Comparing Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome

January 28, 2016

You always want to use the best for your computer and below you can check out the main point of these two very good browser selections. Although there are many instances where one will be better than the other, there can be only one clear winner and by reading the point below you will see if Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the better choice for browsing.

The Installation Process

While both browsers are easy to install, they do have differences.

Google Chrome

  • This browser has an online installation. This means that you need to be connected to the Internet during the installation process.

Mozilla Firefox

  • This browser has an offline installation. That means that you do not have to have Internet access while it is installing and setting up.

How Much Room Does It Take Up On Your Computer?

The file size for both browsers is relatively small. They are so close that this is not really a deciding factor. But as always it is good to have all of the facts when choosing a browser.

Google Chrome

  • 13MB

Mozilla Firefox

  • 15MB

What Is The Start-Up Time?

This is the time that it takes from the time you click on the browser until the page loads. Because there are different things those factors into how long it takes it is always a good idea to know the actual time and the time it will take under different instances.

Google Chrome

  • .7 seconds

  • This is less time than Firefox but if you are loading more than one page at once it will take longer. This is because Chrome will attempt to load open tabs at once. So, in loading one page it is faster but if you have more than one tab open it is going to take longer.

Mozilla Firefox

  • .9 seconds

  • Even though the load time is longer than that of Chrome, if you are loading more than one page it will seem faster. This is because Firefox loads one page at a time. That means that even if you do have multiple tabs open it will only open the one you are looking at. When you click on another tab, it will start loading that one.

Comparing Browser And Load Time

Both of these browsers support View-per-load which means that they show you the content of the website while it is loading. But because Chrome is the more supported browser it may cause loading and browsing to be faster and easier. Firefox is working on revamping their browser to support more types of files but they have not gotten there yet. This makes Chrome a better choice for browsing and it makes loading time that much faster.

Ram Memory Usage

Google Chrome

  • Uses RAM in pieces so it may not bog down your computer as much as Firefox. This is great for the times when you are using multiple other programs while using Chrome. You can run them at the same time with see little to know difference in your systems performance.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Uses RAM collectively. This means it will be using up more resources making your system run slow and making other applications take more time to open and use.

How Much Memory Does It Use On Your Hard Drive?

It does seem like this is an area where Chrome takes up a lot more space but with good reason. It supports files like HTML 5 but Firefox does not. It needs more space because it can support more files and this is an area that makes Google Chrome more desirable than Firefox. This may change once Firefox updates their browser but they have not completed that as of yet. So the amount of space that Firefox uses could change in the near future.

Google Chrome

  • 120MB. Chrome will use more memory because it supports many more file types than Firefox. So even though it takes up more space it is still a better browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  • 37MB. Some file types are only partially supported by Firefox or not supported at all. Firefox is trying to redesign their browser to make it support more file types but it is not there yet.

Privacy While Browsing

Privacy means that your browser history will be disabled as well has web cache. You can browse the Internet without fear that your data could be retrieved later on. While both browsers offer some type of privacy, they are slightly different.

It Helps With Quite A Few Things Such As:

  1. Keeps websites from collecting or sharing your data.

  2. Stops employers or service providers from tracking the pages that you frequent.

  3. Stops malicious software that tracks keystrokes. This can keep someone from finding out passwords to your accounts.

The Main Difference Between Them Is How They Let You Use The Privacy Settings.

Google Chrome

  • Offers “Incognito Browsing”. With Chrome you can use regular browsing and “Incognito Browsing at the same time and in multiple open accounts at once. This makes Chrome more secure.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Offers “Private Browsing”. With Firefox you can only use choose regular browsing or “Private Browsing”, you cannot use them together.

So Who Wins?

Obviously after looking through all of the data, Google Chrome is the better choice. Chrome allows you to have separate accounts. You can log in with your Google account and manage as well as add or remove users. You also have the option to use parental controls. This is great if you have children or teens that get online so that you can control what they do and don’t see or what websites they can have access to.

While it is true that Mozilla Firefox is revamping their browser, Google Chrome offers more support and features making it the clear winner in this comparison. Google is a better choice all around and beats out Mozilla Firefox in almost every category. The current version of Firefox just doesn’t have enough support to make its few good points worth it.

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