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February 26, 2016
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Clash of Clans is a top ranking strategy agnostic video based game available for both iOS and Android Operating Systems. The game is developed and consequently published by a Finland based video game company known as Supercell. It was initially released on iOS in 2012 but has since been ported to the Android platform.

Clash of Clans typically allows you to build a militia community, train your own soldiers and launch attacks on rival armies to obtain elixir and gold which you can utilize to enhance further your defense techniques. The game has recently received a massive update, which significantly improves the overall gaming experience and features.

Clash of Clans 7.1.1 Modded APK features:

Clash of Clans 7.1.1 Hack android apk is a major update release and currently, they have announced another update that is a leap towards enhanced gamers’ experience. The latest update in Clash of Clans 7.1.1, like all previous debugs, is the ideal gift to Clash of Clans fans-the modded APK. Clash of Clans 7.1.1 Modded APK avails unlimited money feature so as to enable you raise the most brutal, undisputed army and establish a colony accordingly.

  • Elevate your home village to an unbeatable, invasion-immune fortress
  • Battle with other players at a global platform and take home their Trophies
  • Train your own troops Troops- Build an army of Archers, Hog Raiders, Barbarians, Dragons, Wizards and other skilled fighters.
  • Ultimate Clan- Merge with other players to form the ultimate ruling Clan
  • Contend rival clans in the epic Clan Wars
  • Build up-to eighteen unique units each with multiple upgrade levels
  • Discover your favorite combat army from numerous combinations of troops, spells, Clan and Heroes reinforcements
  • Protect your village with multiple Cannons, Towers, Bombs, Mortars, Traps and Walls
  • Challenge the Goblin King in a realm enhanced campaign

What’s new in Clash of Clans version 7.1.1?

Clans are now, more than ever Leveling Up!

  • Level up your clans and attain prestige, perks and badges of honor
  • Cannon level 13 allow you to pack a punch and cause a lot of catastrophic damage
  • Opt-in/Opt-out of Clan wars to earn your Clan victory in war
  • Customize the Clan badge through the badge editor

Category of game players

There exist three types of game players: trophy hunter, passive player, and farmer. Each category is elaborated below:

Farming is usually defined as Resource (elixir/ gold) theft from other clans (multiplayer). Hence, the main goal of this opponent attack on the village is that the player steals as much resource as possible. The genesis attack was targeted on current elixir/gold. They care less about the time of the attack to defeat the enemy, significantly reducing the number of trophies.

The trophy is regarded as the number of points attained when battling a rival village or can resist penetration from opponent attacks. Therefore, trophy hunter is the entirely opposite to the farmer. They often prefer to flatten an enemy village or control vital resources, other than stealing. Typically, such people are gamers who wish to enter a top player ranking. A top player trophy is a number ranking for Clash of Clans. Trophy Hunter can, however, be attained through lots of capital and time. Capital here, entails investing real money. Since average top players usually have the maximum village (all building at max level). To get it, one needs a Resource, which cannot be simply obtained via farming. Furthermore, wall upgrades up to level 11. The solution is to buy therefore gems that are worth real money.

How to Install Clash of Clans 7.1.1 Modded APK on Android:

  • Download the Clash of Clans 7.1.1 Modded APK
  • Uninstall all previous versions of Clash of Clans, if one is installed.
  • Copy the Clash of Clans APK on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources. This will enable you to install APK files from third parties other than Play Store
  • Double-tap the downloaded APK to start the installation process
  • Once the installation is completed, run the game.

Clash of Clans APK v7.1.1 Playing Tips

As a strategy and no ordinary game; Clash of Clans is a creation that demands an elevated mind with unique creativity to play the modded Clash of Clans APK successful.

  • Clash of Clans Modded APK is available for free and contains extensions that can be purchased on a per user basis.
  • The game is all about converting or saving your Clan by enhancing its security with the tools earned while accomplishing set tasks
  • The simplest, but most creative part is raising a Barbarians, Hog Riders, Archers, Dragons, and Wizards army with unique features as needed.
  • Clash of Clans Mod Gems triggers gamers’ concentration; addiction and an unprecedented love for the game. Weapons, Bombs, Towers, Canons, Mortars, Walls and Traps are essentials to saving your village and smashing enemies.
  • Challenging the Goblin King can be a difficult, do or die task through which you earn yourself the high-value Clash of Clans Mod APK Gems.

That’s it. Play and enjoy the Clash of Clans 7.1.1 with unlimited money.

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