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July 27, 2016
best mine craft mods

Minecraft is a massive sandbox filled with possibility. After playing the game for a while, any player would want to see what else they can do. If you want to take your game to the next level then you have to master adding content and mods to your game. Once you’ve got the concept of modifications down, then the search for the right mods to add begins. With literally millions of mods created daily by the massive Minecraft community, it can be a struggle to figure out where to start looking. That’s why we’ve made this list of the top mods to take your game from everyday to extraordinary. With this list of mods you can build a world that is an adventure waiting to happen. Our list of mods can be broken down into the 3 common types: Game Play Mods, Inventory Mods, and Adventure Mods.

We’ll start our list with:

Game Play Mods

1. Optifineoptifine

Optifine is the answer to your graphics problems. This mod will allow you to change your graphics settings to their peak without damaging your game play. For people with a low-end computer, it allows you to change the settings for less lag and faster game play. For people with beefier computers, it allows you to push your graphics card to the limit, adding a level of realism you have only dreamed about. With settings for every kind of computer, this mod will literally change how you view the game. For easy instructions on how to install you can go here or to this video to see what it does.

2. Fastcraftfast-craft

For those cursed to play there game on something with all the processing power of a potato, this will help your pota- I mean PC, reach it’s potential while playing Minecraft. If you plan on using a lot of mods, or have an older PC, Fastcraft will keep your game moving forward without costing you a buttload of lag. For an example, look no further then this video.

3. WAILA (What Am I Looking At?)WAILA

WAILA allows you to see all the information for the items in your game. When you look at anything, it puts the name, mod pack and what it looks like in your inventory on the top center of the screen, allowing you to keep track of what your looking at and where it came from. This mod is great if you have a lot of mods, especially if a mod pack can only interact with it’s own set. If you want to take it up a notch you can also get Waila Harvestability, which lets you know if the tool you are using will harvest what you are looking at. Prime example of Waila can be found here thanks to the creators.

4. JourneyMapjourney-map

When traversing a massive world, it’s easy to get hopelessly lost. Underground and out of torches to mark your way used to mean imminent death, but no longer do you have to put up with the mid-grade in-game maps thanks to JourneyMap. JourneyMap keeps track of where you’ve been and where you’re going, making a reliable map. With the ability to make waypoints and to color-code them, you can keep track of where important points are. With this mod, getting lost is no longer a death sentence. Here is a great Mod Guide on how it works.

5. CraftGuidecraft-guide

When you have mods, it can be super hard to remember the recipe for everything! With this mod you no longer have to stop your game and search for the recipe, it’s built into the game. With a search engine and visual guide, it makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and find how to make it. With this video you get a good idea of the abilities and ease of use.

6. Animal Bikesanimal-bikes

With this mod, you are no longer stuck trying to find the right horse for you. This opens up a whole list of ride enabled animals, each with their own new abilities. This makes traveling so much easier, and being able to have your own customized animal bike makes you look pretty cool too. For a chance to see what riding the Ender Dragon would look like, look not fututher.

7. Instant Lakeinstant-lake

When you load a world filled with holes, you end up spending time and resources just to fill them in. This handy mod allows you to turn these holes into lakes of ether lava or water. With this you can make a lake anywhere you need it without spending an hour sloshing water all over the map. Plus, who doesn’t want a burning lake of fire? With this video you can see how useful it is.

8. Minecraft Comes AliveMinecraft-comes-alive

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be an NPC? With this mod you can! You can become a member of a thriving village, fall in love, and even get married and have a family. This mod improves the standard NPC interactions, allowing the normally annoying villagers to be useful, and to even have personalities. It adds a touch of real RPG fun to otherwise boring villagers. There are whole series of videos dedicated to people using this mod.

Once you’ve got the right world settling, you still need to fill that world with the best details possible! With that in mind here is our list of:

Inventory Mods

1.Decocraft 2decocraft

When you’ve got a massive castle built, you have to fill it with the finest details available. Decocraft 2 allows you to fill you home or castle with the minor details that make a cobblestone hovel a home. With everything from chairs and plates to tables and lightening, Decocraft adds a level of detail that makes your game your own. It’s been shown on multiple Showcase series on YouTube.

2. BiblioCraftbiblo craft

Bringing customization to a whole new level, BiblioCraft allows all kinds of personalization and customizing of the look and feel of your decorations. With new tools, bookshelves that are useful, and signs that can hold more then four lines, BiblioCraft also comes with custom shelves for potions, display case for tools, and tags to keep things straight. This mod also adds new kinds of decorative wood, adding new colors and possibility for designs. This will turn your book nook into a library Belle would drool over. It adds tons of helpful items, but you don’t have to just take my word. You can see it in action.

