Five Best Extensions For Reddit In Google Chrome

August 8, 2015

How to Reddit any front page of the website? In today’s write up I will let you know the ways to do so effortlessly. Reddit is famous for it’s un-complicated flow of debates and news’s that’s why it’s honored by millions of regular visits each month for its preferred use. It is used to get your content acquiesced to and debated on Reddit. However, you can’t help change turn the front page of a site launched in 2005! The key downside of the Reddit. Still it’s a great place to explore new enticing content regularly and to utilize it fully, it is obligatory to use some kind of enhancement extension or plugin. You can use Reddit like a pro by using these five best extensions for Reddit in Google chrome in order to get maximum pleasure off of your Reddit experience.

five-best-extensions-for-Reddit-in-google-chrome Five Best Extensions For Reddit In Google Chrome

Five Best Extensions For Reddit In Google Chrome

Shine for Reddit

In the series of our “Five Best Extensions for Reddit in Google Chrome”, here is SHINE for Reddit. It’s a comprehensive rewrite of the interface of Reddit and a one which is beautiful as well. It facilitate comments in addition to pics and videos uploaded alongside the comments. This facility by “Google’s Viewer” already offered to its users.

Reddit Augmentation Suite

If you like Reddit’s minimal styling and like to stay with it, and you also like to add some splendid new features of SHINE, the “Reddit Enhancement Suite” extension complements this facility to you. The (RES) allows your access to all or some of its beautiful new features such as “Automatic Next Page Loading” and the “Dark Mode” etc.

Similar to SHINE, it supports inline previews for pics and videos with extending the capability to generate your exclusive dashboard where you can check for updates for your search results with some other aspects as well.


This is another extension in my count of the five best extensions for Reddit in Google chrome. Like the SHINE extension, it also extends a substitute UI for you. It works to offer you its support by doing the trick like “Tweet Deck” at Twitter. It also offers a multi-colored and spotless interface.

If someone prefers it over an extension for Chrome, he/she can also turn it into its own exclusive app, leaving Chrome aside. That gives you suburb control on Reddit use. Bring it in operation by adding your preferred sub-Reddit’s in the form of column’s to log in single or on multiple accounts.

Reddit Anywhere

For duplicate content posting options, this is a great feature for all the Reddit users. “Reddit Anywhere” makes it effortless to grasp of the webpage you’re logged in if by this time it has been forwarded to Reddit? If it isn’t, then go to “Submit Link” key, click it to check the proceedings on Submit screen.

Alien Tube

This is the last extension of my list of five best extensions for Reddit in Google chrome, and it meant for replacing comments on any YouTube video. It isn’t a secret that comments are less attractive on YouTube, and since they pre-programed to be shared on Google+, it is a totally messy affair. Here at Reddit, you will come across top quality entertaining comments. This feature help you to swap comments on video from YouTube with most pertinent Reddit Thread Comments.

So, these were some of my picks for the five best extensions for Reddit in Google Chrome. I am quite sure that if you are a regular user of Reddit, you will like to enjoy the amazing services these extensions will provide to your overall Reddit experience ion Google chrome.

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