8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

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April 12, 2016

Now days we use our phone for everything from music, social media, and business, so it makes since why you need to have an app for recording your calls. We use this app for remembering things to get from the store for that upcoming party, or when your boss calls about an important task, or even when the nanny calls about how much is owed to her for caring for your children. There are a million reasons why everyone should have a recording app.

I’m going to go over the best and most popular call recording apps for your IPhone.

Google VoiceGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

In order to use this app you must first have a google voice account, which is free. So first go to their website and create your account. Then go to the app store and download the app. Then you can sign in and you’re ready. Here’s how it works.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the calls tab
  • Click on the box for recording, it’s under call options

Now you have enabled your phone to record conversations while you’re on it. When you’re on a call hit the 4 button on your phones keyboard then to stop recording hit the 4 again. There you have it, it’s simple and to the point.

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Call RecorderGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

Call Recorder app is the best for IPhone because it can share your recording through email, Imessage, Twitter, Dropbox, and even Facebook. This is awesome for business calls because it even works for 3 way calling. If you want to listen to a call that is longer than one minute you have to use the pro app. It works for all cellular carriers except H2O and Virgin Mobile.

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Record My TalkGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

Record My Talk is another top pick because it has awesome features. Your recordings can be shared by Facebook and Twitter and there is no limit to how many phone calls you can record. You can name the recordings so you remember what they are for/ about. If you upgrade top the pro version then you can use it for 3 way calling.

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iPadioGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

This recording app was designed for ios systems, another words this was made just for IPhone. Create an account on IPadio to start recording. This app was made for sharing audio files so recording calls is harder than the other apps.

  • Go to the home screen of IPadio
  • Press the call/ record button on the bottom left side of the screen
  • Your phone will call IPadio and the recording is going to ask for a pin#
  • Enter your pin number that you already received
  • Press the + button then enter the phone number of the person you want to record
  • Now the recordings will be saved to your account

It’s a little more complex to use but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

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Call Recording ProGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

This recording is a multi-tasker. Not only does it record incoming and outgoing calls but it will email you the call after you hang up. There is a limit on the recording unless you upgrade to the pro version. It will keep track of all you’re recordings in the call recordings folder. This app also allows you to share the recordings on Twitter, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Facebook, and it can be forwarded to other emails as well. Over all this is a great app and it’s very easy to use.

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Call Log PROGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

This app is the safest for IPhone users and it’s guaranteed to work. It’s a super easy app to use and it works. You register with this app using your email and password that way only you can get to your recordings. This is what makes it one of the safest apps to use for call recording. This app is free to download, then it gives you 2 free minutes to test the app and to be sure it works. This one is the simplest to use as well. All you do is open the app and dial the number.

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Tape A CallGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

Tape a call allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls but if you pay 9.99 it comes with plenty of extras. Now you can record as much as you want, for as long as you want. There is no monthly fees or even yearly fees just 9.99 for unlimited recordings. All your recordings can easily be transferred to all your devices to. All your recordings can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Google drive and Dropbox. Your calls are available right after you hang up and you can rename them to. The other great thing about Tape A call is the app is constantly being updated with new features. So it’s always getting better and for just a one-time pay it’s one of the top favorites among IPhone users.

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Edigin Call RecorderGoogle-Voice 8 + Apps For Recording Calls On Your iPhone

This app works through the cloud so you can access all your recordings from any device. This also saves space on your phone for storage. This app links with the contacts on the phone. You can access all your recordings from any device including your PC. So you can playback and download to any device. Access to all recordings is private and permission based. The great thing about this one is there are no pop ups.

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Now you’re all set to decide which one is best for you and your needs. It’s all up to you on which one you choose, there are plenty to choose from. They all have great aspects to them and it’s all based on personal preference.

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