How to Download YouTube 6.0.11 APK for Android Devices

March 20, 2016

YouTube is one of the most popular websites across the globe because of its video content that appeals to all types of internet users. Whether you’re looking for music, movie or educational content, YouTube is your ideal platform of choice. The good thing about YouTube is you can find anything you want within a few seconds of searching. With the recent technology advances, a lot of online platforms have reaped the benefits and YouTube is included. Many modern smartphones allow for the installation of a YouTube app that can enable you to easily access the How to Download YouTube 6.0.11 APK for Android Devices

If you own an Android device and you’ve never installed a YouTube app on your phone, this is your chance to have it. Fortunately, you can download the most recent version YouTube 6.0.11 APK from a third party link or download the app directly from Google Play Store. There are advantages of having this app installed on your smartphone. For starters, this app will help you view videos in an easier and convenient way. When you have YouTube 6.0.11 APK installed, you can now watch your favorite videos anytime, create your own channels and subscribe to your favorite channels. You can also watch videos saved on your phone to Chromecast as well as other devices and game consoles connected to the TV.

When you have YouTube 6.0.11 APK installed on your android phone, you’ll not need to rely on the web version of YouTube to watch your videos. This recent version comes with a whole array of cool new features which have been added to make your YouTube viewing experience memorable.

For sure, YouTube 6.0.11 APK update will guarantee you a fun experience. For those whose android phone models are yet to receive an automatic update from their manufacturer, downloading the APK file will save you a great deal.

New Features of YouTube 6.0.11 APK File

If you’re a regular user of YouTube on your PC, you must have noticed that on several occasions, there is a section of recommended videos based on the content you watch on a frequent basis as well as the channels you’ve subscribed to.

If you have a YouTube App installed on your android phone, you’ll be able to enjoy similar features. Once you’ve signed into Gmail with your username and password, you will be able to view both recommended videos as well as your subscribed channels within the app. This way, you can easily watch videos, use captions and share videos via social media networks. You can also comment and like videos that interest you. In summary, YouTube 6.0.11 APK is associated with the following features;

  • You can see all the recommendations and your favorite video niches from the homepage of the app. This is crucial because you’ll not miss out on exciting and new YouTube videos.

  • You’re free to subscribe to one or several channels with content of your choice. For instance, you can choose to subscribe to movie, sports, cartoons, religious, fitness or educational channels; the choice is yours.

  • Feel free to easily and conveniently send your videos from android tablet or phone to video streaming app Chromecast, gaming console as well as smart TV.

  • Always access and enjoy new music videos from your favorite music artists. You can easily manage your favorite YouTube music playlists.

  • When you have the app installed, you can watch videos offline instead of having to download them.

Procedure of Downloading and Installing YouTube 6.0.11 APK for Android

  • Go to the internet, find the link for Download YouTube 6.0.11 APK. Ensure you choose the right link to get a file that is compatible with your android gadget.

Download Youtube Apk

  • Once you’ve downloaded your file, check whether it is saved in the download folder of your Android device. If there are any previous versions of the app, you need to uninstall them before you begin the installation process.

  • In your phone, navigate to Settings, Click on Applications; under Unknown Sources, tap OK to activate the setting.

  • Under Downloads folder or the specified location you saved your downloaded APK file, tap on YouTube 6.0.11 APK file to begin the installation process.

  • Follow the instructions that you see on the sceen. The setup process should complete within a very short period of time.

The process of downloading and installing YouTube 6.0.11 APK on your Android device using Google Play is usually very simple and straightforward. However, if for some case, this option doesn’t work as expected, manually download the YouTube APK file and install it on your tablet or smartphone using the procedure described above.

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