Top 7 Free Email Services

January 14, 2016
Top 7 Free Email Services

Email is a great source of communication, and in this fast-moving world, it’s a gift for the user to establish a free of cost contact with friends and family by utilizing this great service. It’s an integral part of our day to day lives when it comes to communicating with someone special through this component. Email service provided many unique features to improve this service for a common user. There are lots of free Internet service providers roaming around the communication world, and choosing the best out of the lot is your discretion. All the email service providers gift you an email address on their domain with allowing some storage space as well. In our today’s write up for Top 7 Free Email Services, we will introduce you to some exceptional free of cost very famous to less known email services that give you an edge when it comes to using the tool to communicate with your loved ones. Here are our seven best email service providers.

It’s a world renowned email service that not required any introduction whatsoever. With it’s over 900 million users it’s a top online email provider service currently ruling the internet world. It offers up to 15 GB storage space for free, the service spans over Googles different platforms such as Google Drive, Gmail, and to Google images. However, the core downside of this service is that it offers only 25 MB space for individual file attachments, leaving behind this aspect the service offers everything a user could wish for.

With integrating all the Google services at its best, it also offers users to use it on their Smartphones, in addition, to offering some great features that help users to bifurcate the emails in different categories and offer spam filters in addition to third party add-ons. It allows users to integrate with Google Hangouts as well. It also offers users a duel step security verification to prevent their inbox from unwanted emails even.

These days it allows the users to complement additional third-party email accounts on their iOS and Android apps to handle them from the alone app while integration with Google Wallet allows the users to manage their cash transactions within Gmail.

The other downside leaving behind limited data for individual files for web based customers, it only offers iOS and Android applications; the remaining users aren’t using the applications on their mobile phones. To access its apps, Google requires your personal details also, which is a serious cause of concern for an ordinary user who doesn’t want to share his/her private details for security reasons.

It’s another top email service provider over the Net, it offers services to around 300 million users; in contrast to Gmail, it offers you a 1TB free storage facility! A great storage support indeed. The size of an attachment file is not an issue anymore! Yahoo allows you up to 100 MB /uploaded file facility on its platform. It also offers a spam filter along with valid virus protection for the security of your data.

Multi-tasking is yet another superb facility user may enjoy on this Network. Search through the email address and group folders are also of worth working services. It also offers an effortless integration to rest of Yahoo services such as Flicker, Calendar, and Contacts—it also let the users attach files from indigenous drives or from their Flicker/Dropbox accounts as well.

Yahoo also offers ads on their email users, you can add the text ads below the footer line of an email. Remember, your Yahoo! Mail account will be suspended if not used for six months’ time. However, they will allow you a Notice Period of 60 days to start proceedings on the account to save it from cancelation.

It’s a brainchild of Microsoft!  Formally known to Hotmail, is the 3rd from our Top 7 Free Email Services, a service with repute. It offers an effortless Sync facility with OneDrive, People, and Calendar in addition to Skype, the world renowned chat service; it offers an enticing interface along with offering auto delete facility as well.

You can block unwanted emails on this Network, and categorize your mailing stuff even. It also offers a slideshow of image attachment, Connected Cloud services, and Skype from your email are its other key features. Though, they claim an unlimited data storage facility–but in reality, they offer only 5 GB of storage on a free user account with attached file size restricted to a 25 MB! Undoubtedly a great downsize.

It’s a dream service meant for professional and business use mostly, it’s a great CRM service that offer its services only to personal domains to allow them their email address. The free version of Zoho mail offers only 5 GB data storage facility to a mailbox in addition to 1 GB to serve document storage purpose. Zoho is a worth working Network.

It offers features like contacts, calendar, mail, notes, docs and all links effortlessly accessible with using left sidebar key. Spam filtering, groups or categories, and titles are it’s some other enticing features. It’s an ad-free network! A big plus for users; Zoho also offers Android and IOS app. Without of a doubt, it’s a great tool for business indeed minus any significant downside as well.

It’s yet another exceptional free email service, the web-based Network offers an unlimited data storage facility, along with offering 2 GB free of cost document storage in addition to 50 MB file attachment facility even. Their Alias Addresses is a top provision that allows you to generate up to 10 Alias email addresses; you can select them from over 200 domains. The created Alias addresses can be accessed from your Mail account; it lets the user’s access emails from other Networks by establishing a link with them.

Organizer is their yet another exceptional facility, which enables the users to accomplish their proceedings in addition to calendar the activities as well. You can check the emails on your Smartphone with installing their relevant app onto your device. The major downside it holds is that Mail denies the rights to cease your created Alias domain names.

It’s yet another exceptional email service Network, it offers an unlimited email storage facility for its users with a file attachment size of 25 MB. It supports the POP3, SMTP, and IAMP formats, the user may link their other email addresses to their AOL Mail account. It extends a quality spam filter in addition to a very efficient virus detector to protect user’s data. It also offers a selection of email address domains that include @love (.)Com, @wow (.)Com, @games (.)Com and @gym (.)Com (Acronym for You got mail).

It also offers a chatting facility to its users as well, a message service for mobile phones, events, group/category, personalization, to do’s features as well. It’s a superb platform for users particularly after the addition of minimalistic design support.

The last from our list of Top 7 Free Email Services, it’s the first cloud and calculating facility from the Apple meant to serve all its users. With offering numerous enticing features, it can be configured to serve as Webmail in the amalgamation of other Apple gadgets. It offers 5 GB free storage to its Webmail users in addition of 20 MB file attachment space as well.

Although, it supports SMTP and IMAP! It lacking the POP3 format. Still it preferred by countless people to work on it. ICloud is running on the way to cross the threshold of great cloud features; also, it’s an ad-free Network that saves the users from lots of botherations.

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