the guru, making the game more fun.

11. Cut the rope

This game became popular when it was made available on mobile platforms. It has currently found its way to the browsers hence you can play it online as long as you got a stable and active source of internet connection. You have a pet in this game, the pet is known as Omnom. This pet is ever hungry hence you must feed him at all levels and instances. You should cut the ropes and ensure that the candies on the ropes lands right on his belly. This game is made more attractive by the irresistible eye-catching graphics.

Tis game is available on Windows phone, iOS as well as on Android.

12. Tic-Tac-Toe

This easy to learn and play game is mostly played by children. This game is very to understand; you are provided with a 3 by 3 grid where you are expected to make a diagonal or straight line made up of three symbols. This game can be played individually against the computer in order to test your agility or can also be played against a friend to maximize the fun involved in this game.

13. Creative Kill Chamber

This game brings together horrific action with a section of puzzle to find a solution to in each of the levels you go through. Here you are cornered in a prison and actually have to apply many killing tactics in order to pass through a particular level. You have to kill the guards using different methodologies and also to escape the obstructions at different instances in order to graduate to the next level. This game becomes harder as you graduate to higher levels thus you have no option but to think and act faster in order to continue with your game

14. Frogger

This game was among the most popular flash games in the olden days. It also became the favorite of the fanatics mostly played in homes and arcades. However basic this game is, it is a bit tricky. You are supposed to take your frog from one terminal to the other while avoiding obstructions in between and also traffic. Each level is timed hence your score is attained by how far you go by the time the timer goes out.

15. New York shark

You will love this game if you are a fan of; going on a killing spree or rampage. In New York Shark you have to direct your swimming shark round the big apple. This game offers you a very simple task, eating and destroying everything within your vicinity. You can consume ships, boats, swimmers and many other stuff existents in the waters. You may even jump to destroy the planes above the waters. This hilariously horrific game is fun as you can also get a chance to consume Spiderman and King Kong.

16. Escape

In this game, you are cornered in a vertical container full of electric fields and giant lasers. You have to strive to escape just like its name depicts. You must leap from one wall to another in attempt to get to the top and escape the prison. This game has a single button for controls. You should carefully time your leaps in order to flee from the obstructions and get higher safely.

This game is available on iOS and Android platforms for download.

17. Mario Run

Mario is the superstar created by Nintendo when they put out the original Nintendo Entertainment system. Mario has received official and casual by production, Mario run is one of the spin-offs. Here Mario has to get away from the clutches of Bowser, his long term nemesis. You have to run faster while keeping away from obstructions, any attempt to slow down will allow Bowser to complete its mission. Use the boost to run faster.

18. Push It

This is another standard game with a few changes made on it to make it have a modern look. You are expected to push the boxes to the areas that have been isn’t as easy and boring as it looks as you keep graduating to higher levels, you have to be agile enough in order to have more fun in the game. Thinking is the only option in this game.

19. Spark Chess

This game is designed for the great thinkers who love to devise awesome and unique strategies to defeat their opponents. You can play against the computer or play against other opponents anywhere in the world. You do not have to worry if you are not as familiar with rules of the game as it comes with a tutorial to teach the new players how to play the game.

20. Pokémon Tower Defense 2

This is one of the tower defense games. Its only difference is that you use Pokémon to fight the hordes of other Pokémon’s. You start as a trainer and fight against other trainers to win in order to become the champion. This game allows you to catch Pokémon’s, work them out and create a strong team in a story mode. You can download the game and play it directly on your device.

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