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April 20, 2016

Who has not heard of Facebook? With its billion users, the giant of the social media is a part of everyone’s daily life, whether you like it or not. Joining the community is east.

What is Facebook? Create your Facebook Account

Facebook was initially created to post pictures, but now it serves many other purposes. You can share more than an image, you can share the way you see the world, share articles that moved you, talk about a movie or an event that you consider important or inspiring. If you use it correctly, Facebook is an amazing communication tool. It also enables you to find friends that you have not seen in a while and to keep in touch with those who are far. In this article, we will explain you how to join the unprecedented community by creating a Facebook account. Nothing complicated, but you might learn one or two things.

Reasons to Join Facebook

Why would you join Facebook? There is a lot to enjoy on this social media.

As we said previously, Facebook is a great platform to share your passions and your specific view on the world. As it gathers most of the people you know at one place, you can spread your ideas quite fast and efficiently.

Friends. It is not a coincidence if the way you call the people that have added your profile “friends”, as they often are. Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with friends and see what they are up to now. You will never loose track of your high-school buddies since you can know when they get married or get a new job.

Talking about yourself. Let’s face it, Facebook made us a bit more self-centered since it is a lot about sharing facts about yourself. Now you do not have to call all your friends to tell them about your latest holidays, as you can simply upload a few pictures so everyone knows you have a great time. Easy to spread information, when you have 500 people waiting for you to post.

Events. It is so much easier to event all your friends to a single event on a single website. You will know immediately who is not coming and who is not, and publish questions about the party to ask for your friends’ opinion. Way easier and cheaper than sending paper invites, not to mention more ecological.

The Facebook chat. Similar to WhatsApp, the chat enables you to call and text your friends for free, even if they live on the other side of the planet. It also features many cool smileys and Gifs to spice your conversations up. You can share files and pictures directly on the chat window, which is faster than sending an e-mail.

It is free. As its creator wrote on the main page, Facebook has always been and will always be completely free. Some games require a bigger investment, but using the website, the chat does not cost anything.

As you can see, if Facebook seduced already that many people, it is because it has a lot to offer, especially for a free web-site. If you are convinced and think that you should create an account to understand all the fuss, here is how you do it. The only single thing you need is an Internet connection. You will be able to access Facebook with a 2G signal, but it will be way more comfortable, as there are a lot of pictures to load, with a 3G or a 4G.

How to Create a Facebook Account

Go to the official Facebook website. You can find it by looking it up on Create your Facebook Account

On the homepage, you can already start giving some information about yourself such as your day of birth, to start creating your Create your Facebook Account

Next, you have to start adding some friends to share your experience with. To do so, you have to enter your e-mail address, and Facebook will try to link you with potential friends. Still, if you are not willing to do it now, you can skip this step and get back to it later. If you want to do it now, you will see people linked to your e-mail address appear. You can choose whether to add them or Create your Facebook Account

To find more matching profiles, Facebook will ask you some other questions, such as your educational background. It will enable Facebook to connect you with people that were together with you in high school or Create your Facebook Account

Then Facebook will suggest that you like some of the most liked pages on Facebook. It can be a celebrity fan page, a music album or other popular things. Liking these pages will make it appear on your Timeline, and everyone who is your friend will have access to the Create your Facebook Account

Now comes the funny part, you need a profile picture! Time to decide how you want to appear in public: party animal, serious employee, happy father, horse-back rider? Pick a picture that represents the best who you are and use it. If you do not have time or cannot find the perfect picture at the moment, you can skip this part. Also, be aware that you can change your picture anytime and as many times as you Create your Facebook Account

You will then be welcomed by the Facebook timeline page. You can start adding information to your profile by liking pages about your favorite book or TV series. On your timeline, all the status and pictures shared by your friends will appear. On the right-hand side of the page, you will find the chat and see who is online and available to talk to you.

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