The Best Free Monogram Fonts

April 12, 2016
monogram fonts

A fun list of the ten best free monogram fonts: the perfect digital monogram font for your small business, professional, craft, DIY or gift purposes.

Monogramming fonts are no longer restricted to the realm of your grandmother’s hankies or Patrick Bateman’s business cards.

There is a huge variety of monogram fonts available to download online, so for this list we’re going to narrow it down to our favourites that are free as well as awesome.

Parameters for choosing a monogram font: what are your aims / needs / priorities?

Are you looking for monograms for an email signature? A header or footer for your professional website? Perhaps you plan to print your own business cards, or personalise a gift for someone using an online design service? Are you making invitations for a steampunk soiree? Or hoping to take along some visual ideas to a brick and mortar bespoke business card designer? Perhaps some of you are graphic designers and need something special to spice up those articles and points of interest?

Think about whether the priority for your monogram is readability, originality, or a recognisable connection to the theme you’re trying to conjure. Some fonts are quite firmly conservative, others tend toward the playful.

Keep in mind: you may find that your favourite monogram font doesn’t actually work so well with your particular letters. You are better off narrowing it down to a small list of fonts you are attracted to, that each offer your brand or item something different, and then closely comparing a test of the letters you have in mind. If you’ll eventually print your m-gram onto paper or cloth, keep that in mind too.

Here are the best free monogram fonts for business, gifts, craft and graphic design:

Best monogram fonts for business

Little Lord Fontleroy


Little Lord Fontleroy makes me think of New England start-ups and West-Coast steampunk-influenced craft breweries and bicycles. It’s sort of like the fonts on the New York Times. It’s retro, but it feels precise rather than effusive.




Very professional and quite serious. Write your name in this font, and your contacts will be asking when you got your law degree. Especially good for letterheads and brochure design as it supports extended characters. Whoosh.




A bold, quirky font that paints with broad brushstrokes, Maravilloso is very much suited to users who have a short business name in mind, or maybe want to use the initial letter of their business in the header and footer of scrolling pages. It would work really well as a clickable button for this purpose so that website viewers can always navigate quickly back to the homepage without having a bulky, wordy ribbon in their way. Super cute.


Henry Morgan Hand


I’m going to file Henry Morgan Hand into the best for business as well, because although it’s cursive enough to make you think more of say, the chalked specials board at your local patisserie, than a legal letterhead, it is still elegant and perfectly legible. A casual flourish, a hint of chilli or cinnamon, but your business nous is as sound as your pastry skills.


Best monogram fonts for gifts, tiles and, and, and…haberdashery! (bless you)

Apex Lake


Apex Lake would do any Victorian terrace proud. It combines readability with great style: the decorations are graceful and fully-realised but never get in the way of reading the initial. Use this font to monogram your steampunk kerchiefs and cummerbunds.


Best monogram fonts for craft

Square Caps


Square Caps may not support too many glyphs, but it certainly puts one in mind of griffons, or hippogriffs for that matter. Square Caps is the best monogramming font for using in hand-made fairy tales, dungeons and dragons character sheets, or a dusty scroll for a set prop.


Freebooter Script


With all its swashbuckling swishes, I suspect Freebooter Script may be nodding its pretty floral bonnet to the cult TV series Firely. Nonetheless, Freebooter is gorgeous and not far off traditional monogram fonts. You could incorporate it into a gift for your grandmother, but it’s tidy enough to use for whole paragraphs if you’re making invitations or describing the heavenly luxuries of your Bed’n’Breakfast. Freebooter supports some extended characters too. Check how it works with your own initials or headline.


Best monogram fonts for graphic design



Monoton is the Guggenheim of monogram fonts. It’s reminiscent of Art Deco, but also 70s disco, and –come to think of it – Stanley Kubrick. I’d love to see this font filled in with a rainbow gradient. The curving geometric stripes are bound to attract your audience’s eyes. 




Similar to Apex Park, Preciosa offers floral flourishes twining around bold letters. Preciosa has lost the double border of Apex Park though, giving it a more Gothic Victorian feel. The characters have decorations inside them, which may be unusual among digital monogram fonts but is perfectly exemplary among hand-painted medieval manuscripts. Some historiated initials in medieval manuscripts have actual paintings depicting people and events inside them. 




Selfish is a gorgeous monogram font quite unlike any of the others listed so far. It has a sort of ‘overwritten’ quality that suggests handwriting. It’s still old-fashioned, but personal; intimate. Think of Sherlock Holmes and Edward Gorey. A whole paragraph typeset in Selfish would be a challenging read, but it would make a memorable business card. Could also be used to excellent effect in a customized book label, or as a business logo overlaid above a photograph for a webpage banner. 


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