9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

February 28, 2017

Many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers find online collaboration tools to be necessary for managing their projects.

Especially today, professionals often work together across wide distances and may never meet in an office. Even if some time is spent working on a project in the same vicinity, online tools are utilized to simplify organization, maximize production, and encourage the continuance of a collaborative project.

This is where a good online project management tool is key. Online collaboration tools can make managing your projects simple and easy.

Take a look at some of the tools recommended below to discover their various specifications and find the one that works best for you. Note that price plans vary, depending on the subscription you choose and the number of collaborators who will be using the tool.

Each software has its own unique features, so be sure to choose a plan that will best accomplish the kind of work you expect to do with it.

ProjecturfProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

This is a terrific, secure tool with which you can keep track of a large number of users and projects. Its most recent update is also extremely user-friendly, fast and efficient. This software is also one of the most inexpensive of its kind.

I like this tool for the fact that it really helps with interactions and communication between users on any one project – it’s an easy way to share files and keep up to date with any changes. You can set task lists and keep track of everything with the shared calendar. It’s got an easy, user-friendly design so it won’t take you long to get used to! It’s basic, but in the best way possible – design-wise, there’s none of the clutter that can come with some of the other options out there.

Projectturf’s many great features include:

  • A user-friendly dashboard. Manage projects and keep track of data usage with streamlined shortcuts, drag-and-drop capabilities, and customizable workspaces. Creating new tasks, approving files and accessing notifications are also uncomplicated.
  • A high security level. Secure servers are monitored and complete with firewalls and antivirus protection. Data is encrypted and regularly backed up.
  • Ability to add as many users as you want, and plenty of storage space.

Plan pricing varies depending on the number of projects you wish to work on. Discounts may apply for non-profit organizations or institutions.

  • Basic: $20/month for 5 projects
  • Team: $50/month for 30 projects
  • Business: $100/month for 80 projects
  • Enterprise: $200/month for unlimited projects

BasecampProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

Basecamp has long been a favorite among online collaboration tool users. It’s a reliable tool that is fairly simple to set up and use.

This is great as it keeps everything in one easy place – no more annoying back and forth emails, fiddly attachments and miscommunication. Basecamp makes it easy to keep everyone up to speed at all times, and you don’t even to schedule as many meetings anymore. Everything you need is on one handy website, so it can be accessed at any time by everyone involved.

A few of Basecamp’s best features are:

  • Streamlined communication within itself. With just a few clicks you can see everything that’s going on in the project without having to deal with confusing email threads.
  • Easy methods for sharing document files and artwork.

Pricing depends on the number of projects you wish to work on.

  • $50/month for 40 projects
  • $100/month for 100 projects
  • $150/month for unlimited projects

WrikeProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

Another great online project management tool is Wrike. With this software, you have a workspace where you can keep track of everything your team is working on in real-time.

You can set tasks for individuals or groups, and sharing files is made easy with this handy website. They’ve thought of everything in order to make your life easier, and your deadlines less stressful. There’s a useful Time Tracker so that you can keep on top of your individual roles within the group project, and keep an eye on everyone else at the same time!

Noteworthy features include:

  • Ability to communicate in real-time and apply decisions quickly.
  • Interactive timeline keeps everyone connected.

Wrike’s pricing starts with a free limited option.

  • Five users for free
  • Fifteen users for $99/month
  • For unlimited users, contact site administrator

GoplanProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

A product of Scratch developers, this collaboration tool enables you to check your project status and keep up with your collaborators progress directly on the dashboard. You can set up tasks and milestones, so it’s easy to keep track of progress and see how well the team is working together. Goplan also back-up your data every hour, just to make sure your work is always safe – super helpful when you’re too busy to do it yourself!

Other features are:

  • Superior organization of tasks and milestones.
  • Simplicity of uploading files straight to Goplan.

Pricing options for this tool look good.

  • $10/month for a Start-up plan, 10 projects and 10 users
  • $35/month for a Professional plan, 40 projects and unlimited users
  • $80/month for an Unlimited plan, unlimited and unlimited

Zoho ProjectsProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

Zoho Projects has received high ratings during recent years as a project management tool. It’s bug-tracking system will assist your team in meeting deadlines and is well-organized with a neat customizable workspace.

This is also great for anyone who gets irritated by endless group emails as they offer an IM service so you can interact more quickly with your co-workers or clients. Zoho offers an interface where you can keep track of the latest updates and changes to any project you’re involved in, which means you can stay up to speed at all times.

Here are a few more great Zoho features:

  • System for tracking and recording your time.
  • Ability to generate files.
  • Time-sheets with which reports can be easily shared.

You can try a limited version of Zoho Projects for free and then upgrade to one of the following.

  • $25/month Express: 20 projects
  • $50/month Premium: 50 projects
  • $80/month Enterprise: Unlimited projects

CampfireProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

Collaborate using password-protected chat rooms with Campfire, an online chat tool. Customers, coworkers or traders can be invited to join the chat and be involve in decision-making. It also offers conference calls, so you can keep everyone on track, wherever you all are in the world!

Campfire features let you:

  • View the live preview of an uploaded image.
  • Connect to Basecamp for a customized tool.

Prices depend on how large of a group will be chatting.

  • $12/month, 12 chatters, Basic account
  • $24/month, 25 chatters, Plus account
  • $49/month, 60 chatters, Premium account
  • $99/month, 100 chatters, Max account

ProducteeveProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

With Producteeve, you are free to involve as many collaborators as you want to. Perfect for businesses, this task management software is uncomplicated and expansive. They also offer a really user-friendly interface so, no matter who your co-workers are, and how useless with technology they may seem, you’ll all be on the same page at all times!

Some basic features include:

  • Ability to organize numerous groups and create project reports.
  • View an summary of completed task in real-time.

Pricing here is competitive, and both plans allow unlimited users and projects.

  • Free
  • $99/month, Pro

FreedcampProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

Unlimited users may track and manage unlimited projects with this online tool. Additional paid services may be added.

It offers various visual options, from traditional task lists to sticky-note style reminders, so you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to everyone working on your project. The calendar section keeps everything running smoothly, as it’s easy to keep track of deadlines and individual tasks.

These features are all included with your free account:

  • Track and record hours spent on each task.
  • Simple setup for generating messages and entries.

Freedcamp is a free tool. Small prices apply for additional features you may want to check out. Discounts for these extra features may be given to nonprofits, teachers and students.

HuddleProjecturf 9+ Best Online Project Collaboration Tools For Project Handling

This popular tool focuses on file management and collaboration. A favorite in over 180 countries, the cloud-based platform features a flexible dashboard and quick setup.

It makes keeping track of everything very easy, and you can check in to see how your collaborators are getting on with their work. Huddle also timestamps everything, so it’s really easy to catch up on progress and make sure everyone is sticking to their deadlines.

Huddle’s features are fine-tuned, including:

  • Large amounts of online storage for your project data.
  • An uncluttered workspace where you can keep track of milestones and deadlines.

Huddle is a bit of an investment as far as prices go.

  • Starts at $20/month
  • Essential, Plus, and Premier editions are available

Obviously, there are many options available when it comes to collaboration and management software, and many elements to consider as technology and the work world continues to develop and evolve.

We’ve done our best to offer options for every person and every project out there, with a variety of prices to suit all budgets. There are plenty of options, all with different features to suit whatever it is you’re working on.

Hopefully you will find this list of top-notch online project management and collaboration tools helpful as you search out the best option for your business, team or private projects.

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