3.Pam’s HarvestCraftPams-HarvestCraft

Not everyone wants to eat wheat bread ALL THE TIME. Thanks to Pam and her mad mod skills, we have Pam’s Harvestcraft! With hundreds of new plants and recipes, you can eat something different every meal and not eat the same thing for weeks! Thanks to this mod, you also start out with more chances of finding food, a lifesaver in survival and hard mode. This mod has a food for days, and this video proves it.

4.Still Hungrystill-hungry

You want MORE food? Of course you do! With this mod you have more chances to put Old McDonald to shame. You can have a farm going in no time, with a kitchen filled with new tools to cook with. This adds another layer of food-happy fun. You may never eat the in-game food again. Combined with Pam’s Harvest, you’ll wonder why you ever just made bread. You can even brew your own drinks. This shows all the wonders of this food mod.

5. Magic Yarnmagic-yarn

Nothing makes a player rage more then finding a great cave and then getting lost in it. Literally lost so much that your character dies before finding their way out. With Magic Yard that is no longer a worry. Just use the yarn at the beginning of the cave to easily find your way out later on. Also good for dungeons and mines, Magic Yarn allow you to leave a trail to follow later on.

6. Tinkers’ ConstructTinkers Contruct

Having to find enough iron to make a hopper, to feed a group of furnaces, to go get MORE iron for tools to go mine MORE iron is tiresome. Tinkers’ Construct takes away the constant back and forth, allowing you to have a massive, dedicated furnace that can be used to cast stronger, longer lasting tools. With Tinkers’ Construct you can also make a list of new tools that will take your character to new places and bring new skills to the table. It also comes with a few new Mobs to fight and a few surprises to explore. Add it to your game, and discover the adventure.

Speaking of adventures, this next list is for the brave and daring. If you have what it takes, try installing these mods and finding out what everyone is talking about.

Adventure Mods

1. Botaniabotania

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, or have ever wanted a touch of green magic in your game, then Botania is for you. This game adds a touch of Plants vs. Zombies to your game, allowing you to create plants and flowers that will defend your garden, while giving you magical powers and new tools to use. It also comes with a few mobs to look out for, but I won’t spoil the fun of discovering all the new creations this mod adds. This mod has set the bar for new, innovated mods. It’s been featured multiple times in Mod Showcase.

2. Dungeon Packdungeon-pack

Who doesn’t like finding a dungeon with a mass of treasure just waiting to be raided? This mod adds a long list of new types of dungeons to raid, along with a wealth of treasure to find. If you’re an exploring type, this mod will give you days of fun. With over 24 types of dungeons, and 3 new boss types, you’re sure to find adventure just around the corner. It even adds 2 new types of villages to the line-up. A big mod for sure, it adds a new level of adventure.

3. Twilight Foresttwilight-forest

If The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is more to your liking, then you’ll love the Twilight Forest. With an in depth background story, and an improvement to the visible weather system, Twilight Forest adds new mobs to watch out for (seriously, trolls pack a PUNCH!) and new characters to interact with. Along with the mobs, it adds a whole new world to explore. The magic system can be hard to master but are worth the rewards. It’s also visually beautiful, as this video shows.

4. Thaumcraftthimb craft

Have you ever wanted to be a wizard? Heck Yeah! With this mod you can become stronger, faster, and darker then Harry ever dreamed. With Thaumcraft you can enter a world of magic and mystery. With a wand and a book called the Thaumnonican, you can take on the long list of monster, magic and mayhem. With a touch of Eldric horror, and Crimson Warlocks in the mix, this game adds a long list of adventures to be had. With this mod you will never get bored. With the open system, you can choose to be good or evil. There are countless videos of adventures with this mod, but I’ll allow this one to show how to get started in this magical adventure.

I could go on for pages with list of mods to make your game great, but don’t just take my word for it. Go and explore this massive world of player made wonder. For more mods and the creators who make them, feel free to look at the Minecraft Mod forum for more. There is also the ever-famous Curse page just for Minecraft, and then there is the obvious Minecraft Mods with a wealth of information and mods to be searched by version and compatibility.

If you have any mods we forgot or that you would like to see showcased or comments on the mods, listed please feel free to comment below. We’d love to add your input and advice to our collection and take our page up a Notch.

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