8+ CyanogenMod 12 Themes for Android

May 27, 2016
Best Cm12 Themes

Nowadays, a lot of people are using android powered gadgets for both communication and entertainment. Fortunately, most modern gadgets allow for customization and therefore, you have the freedom to tweak your settings until you get your preferences. One way of customizing your device is through android rooting. This way, you gain better control of your gadget through the installation of custom ROMs. CyanogenMod is a popular ROM with a wide range of exciting themes that you can use on your gadget. If you’re looking for catchy and transformative CyanogenMod 12 themes, this article will give you useful insights by providing some of the best CyanogenMod 12 themes for your Android gadget.

Android rooting definitely comes with numerous advantages. For instance, you can access Android root apps as well as more importantly, install custom ROMs in order to change the appearance of your smartphone. Even though the market has hundreds of ROMs, CyanogenMod ROM comes top because of its stability and compatibility that allows it to work across different android devices. For this reason, CyanogenMod ROM is the favorite for installing custom ROM.Best Cm12 Themes

Once you have installed CyanogenMod 12, it will be easier for you to extensively customize your smartphone. The good thing is there are top rated CyanogenMod 12 themes which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.



Material Design completely changes the traditional stock design. This theme is an excellent choice for people who love dark themes. The perfect combination of colors i.e. green with a black background is superb. Those who’ve used this theme agree that it transforms the appearance of a smartphone. No doubt, Material is among the top rated CyanogenMod 12 themes for dark theme lovers. In order for this theme to work, your android gadget should be ROM compatible with the most recent CM12 Theme engine.

Elixium UIelixium ui theme


Elixium is warm, appealing and attractive. In this theme, you get to see a rare scenario where the design is dominated by beauty and straightforwardness that adds a touch of elegance and color to interfaces. Elixium consists of high contrast gray distinctive interfaces and white interfaces that provide a perfect color contrast and add value to appearance.

RhoRho Cm12 Theme


Should you decide to break away from the traditional appearance of dark primary colors coupled with system elements that are light in color, Rho is a perfect alternative that consists of a beautiful shade of red on purple interfaces. In addition, Rho is extensive and compatible with numerous third party apps. The features associated with this theme are limitless and include; numerous wallpapers, custom fonts, icons as well as boot animations.



This design is described as enchanting, pleasing and breathtaking. No doubt, Darkout themes typically consist of dark backgrounds coupled with crimson accents that make the theme have a bolder appearance. This theme is compatible with both system apps as well as third party apps. Also, there are numerous icons as well as custom wallpapers that contribute to the theme’s elegant appearance.

FortoForto CM12


Modern themes are designed based on a specific color template usually a primary color and in some cases, two accent colors. When it comes to uniqueness, Forto is characteristically known for its blue-gray primary color alongside numerous secondary colors. This theme no doubt displays a bold and colorful personality that embraces elegance and sophistication. Forto is associated with exciting and cool features such as wallpapers, soft keys, custom sounds, icons and boot animations that make it a complete theme for your android gadget.

Red Themered-dark-cm12


Red Theme is a perfect representation of sophistication at its very best. When Red and Black colors are combined, the resulting effect is super-impressive. When you choose to install Red Theme, your smartphone will instantly look cool and awesome. In addition, Material Dark Red is another perfect example of a beautiful dark theme that transforms the appearance of your smartphone. Aside from CyanogenMod ROM, this theme has been successfully tested on other CM12 based ROMs such as Resurrection ROM and Liquid ROM. Furthermore, Red Theme is compatible with the most recent CM12 theme engine.

RoamRoam Theme


If you love a CM12 theme that perfectly displays the beauty associated with nature, Roam is known for depicting a sunrise to signify the beauty associated with early morning sun rays. Roam themes consist of light blue skies accompanied by yellow sunbeams as well as other beautiful offerings of nature. Roam is focused on detail and adds a fresh twist of sophistication that is emphasized by the Robonto font. 

Dark Holodark-holo


Dark Holo has been ranked as one of the best CyanogenMod 12 ROMs because it creatively puts together black and blue to give you an exquisite appearance. In addition, you have a cleaner UI which together with other apps using Dark Holo theme appears cool. When you use this CM12 based ROM, you’ll realize a lot of your phone functions such as Contacts, Dialer, Google Keyboard, Google Play Store, Calculator among others will appear different.

The list of CyanogenMod 12 Themes for Android is non-exhaustive. There are hundreds of CM12 custom themes out there which can be accessed from platforms such as Google Play Store and XDA forums; the choice is yours since it all depends on your preferences and what you feel will work best for you. However, the custom themes discussed above are some of the best currently available on the market. Remember, you can do so much with your Android phone if you choose android rooting and install the latest custom CyanogenMod 12 Themes.

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