How To Convert 2GB Data And Activate Jio Preview Offer For Unlimited 4G

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December 21, 2016

What is 4G wireless network?

It is regarded as the latest and trending mobile broadband tech. In simple terms, 4G network entails a network that has come into existence in the fourth generation just like the 3G network which was up during the third generation. You may have once in a while come across the words “4G LTE”. This one of the common terms used when mentioning 4G network. The term 4G LTE tentatively means fourth generation Long Term Evolution.

4G LTE aims at offering faster and more reliable mobile broadband internet for various devices for example, smart phones, tablets and laptops. Loosely speaking, according to the internet users 4G is about five times faster as compared to the existing 3G network services hence it makes browsing easier, fun and time saving. Theoretically, depending on the stability of your network, 4G provides download speeds of up to 100Mbps though this is rarely achieved in the reality world. This thesis of speed is only theoretical. The speed concept of 4G simply implies that websites load quicker; you are also capable of streaming podcasts and videos any buffering.Jio-Free-4G How To Convert 2GB Data And Activate Jio Preview Offer For Unlimited 4G

You can also download big email attachments at a faster and convenient speed.4G is accessed through the brand new 4G supported devices hence your current device can’t access this network if it is on a different Long Term Evolution.4G networks use different frequencies to transmit data as compared to 3G hence the difference in speed. So you need a handset that has a modem which supports these new and faster frequencies. The key reason why 4G is speedier than 3G and any other networks is because of Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing that is the similar expertise used in Wi-Fi, digital TV, radio and ADSL broadband.

Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing is a system for grasping additional data on the equal amount of radio frequency. Also, it decreases interference and latency. Data is separated and sent through tiny amounts of frequency in parallel, thus increasing the capability of the network.

Multiple-input and multi-output is one more reason 4G is capable of providing faster speeds. It’s the use of several antenna arrays at both the receiver and the transmitter to develop the communication performance. This lets more data to be transported without needing extra bandwidth. The most popular configuration now is a 2 by 2 MIMO found in lots of smartphones and tablets.

There are two forms of 4G that have been developed and are in use; WiMAX and LTE.A LTE- based network has the prospective to reach 100Mbps while WiMAX network has the prospective to reach 70Mbps.Therefore an LTE- based network is very fast as compared to the WiMAX based network. Although 4G networks are existent in lots of countries, you may experience difficulties in accessing these services as 4G does not operate on the similar frequencies in each and every country. In these cases, your 3G network becomes vital as there exists 3G roaming agreement between different countries at somehow fair charges. Now, there is no 4G roaming agreement between operators in different countries but if there is then expect the data charges to be very high.

Advantages of 4G Wireless Networks Over 3G Networks

The 4G wireless network has various advantages over the widely used 3G networks.

In simple terms, a 4G network has a higher data transfer rate with the right amount of spectrum, a LTE-based network, which has the possibility to reach 100Mbps where WiMAX has the possibility to reach around 70Mbps.

A more complex advantage is that a 4G wireless network is a solid data connection; that’s, it’s an end-to-end internet protocol connection. It offers lots of real advantages and some drawbacks. But the advantages will definitely outweigh the disadvantages. A smartphone becomes another data device whose native way is as an internet-enabled terminal and it can be run as such.

You are able to download very large email attachments or other components from the web faster. You will also be able to stream videos and podcasts without first waiting for them to buffer hence saving your time and making browsing more fun. Taking a more demanding task like video streaming a connection speed of 3.5Mbps is recommended for High Definition (HD) content.

How to convert 2GB data and activate JIO preview offer for unlimited 4G

These following simple steps illustrate how to get Jio the 4G preview unlimited offer updated on your Android phone.

1. Uninstall all Jio Apps that had been installed in your phone

You just have to go to your settings, select applications. On the applications interface select application manager. Select all the Jio Apps present on your phone and then terminate them by clicking uninstall.

2. Download MyJio App version 3.2.05APK and install it

Go to the play store and select MyJio App.Make sure it is the 3.2.05APK version. Go through the features and confirm if that is what you want. Click on download. This might take some few minutes or even seconds. After the downloading process. Set up (install) the application by clicking on the install option.

3. Open MyJio and click on Install Jio Apps one by one

After the installation process, click on the open MyJio option. Here you will find all the available Jio Apps. Sequentially, one by one click install on all of these Apps.

