14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

July 19, 2016

Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Icecream Screen Recorder is a free screen-recording program developed by Ice-cream Apps. Icecream Screen Recorder supports a large number of Windows operating systems all the way back to Windows 2000. Icecream Screen Recorder allows the user to record specific areas of the screen, as well as allowing for the recording of video games. The user can also take screenshots and use the drawing tool that comes with the program to add personal touches to both screenshots and recordings.

Icecream Screen Recorder allows the user to add their own watermark to their recordings and screenshots. Icecream Screen Recorder also lets users adjust the quality of both the audio and video recordings. Icecream Screen Recorder also allows the user to add a webcam. Icecream Screen Recorder also supports hot keys, as well as the ability to turn a screenshot into a URL. There is also a clipboard feature and the ability to go through the project’s history.

ActivePresenter (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

ActivePresenter is program created by Atomi Systems that offers an interactive approach to screen sharing. ActivePresenter is a tool used best by those wishing to present information in an interactive way. This program has a full-featured editing system to allow the user to edit their videos to their specifications. ActivePresenter supports the latest HTLM5 and can be linked with the Learning Management system. This program can send products to virtually any platform or device. ActivePresenter has free, standard, and professional versions of its screen recording software.

CamStudio (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

CamStudio is a free program that gives users the basics for screen recording. Though it doesn’t have a lot in the way of options, it has been downloaded many times. The few options it does have, however, are pretty useful. The user can choose to hide the mouse during the recording, as well as get sounds from multiple different windows on the computer. CamStudio is an easy way to do simple screen recording and is useful if you just wish to record a computer screen for simple purposes.

Snagit (Paid)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Snagit is a paid screen recorder created by TechSmith that gives the user plenty of bang for their buck. The 50-dollar price-point is something that won’t break the wallet, and it has the features to back it up. The user can use Snag it to record videos and take screenshots, then, using Snagit’s vast editing and customizing system, the user can create their own personalized screenshot or screen recording.

If it is being used for educational purposes, you can get a discount off the price of Snagit. Buying in bulk is also an option that makes buying Snagit even cheaper for any organization or group. Hot keys are included in this program, as well as cloud storage services to make projects available virtually anywhere. There is a free trial offered by Snagit, so there is no harm in giving it a try.

EZVID (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

EZVID is a free screen-recording program that allows videos to easily be uploaded to YouTube. EZVID comes with its own video editor so the user doesn’t have to worry about downloading a separate video editor. EZVID works back to the Windows XP operating system. You can control the speed of the videos as well as synthesize speech within the video. The website also boasts a video wiki which is the first of its kind.

Jing (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Jing is yet another screen recording program by TechSmith. Seemingly understanding that people can’t afford or don’t always need a full-fledged screen recording program, they have released a free alternative to their paid Snagit and Camtasia Studio programs. Although Jing would not be a good option for big projects, it does allow the user to easily record and share video taken from their computer screen.

Free tech support and free tutorials are also available for Jing, so any issues the user may have can be addressed without paying money. The program supports hotkeys just like Snagit, which makes recording faster and easier.

Webinaria (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Webinaria is an open-sourced, free program that allows the user to freely customize everything by offering up its source code to everyone who downloads it. Webinaria can be used to record screens and comes with the ability to insert text and record voice-overs for the video. Webinaria features hotkeys as well. Although by default Webinaria does not have many features, a user with knowledge of coding could easily use its source code to customize the program to their needs. It should be said however that much of the websites help is not in English, so if that’s the only language that the user knows, they will probably want to look elsewhere for help if they need it.

Camtasia Studio (Paid)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Another product from TechSmith, Camtasia Studio is a more powerful version of Snagit. Camtasia Studio simplifies the process even more while retaining the ability to make the screen-recording look professionally done. Camtasia Studio supports cross-platform screen recording, which makes it useful in virtually any situation.

Camtasia Studio can also be integrated with Google Drive, which makes saving projects even easier and makes sure that the user’s hard work is never lost. Camtasia Studio is also integrated with TechSmith Fuse, which allows you to take your screen recording and editing on the go with compatible phones and tablets. Pricing for educators is also available.

Rylstim Screen Recorder (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Rylstim Screen Recorder is free screen-recording program that gives the users the basics of screen recording in a lightweight form. Rylstim allows the user to select the video codec they wish to use as well as the framerate that they wish to record the video at. The user can even choose the location of where the videos are saved to. The user can simply start the recording and once finished, play it back. No special skills are required with Rylstim as it is a pretty straightforward screen recorder. Rylstim even has a mobile version, allowing the user to record the screens of phones and tablets.

