15+ Cool And Interesting Websites To Kill Time – When Feeling Bored

June 19, 2016
How to waste time online

Have been ever found yourself bored with nothing to do? There are numerous times when we get so busy that we end up realizing we’re tired, gloomy and therefore, need something to lift our spirits. In the recent times, a lot of countries have experienced an economic downturn and nothing seems to be working as it should. On numerous occasions, we tend to get so much negativity until we feel enough is enough and it’s time to take a break off everything and concentrate on what will make us happy. Aside from using the internet for research and work related purposes, you can also find cool and interesting websites that will keep you engaged during your free-time.

If you don’t have the time to take vacations or go for parties, there are excellent places to relax on the internet which many refer to as the water coolers for the internet. While you are on these websites, you’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget about the stresses of daily life and look towards a happier and optimistic future.

Without further ado, we have compiled a list of 15 interesting websites that can be good company for you during relaxation. The list of cool and interesting websites is endless but we’ve tried to put together popular sites that will help you calm your nerves while at the same time, enable you to learn new exciting things.

The Faces of Facebookfacebook_faces


Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with billions of users from across the globe. It is also a great platform to meet new friends online.

The Faces of Facebook as the name suggests is a website with a collection of photos of Facebook users. Just click on the screen and a window with Facebook user faces will be displayed. When you click an image of an individual, you will be sent to their individual profile where you can send them a friend request.

Find the Invisible CowFind-the-Invisible-Cow


If you love playing online games, this website will definitely keep you on the edge. A lot of people who come here end up spending more time than they had hoped because there are tons of fun for visitors. All you need are headphones and your task is to look through the page and find an invisible cow. The page background is white so your task is not as easy as you think. You need to listen to the sounds saying the word “cow” meaning the cow you’re looking for very near.

Bored PandaBored_panda


It’s interesting how the name bored has been used to show it’s the best stop for anyone feeling bored and needs to do something to cheer them up. This platform has a wide array of visually appealing and interesting content that spans various categories such as DIY, travel, animals, technology, photography, interior design as well as other cool and interesting categories. With a registered account, you can vote and like your posts as well as vote down others.

Rich Kids of InstagramRich Kids Of Instagram


This website is a perfect reflection of how kids of who’s who in business, fashion, political as well as celebrity circles go about their daily activities. It is evident their lifestyles are extravagant given the fact money is the least of their worries; they have too much of it. In as much as you’ll get entertained, you’ll wish you could afford such a life but better still, use the money in a prudent way.



If you are fast in writing, you’re good to go. But, how fast is your reading? This is a great platform to test your reading speed and compete with others in this exciting and fun challenge. This is what happens, words will appear on your screen one after another and your task is to read them very fast because the words are quickly changed after a second.

TIME’s TimelapseTimes_Square_Time-Lapse


If you love content about nature, human evolution and climate change as well as how the world has transformed in the past three decades, this website is a great choice. This platform is collaboration between Google and TIME magazine. On this website, you can see amazing glaciers, mountains, cities such as Las Vegas, Dubai as well as enchanting satellite photography.

Incredible ThingsIncredible things


If you are keen in discovering wacky inventive ideas and products, Incredible Things is the site to visit. This website has different categories from fashion, food, NSFW, pets and home to WTF that has stuff that will make your life more interesting. Although the blog isn’t updated frequently, you still can get new posts once in a while during weekdays.

Funny or Die


Do you love comedy? Funny or Die is the ideal site for you. This site focuses on uploading hilarious sketches from various users, celebrities and comedians. This website is popular for featuring some of the funniest and exclusive video content. On the site, users are given the privilege to vote on anything and there is no need to sift through junky content before you discover awesome content.

Google Tricks


If you didn’t know, Google is more than a search engine. Google has amazing tricks that you can perform. Copy the following words one by one and search on Google. If you search the word “do a barrel roll” on Google, your screen will rotate 360 degree and if you search tilt, the search titles will be tilted. These are some of the amazing tricks you can do with Google.



Buzzfeed is a popular website among teenagers and young adults. This site offers GIF based articles that are interesting, funny and at the same time, informative.

Eat This Much


This website is a perfect example of a virtual dietician. All you have to do is enter your dietary plans to get recommendations from the site along with a grocery list that you need to follow for the week.

Viral Nova


On this site, articles featuring images and GIFs are shared virally across various social media platforms. Articles consisting of GIFs and images are much more fun compared to others with content.

Touch Pianist


Do you wish to learn how to play a piano? This site gives you the opportunity to play piano strings by hitting the keys on your keyboard. On this site, you get to play some of the famous tunes as well as play music without worrying about the keys and notes.

Omegle – Chat with Strangers


When your buddy is not online and you feel like you want to talk to someone, this is the perfect site. Omegle gives you the opportunity to chat and even make video call to strangers and end the chat if you don’t like them anymore.

Stumble Upon


When you are bored and looking for a way to keep yourself busy, Stumbleupon is an amazing site that lets you explore interesting content. This website is similar to flipping through various TV channels. The only difference is you will be flipping through different content online. If you like something, you give it thumbs up and stumble to discover the next content.

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