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May 4, 2016
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What Exactly is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a popular app in India that can be used on tablets or smartphones to access movies; television shows and live sports feeds at no cost. It is typically used on Android and any other iOS platforms like apple devises. If users were to look at the reviews online, it is currently one of the highest rated apps to watch free media content on the market today, especially regionally for India users. They frequently stock several options for television shows and it makes sure that there are plenty of sports options available as well. At no additional cost, this application will provide anyone with hours of free entertainment.Hotstar Download Hotstar APK for Android

Who is Most Likely to Love Hotstar?

If you love cricket, then you will absolutely love this app. It comes with multiple features to attract the cricket lover from access to live matches that you can watch for free to access to all the latest news and stats. It receives very high reviews as being the best option for watching cricket live on your Andriod devices. It also has an option for an end user to watch the biggest cricket matches through a web version. Anyone that lives in India is very familiar with this option and may also be using the application to watch tennis or football. Hotstar has been linked to making recent cricket matches the most watch sports even through digital forums.Hotstar Download Hotstar APK for Android

Hotstar has gotten its most press to date because of the coverage it provided during the last large cricket championship. The accessibility of hotstar allowed the last major cricket championship to be viewed up to seven times more than it had been historically. This has huge implications for the application, but for the future of streaming live events like sports matches or even political debates. The sport of cricket has appreciated the sudden increase in popularity of their sport.

Are There Downsides?

While there were stability issues when the application first came out, they all seem to be resolved at this point, so the only limiting factory is really whether your phone or tablet are new enough to be compatible with the amount of processing power and storage required to appropriately support the app while streaming data.

Also, keep in mind that everything on the app is free for you to view so everything you watch does come with paid advertising that you have to sit through to get to what you want to watch. But it is a small price to pay for being able to access completely free streaming television and movies.

Once of the biggest downsides is that when the devise is interrupted (perhaps for a text or phone call), instead of it just pausing the download, the entire application will close out. This means that every time there is an interruption, you have to completely start over in downloading the content. This seems to be more related to your devises capabilities than anything else.

What are the Best Features?

It is so easy to find content and it is extremely user friendly. The search options are straight forward and to start watching, you just have to click on the choice shown on your device.

They also offer a ton of content in several different languages (i.e. English or Hindi) so no matter where you are from regionally, there is not going to be a huge language barrier. There are multiple options for everyone. There is even multiple genres found so anyone in the family should be able to find something they relate to or enjoy. At this time, there are thousands of different episodes and videos to view.

You can also watch your favorite shows from the first episode all the way through the last. It is a binge watchers dream! The best part is that episodes can also be downloaded so that you do not always have to stream data in order to watch your favorite television show or movie.

Of course, it’s already been mentioned that this is the go to for almost everyone in India to watch Cricket matches, but a sports fan will be able to watch all the big sports like football, badmintor and kabaddi. Not only are these sports easy to access, but the application will also store all of the highlights so even if you miss just a few minutes of the match you can also see it replayed later. Even the biggest matches will be highlighted!

How to Download

If you are just now hearing about this awesome app and are interested in checking it out, downloading it is extremely easy. You can do a basic internal search and find the latest link for you to download. It may take a few moments to complete because it is very popular. It may also be delayed if your Internet connection is not strong.Hotstar Download Hotstar APK for Android

Hotstar APK (latest version)

If you are actually on your Android, you may need to go into your settings and your security tab and find the unknown sources section. You will enable that option and then go to the link that was mentioned above. Then, you should be able to download the entire program completely. When it is done downloading you will get an alert letting you know that it is done and a pop up will appear giving you the option to Install. From here, you can complete the installation and you will be free to use the program on your devise.

How Do I Maneuver the Application?

Overall, the design is very intuitive to use. At the top left of the application, you can go directly to your playlists that you have saved so that you do not always have to watch your videos streaming. There is also a search icon at the top of the page so that you can look for something specifically. And, if you are not sure what you want to watch, if also has the content organized as specific topics and you can swap left or right to browse additional topics.

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