Open Broadcaster Software (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Open Broadcaster Software, also known as OBS, is a powerful open source screen-recorder. Open Broadcaster Software allows the user to record almost anything, from a simple computer screen to even the most powerful video games. Open Broadcaster Software allows the user to set literally everything to their specifications. On top of that, Open Broadcaster Software is used by many Twitch video streamers and easily supports video streaming. So not only can the user record their screen, they can also stream it live.

Open Broadcaster Software supports all video types and allows the user to set hotkeys. Open Broadcaster Software also lets the user record their voice. Open Broadcaster Software has two versions, the classic one, which has been popular since its original release, and their new Open Broadcaster Software Studio, which is a more powerful version of the original and supports multiple platforms. Both versions are free and still completely open-sourced. The website has a community forum for any problems the user may have as well as a traditional help page.

Bandicam (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Bandicam is another simple, free screen recording program with paid options that is pretty powerful without spending any money. Bandicam allows the user to record specific areas of the screen as well as the ability to customize the mouse cursor in the video by giving it a different look and clicking animations. This program comes with a drawing function to allow the user to add even more personal touches to their screen recordings.

Bandicam also has a webcam overlay that lets the user put themselves in the video as well, which is great for teaching and creating tutorials. The user can record video games, online videos, various windows and programs, and video callers like Skype. This program also comes with Hardware Acceleration, giving the video a smooth and professional look and feel. For being a free program, Bandicam is a pretty strong screen recorder.

Free Screen Video Recorder (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Free Screen Video Recorder is a program created by DVDVideoSoft. This program lets the user capture videos from their computer screens and windows on it, as well as speech from a microphone. It also lets the user capture multiple windows at once and can record multi-level menus. Any images taken can be edited with a basic cropping and resizing function that comes with the program.

Free Screen Video Recorder allows the mouse to be highlighted and tracked for clarity if needed and supports multiple file types. There is also an option to let the program start as soon as the user turns their computer on, so if it is used a lot, it can be started automatically.

Screencast-O-Matic (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Screencast-O-Matic is a different type of screen recorder in the fact that it doesn’t require a download. All the user has to have is the latest version of Java and this program can be used right from the web browser. However, in case the user can’t get it to work in their browser of choice, Screencast-O-Matic has a standalone program that can be downloaded to a computer. This gives the user two ways to use this program.

The free version allows videos up to 15 minutes and is recorded in HD. The videos can be uploaded to YouTube and the program supports both webcam and screen recording. The paid version takes out the limits on video recording as well as giving the user an array of editing tools to use. The paid version also allows the user to upload their videos to multiple different storage clouds including Google Drive and Dropbox. The paid version also eliminates watermarks that exist on videos made with the free version.

TinyTake (Free)ice-cream-screen-recorder 14+ Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

TinyTake is a free screen-recording app developed by MangoApps, a company which offers products made for businesses. This program offers a wide array of simple to use features for being a free program. It offers the ability to record videos up to 120 minutes long as well as take simple screenshots of a user’s computer screen. This program also offers the ability to annotate both videos and pictures not just done with TinyTake, but that already exist on the computer as well.

This program also allows the user to record webcams in order to incorporate both the screen and the user. The user can also choose to save their creations to their local hard drive or to save it to the clipboard. The user can easily publish their work online, obtain a link that can be put on their website or social media accounts, and have a reference to their entire work history. TinyTake also supports hotkeys and is compatible with proxy servers.

This list covers the best screen-recording software that currently exists on the Internet. As can be seen, there are plenty of options for anyone and everyone to choose from. Whether you are an educator, a businessperson, or simply wish to record videos for private use, there is a screen recorder for your needs. That being said, we are sure there are others out there that have gotten overlooked or simply didn’t make the list, as the numbers of screen-recorders more than likely have made their way into the triple digits.

However, we are glad you checked out our article concerning our top 14 screen recorders. If you have any others that you would recommend, feel free to share them. We hope that we have been helpful in making your decision to pick out a screen recorder that is best for you, the user. If you, dear reader, were just reading this to learn more about screen recorders and how they work, we hope that we have helped you with that as well.

For whatever reason this article was pulled up on whatever device you may be reading it on, we hoped you went away satisfied with what you read.

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