Easy Steps To Boost Wi-Fi On Android

June 1, 2015

Wi-Fi operation usually triggers excessive battery consumption issue in most Android handsets. If this issue bothers you unprecedentedly, or despite on a Wi-Fi connection your Smartphone displays a slow internet speed, there is an every chance that your Internet provider offered a poor quality service to you. Slow speed issues are not bound to any place in general, you can feel the effects of poor service in a closed location to long distance connection or at clear and close to Wi-Fi device locations as well just because of poor provision even. In the lines below we will disclose some easy steps to boost Wi-Fi on Android devices so that you may get the maximum out of your net service.

Switch your Wi-Fi Setting Frequency to 5GHz

Most Smartphones operates on 5 or on 2.45GHz frequency. Those work on less than 5GHz needs to be modified to the likeable frequency. There is abundant free space on the bandwidth, Android phones usually own 23 channels of 20 MHz each on desired 5GHz frequency. That is far better than those Android devices which offer 14 channels of 2.4GHz. Channels not going to over loop each other, thus there is every possibility you get the best result. To change the settings go to the Setting > than go to the WiFi > and click auto, this way your Android phone set automatically on 5GHz band.

Track the Signal Precisely

If you are troubled in getting the right Net speed for any unusual reason, try download a WiFi booster from app store to boost the signals. In the application, click on manual boost and closely monitor and set the best signal availability point on your device.

Ask Your Android to Avoid Poor Linking

Your Smartphone gives you the option that control the poor links. You can setup your Android to pick only strong signals. To do this go to the settings than to WiFi and click the overflow menu key > tap Advanced, many options will be displayed in so in the check box select the best option. This is one of best easy steps to boost Wi-Fi on Android phones.

Update Your Radio On Firmware

If the facility available in your device to receive OTA from your provider, and in case you use custom ROMs you may find intermittently you can manage radio update manually on your smartphone. This facility available only to latest Smartphones only. To check visit settings than About > Software Updates, here you will see all required information for manual settings.

Check the Phone Case

This accessory some time plays its part to block the reception signals, particularly those built from metallic material. Check if the case is issue than replace it with soft built case to improve your Androids reception. For evaluating purpose do a speed test on Ookla with and without the case. While a phone case might not seem a considerable thing to many users, but these are as well some crucially easy steps to boost Wi-Fi on Android smartphones.

Know the Best WiFi Access Port

You can check this from varied alternatives by using a Wi-Fi analyzer app. Use only the best channel that suits your internet connection. Another way is to check the best receipted network in your area and select the one for your Android. Finally you can check on with your IP address, network gateway, and DNS as these are best available option for power-users.

Place the Rooter in Perfect Spot

A key easy steps to boost Wi-Fi on Android for great reception is to optimize your Router place. Ensure it is placed somewhere where it might not get near to other electronic devices in the home such as TV, computer, telephone, dish receivers, etc. This is because the electronic waves combines and conflicts with each other. The “Wi-Fi FDTD Solver” App may help you to select best possible Router location setting.

A DIY Boosting Tip for Wi-Fi

If you have tried all above mentioned options and still short of quality reception then the final way is to go back on the basics again, which is to make a home Dish Antenna using Aluminum material to catch the signals at its best. You can use a big platter size dish for the purpose. You can make the dish of a metal bowl or from a large tin as well. If it works then you have every right for beating latest technologies by using a Grand Pa day’s invention for getting best reception. Hope that you will enjoy this article and with our collection of easy steps to boost Wi-Fi on Android will manage to get best possible reception for your Android device.

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