4. Type in the link and sign up for an account using your Jio number

After installing these Apps, you can now use them as they are present and active on your Android device. Using your browser type in the link, your own Jio account here. You are required to use your Jio number to sign up for this account.

5. When all apps are installed, now you need to disable data on your device and delete all the apps which are running background.

When you are through with installing your apps, disable the data on your device. This is economical as you will limit the amount of data that you use. Clear and stop all the apps that are running on the background. This increases functionality of your phone especially in terms of speed.

6. Go to your App settings and clear cache/data from MyJio App

Still with your data off, go to your App settings and delete the contents of the Cache data from your MyJio App.

7. Turn on data and open MyJio App list

You can now turn on your data and click open the MyJio App list.

8. Disable your data and open the MyJio App

Turn off your data service and click open the MyJio App. This process is economical as it limits the amount of data used during this process.

9. Turn on your data and click the sign in icon on your screen quickly.

You are now allowed to finally enable your data and click on sign in as fast as possible.

10. Key in your Jio number and your account password to sign in and access the contents of your installed app.

11. In a few minutes, a pop up message will appear on your screen asking you to click on the Submit icon in order to activate the Jio preview offer.

12. The 2GB offer that you were given will get converted to a 90 days unlimited preview offer. How awesome it is .In just some simple few steps.

13. If a pop up message is not appearing on your screen then you have to sequentially repeat the above stipulated processes from the fifth to the tenth step till you get the pop up message. Make sure you do not skip even a single step to avoid any problems during the activation process.

Hints to be considered during the activation process.

  1. For fast and efficient activation of the Apps, try to go through this process at hours when the Jio server is not so busy. This simply implies that you should avoid this process during the day when the Jio server is very busy and slow, instead do so either very late in the night or in the wee hours of the morning.
  2. The good news is that; you can actually go through this process from any 3G or 4G enabled Android phone or devices even without being in possession of a Jio SIM or Jio internet making the process easy and accessible to most people.
  3. If you are not getting a pop up message even after repeating the processes from the fifth to the tenth step, then you should try this process with a different phone or device. Or better still you can try with another different internet connection supposedly a more stable and efficient internet source.
  4. You should actually complete tele-verification before you can qualify to use data or voice on Jio by calling 1977.Non-VoLTE phones and devices have to tele-verify by calling the number 1800-88-99999 from an alternate number to activate just the data. Then use Jio Join app to call 1977 for complete tele-verification.
  5. Unfortunately, the unlimited offer has a limitation. It can only be activated only once per phone or device. Hence a device has only one chance to be used to activate the Jio apps,
  6. If you get a pop message which is more or less like ’Oops something went wrong’ it is because you might have opened the MyJio App list without enabling data. You should follow the simple steps illustrated below in order to correct your mistake without skipping even a single step as this will mess up the process forcing you to start again which is very hectic and time consuming

Enable the data-> Open MyJio App list-> Disable the data-> Open MyJio from the list-> Click on sign in-> Enter your user name-> Sign in.

  1. If you have not for any reason managed to get the Jio activation link after signing up, click skip on MyJio to sign in and also to activate your account.


The 4G wireless connection has quickly replaced the 3G internet. This is as a result of its several advantages over the 3G network however much it has a few inevitable challenges like it is not guaranteed that you can still use your 4G internet in a different country reason being; there are no agreements between operators between different countries. However, 4G has an amazing speed making internet users have more fun during browsing. The two forms of 4G that have been developed and are in use are LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMAX.LTE-based network has the potential to reach 100Mbps while WiMAX has the potential t0 reach 70Mbps.In order to convert 2GB data and activate Jio preview offer for unlimited 4G you just have to follow these simple steps; Enable data-> Open MyJio App list-> Disable data->Open MyJio from the list –>Click sign in-> Enter username and password-> Enable data->Sign in.

If you do not manage to activate your account your account, then you have to repeat the process from the fifth to the tenth step without skipping any step. The user is however hinted to activate the unlimited 4G service during hours when the Jio server is less congested. Unfortunately, it is only activated once in a phone or gadget.4G wireless internet connection is the fastest, most efficient and reliable type of connection and Jio just got your back on this by allowing you to convert your 2GB data and activate Jio preview offer for unlimited 4G.

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