Google Play Store Alternatives for Android

April 4, 2016

The Google Play Store is all about Android. It offers seemingly endless download options for your Android phone. It may be the most known source; but it is not the only one out there. There are other sources where you can download apps and games for your Android device.

Here are some other sources to check out to find some new, fun, and exciting apps and games. Sometimes, the games and other apps found on through these sources are actually free. And if you were to get them on the Google Play Store, you would have to pay for them. It is up to you to decide whether you think they rival those found on the Google Play Store. What have you got to lose? If you find some good apps at these sources, maybe it will save you a few bucks. And better yet, maybe you will find a new favorite!

Should you go somewhere else for your Android apps?

The Google Play Store has millions of choices for apps. After typing in a few quick words, you can literally find hundreds of apps you never knew you needed. And because of the wide variety that can come up in your simple search, it might be overwhelming and a complete waste of your time too.

Just because an app is made by a larger company does not automatically make it better than all others. On the same note, a smaller company’s app or one simply developed by an individual should not automatically be disqualified from being able to be sold (or given away) next to the big guys.

  • Too many choices: too many apps often means too many choices
  • Poor categorization: can be difficult to find an app because it won’t show up when partially searching for it or something related to it
  • Recommendations: the recommended apps may or may not be interesting to you, so why have a recommended list
  • Too expensive: larger Android sites may take advantage of their size and charge more for games because they think their reputation warrants it
  • Free stuff!!: Other Android app sites offer free games and apps
  • Specific country apps and games: some alternative Android app sites offer games for specific countries. If you sign up for one of these, then you will always get the best apps that are designed specifically for your phone in your country or location. Make sure though that you don’t accidentally sign up for a source that leads you to games and app that are not compatible with your phone in your country.

Now onto the “other” Android app sources!


SlideMe has thousands of apps available for download for your Android phone. They accept credit cards as well as PayPal so you can quickly find and pay for your newest fun app. Some apps on this site are free and some are paid.

The SlideMe source is utilized internationally as well. This could be good for those of you who also have an app design in mind of your own. This could be a source for you to market your app.

Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is another alternative source for obtaining apps for your Android phone. It is also a bit more well-known than any of the others. It too offers thousands of apps to choose from.

The apps are easy to download and install as well, from Amazon. And since Amazon is such a large entity, you can expect a lot of deals to come around to take advantage of. You will often find that Amazon offers paid apps for free.


AppsLib offers plenty of apps and games too for your Android phone. In essence, the apps that Google rejected or did not officially certify are on AppsLib. Over 40,000 apps can be found on this site. The Archos Company is behind AppsLib. And if your Android phone is from a smaller company, you may even find this software already pre-loaded on the phone. Payment of apps is through PayPal.


Beyond the Amazon Appstore is another source to check out called GetJar. Through GetJar, you will have access to tons and tons of apps. You can even download the GetJar app through the Google Play Store. But keep in mind that recommendations come along with this download—and you won’t really know which ones are sponsored recommendations and which ones are not sponsored recommendations.

GetJar offers a pretty good system for categorizing its apps too. And they also offer a rewards program called the GetJar Gold System. By using the GetJar Rewards app, you can access specific apps that give you points which can be used to get paid apps for free.


F-Droid is free and open source. This means it is a FOSS software for Android. There may not be any fancy, schmancy design elements to be found on the website, but you are likely to find exactly what you want much faster than on the Google Play Store. Their search engine does its job: to quickly search and locate what the user has typed into it.

Pros of this site include:

  • Lots of free apps
  • Smaller app developers
  • No ads
  • No tracking or cookies


Using AppBrain will probably provide you with the best search engine for Android apps. AppBrain takes great care putting their apps into categories and also by genre.

The aforementioned alternative sources for Android apps and games are sure to fill your time. But these are still not the only ones out there. A few other sources to seek out for your Android app fix include:

  • CNET
  • Mobanga
  • Samsung Apps
  • Mobileg
  • Handster
  • AppsZoom
  • AppsFire
  • Appia
  • Android Pit
  • 1Mobile
  • Opera Mobile App store

Here are two foreign options:

  • Yandex (Russia)
  • Baidu App store (China)

These additional alternative Android app and game sources do basically what the above ones do. They offer an assortment of the work created by various independent or major app developers. Some offer completely free apps; while others offer both paid and free apps.

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