Get Unlimited Money On Dead Trigger 2 9.0.6 Modded APK

March 9, 2016

Madfinger Games just released a new version of their popular game Dead Trigger. For fans of horror, zombie-based online games, it is great news. For those who never played the first game of the franchise or don’t exactly remember what it is about, here is a quick reminder.

Madfinger Games first released Dead Trigger on 2012 for both Android and IOS devices. Dead Trigger is a horror-themed game involving a zombie apocalypse.dead-trigger-apk-download

In a world in which a virus is turning people into monstrous creatures, you will have to hide and fight for your life. Join a team and try to awaken hope in humanity without getting killed. The players need to collect gold in order to obtain more weapons or just to upgrade their characters. Even if the game is only available in single player mod, the new version comes with a nice social feature since you can now play online with other gamers.

If you are a zombie game fan, this description probably made you want to download the original Dead Trigger game, as there is no better way to test your ability to survive in troubled times. Luckily, the new version brings even more excitement and adventure. Dead Trigger 2 is as intense and smart as was the first game.

Now that you know Madfinger Games released a second opus to its popular game, we have even better news: a new update just has been launched on Dead Trigger 2, making it Dead Trigger 2 0.9.6. The update comes with a lot of new weapons and exciting features, but that’s not it. To make all the Dead Trigger 2 fans happy, there is a Modded APK version that will enable the players to get unlimited money. You will not have to wait too long or fight the most dangerous zombies to get the best weapons anymore.

Before we explain you how to download and install it, let’s see what is new about Dead Trigger 2 0.9.6.

What to expect from Dead Trigger 2 0.9.6

You believe yourself to be the best zombie shooter in the neighborhood? Defeat other players during specially designed tournaments and earn real mind-blowing prices. These tournaments take place online on a weekly basis. A great way to test your abilities and get a chance to win nice gifts.

Money might be is as much of an issue in the game as it is in the real life, but Dead Trigger 2 will make it easier for you. Your oil fields will enable you to earn more on a daily basis. You will never run out of cash anymore.

There are more than 33 millions of players all around the world. Join all these survivors and enter the ultimate Mega Fight for your life.

Weapons what all the fun is about. Two new weapons have appeared in the game. Enjoy the Metal Gun and the Area 51 Gun. They will protect you better and make sure that you can shoot zombies more precisely and escape every trap. This will bring the total number of your available weapons to thirty-seven.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse, yes, but not just anywhere. The update comes with new exciting environments. You can now travel in ten different places around the world. The game enables you to play in no less than thirty unique environments. New places, same risks.

To enjoy these new territories, the developers have improved the visuals. You will now enjoy a much more detailed adventure and scarier surroundings than ever.

The story line is in constant evolution. Madfinger Games wanted to make sure that the players will never get bored. Therefore, the game possibilities are now close to infinite. There are constantly new updates for the game and every single one of them will make your experience even more enjoyable and adventurous.

If you enjoy shooting these zombies, make sure that you go through all the 600-gameplay scenarios that Dead Trigger 2 has to offer.

How to join this world of darkness and restless fights? Simply download the game for free and install it. Here is how to do that.

How to install Dead Trigger 2 9.0.6 on your Android device

First of all, download any previous version of the game that you have on your device. You have to go through this process, or the installation will not work.

Then, find and download the Dead Trigger 2 Modded APK OBB File on your Android device.

Using the files manager, find and open these two folders.

Folder 1: Android –> Data

Folder 1: Android –> Data

Now, you will have to change the name of the folders from com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2 to xxxcom.madfingergames.deadtrigger2xxx.

Once you are done, click on the downloaded APK and install it on your device.

Now change the names of both folders to com.madfingersgames.deadtrigger2

Your Dead Trigger 2 0.9.6 version should be now ready to use. However, if you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate looking up some solutions on the Internet.

Now that you have downloaded and installed Dead Trigger 2 and its new version that guaranties more money and more fun, you are ready for an incredible adventure. Improve your work experience with all the new features Madfinger Games came up just for you, enjoy better graphics and performance while exploring all the different environments and the new terrifying game scenarios. There is nothing better than shooting some zombies to feel alive and relaxed.

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