Best Task Managers For Android

April 20, 2016

For those who are using an Android phone, they are going to find that there are numerous apps on the phone that are meant to help them deal with day to day activities, and ultimately make life easier. However, once you start using these apps, you may find that your battery starts to die, and it is dying sooner than before. Why is this? In most cases, though you may not be actively using one of these apps, the app is still running in the background of your phone. This is going to greatly affect the performance of your phone, and it can become annoying when you feel as though you cannot go anywhere without your phone charger. However, there is a way in which you can better control the apps that you have and how they are being used. This is through a task manager.

A task manager app is going to help improve the performance of your Android phone. How does it do this? Through shutting down processes, apps and the like that are draining your battery and which you are not using at the moment. It runs effortlessly in the background, so that you know your phone is always running as great as it can. Here are some of the best task managers for you to download onto your Android device.

ES Task ManagerES-Task-Manager

This is considered to be one of the best task managers that are available on the market right now. This is completely free, which is one reason why this is so popular. However, what makes this special is that the task manager will list all the apps that are running in the background. From here, you can kill these apps with one touch to your device. In addition, this allows you to uninstall those apps that you no longer want on your phone, which are taking up space. For those apps that you want to run, you can put these onto your white list so that the app will not identify these as something to kill.

SystemPanelLite Task ManagerSystemPanelLite

This is a task manager that is going to be great for those who love technology. It has a very in-depth layout, including charts and graphs that document the way in which your device is running. The app will identify which apps are running and how they are affecting your device, then give you the option to kill these aps. There are two versions, the free and paid version. The paid version is different in that it allows you to have the install and uninstall feature, as well as constant battery monitoring.


This task manager app is one that many people are looking into because it offers a different way of ensuring that your phone battery is not getting worn out because of all the apps that you are using. Instead of killing apps, this task manager allows you to choose to hibernate apps so that they are not running as high in the background. They are still there to use when you are ready to use, but they are not utilizing as much of your battery power. This can help to boost the performance of your device as well.

Watchdog Task ManagerWatchdog Task Manager

Though this is not your typical task manager, this app is one that many people are taking an interest in. This app is designed to look at your entire Android device and monitor what is taking place. The app does kill those apps that may be running in the background and are taking over your battery. However, the app also works to identify those apps that may be running improperly and are hogging your system resources. When this happens, you are notified of the app and what is happening in order to keep your device running properly.

GO Cleaner & Task ManagerGOcleaner

This is a great task manager and utilizes a simple to use interface that anyone can use. However, aside from showing which apps may be draining your battery, this app is meant to help clean your entire device. You can remove apps, folders, clean the cache and the like from the device to ensure that you are always safe. It is free to use, which is another reason this app is considered a great download.

Zapper Task Killer & ManagerZapper Task Killer

This app is going to identify those apps that are sucking up your battery. In return, the app will shut these down. What makes this app one that many people are interested in is the way in which the information about your phone is displayed. You can see what apps are doing on your phone, how much memory they are using, and how they are using the battery power. In the end, it allows you to become more informed, and it is free to utilize.

Super Task KillerSuper-Task-Killer

This is a great app that is not going to take up a lot of storage on your device, yet it is still going to function as a great task manager. The app claims that it can boost your device performance by around fifty percent. You can even specify a time that you would like certain apps to be killed, and this app will take care of it. It is also free to use.

Advanced Task KillerAdvanced-task-killer

This is perhaps one of the oldest task managers on the market. But, just because this is old does not mean that it is not one that people should consider. In fact, this is considered a great task manager. With this app, you can list those apps that should never be killed. It offers basic and more advanced features, making it perfect for everyone. It is free to use, and can work for those who are not that technical advanced.

In the end, if you are tired of your device running out of battery, then you are going to find that these task managers can be of great help. Most of these are free and they are going to greatly enhance your device.

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