7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

August 20, 2016

There is a special charm and magic that is associated with a picture. However, did you know that you can go an extra mile and show your creativity by making a collage? The good news is making a collage isn’t as difficult as it was before. With technology quickly becoming part of our everyday life, the introduction of apps has made it more possible for mobile users to easily access a number of applications. Android is a popular smartphone platform that you can use to design interesting collage designs. There are a number of collage apps for Android which you can use comfortably to come up with various designs. The good thing is you don’t need to be a guru or a design professional to use these apps; they are simple and straightforward to use. With a nice app installed on your phone, you can share fun pictures of various events such as a night out with friends or a birthday party.

What is Collage Making? This is the art that involves picking different pictures, shapes and colors and putting them together. Using your smartphone, you can seamlessly just grab whatever art or imagery you want to include in your collage and get the job completed in a few minutes. So long as you have a nice collage making application installed on your phone, you’re good to go. All you need to do is to pick the images you want to include in your collage from the gallery and begin the process of designing your graphic.

The advantage of including your pictures in a collage is it not only saves time required to go through multiple pictures but also tells the entire story in a more effective way. Collage allows you to share your entire story in a single image. In this article, we’ve combined the best and free collage making apps for android.

KD CollageKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

KD Collage allows users to include up to a maximum of four images for small collages and nine photos for larger collages. The grid options for this app are placed at the front and center. This app has larger frames to support more images as well as frame designs for a single image. This app comes with 100 collage templates and over 120 background options. This is really cool because you can stretch your creativity and work with as many designs as possible. In addition, you can save your collages to SD to facilitate further editing.

InstaframeKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

If you’re looking for a photo collage app that embraces both speed and simplicity, instaframe is an excellent choice for you. The app allows users to pick a template from 90 options available. Once you’ve selected the template, upload the selected images required for the collage and then share it on social media. Instaframe comes with 12 amazing effects that can be applied to images. In addition, there are more than 20 creative fonts, 54 border effects as well as hundreds of emojis and custom stickers. The advantage of this app is everything can be done quickly and seamlessly. Instaframe provides an option for all elements to have HD results. Developed by Imagination Limited, this app is freely available on Google Play.

PicGridKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

PicGrid is known for its excellent looking frames which facilitate users to quickly design collages in simple and quick steps. Users have over 100 frames to choose from plus 14 filters as well as the freedom to change frame border colors to match the mood of the collage and individual style. This collage making app is favorite among android users because it works excellently with selfies thanks to the availability of stylish filters. Also, you’re free to zoom, pan and rotate to get your desired results. It is also possible to apply 2 different filters to various sections of one photo. This amazing selfie app developed by RC Platform is available on Google Play for Free.

Photo CollageKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

Are looking for an app that will help you to combine photos in the perfect way? Photo Collage comes with all the necessary features that will simplify your tasks but at the same time, bring out your creativity in an unimaginable way. The app has various modes that allow you to plan your designs and come up with beautiful designs. There is a manual option that allows you to paste your images in a large background image. Interestingly, this app is amongst the few collage making apps that permit you to add photos straight from the web. Final collages can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pic CollageKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

Are you planning to get creative with your photos? Pic Collage is your best bet. This app allows you to design beautiful collages by making use of your images, text, frames as well as stickers. Pic Collage allows you to utilize amazing fonts as well as take selfies which you can then share on your favorite social media platforms. Using the app, you can resize, flick as well as delete images in the collage editor. When you double-tap a photo, you get to see a variety of photo effects as well as options to make adjustments to the borders. Using Pic Collage, you can transform your images into a real postcard. This app is designed by Cardinal Blue Software and is available on Google Play for free.

Pic Stitch Collage MakerKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

Pic Stitch Collage Maker is a rich app that comes with numerous features to ensure that you do your work in a fast and convenient way. This amazing app consists of image grid shapes as well as sizes neatly arranged in front of you. All you need to do is tap on one to begin. However, you may be forced to consider another alternative if you want more grids to sample from.

MoldivKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

This is a great app to consider especially if you are looking for a modern yet simple app that can give you the best results in the shortest time possible. The collage making app shares the same developers with PicsPlay Pro photo editing suite. Moldiv is the best platform to obtain the best professional results with any type of media. Furthermore, this app can export graphics in the highest resolution that your device can support. Numerous styling effects, sharing tools, adjustment tools and high quality presets among others make Moldiv an exciting app to use.

Photo FancieKd-Collage 7+ Collage Making Apps For Android

Photo Fancie is a light and small photo collage making app which works well especially with weaker and older Android devices. The only disadvantage with this app is it has a low exporting resolution. However, this app can work well with various aspect ratios and orientations. In addition, this app can perform basic photo editing assignments, make use of the available 200 grid layouts and stick stickers. The impressive user interface is easy to get used to and work with.

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