How To Fix Error Code 80072efd In Windows Phones

November 10, 2016
Windows phone error

It’s very interesting to think about the origin of phones. Thirty years ago, you would have been sporting a big black block if you had a cell phone. It could do just enough to make calls and receive calls.

What some consider the world’s first smartphone was made in 1993 and called the IBM Simon. It didn’t have the same capabilities as smartphones do today, but it definitely had some things that were amazing for their time.

It came with the ability to make and receive calls, could be a pager, send and receive faxes, and was a PDA, which meant it had a calendar, world time clock, appointment scheduler, and an address book among other things.

That’s definitely a lot for a phone of that time. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any way to access the internet, but it could still do a lot of things that were impressive for the time.

Soon, bulky phones were no more, and by the 1990’s, flip phones were all the rage. They were small enough to fit in a pocket and was the introduction of texting.

As for internet, the first time there was full internet on a phone was in 1999, made by the Japanese group NTT DoCoMo. From there, it became obvious that 2G was not going to be enough.

3G was introduced in the 2000’s, which led to better internet speeds and a change in phones yet again. This was around the time that smartphones really took off.

And, of course, 4G and LTE came next. This allowed for better access to the internet with much faster speeds. Smartphones revolutionized the world of cell phones, opening up the possibilities to so many things.

Of course, with this, there are a lot of companies that have tried to be the ‘top dog’ of the smartphone world. The two biggest contenders are, of course, Apple and Android. They have had the smartphone world for years.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other companies, however. Overseas, there are many different companies, including Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, and Vivo. Microsoft has also tried to make their own footprint on the smartphone world.

Most people, when they think of Microsoft, think of the Windows operating system. It would be the first thing I would think of as well. With the latest Windows being released in the last two years, it’s no wonder it’s the first thing people think of.

Microsoft is obviously most well-known for their work in the world of computers. Their operating systems remain the most widely used for home computers and laptops. They have also put their foot in the console gaming world and have been successful with Xbox.

As a company, they have made leaps and bounds with nearly everything they’ve done. They have done their part in the gaming world to make it easier on both PC and consoles. Of course, they only laid the groundwork on PC, but they still made it a much easier and better place.

Smartphones though? They are still relatively new to that game.

Windows Phones are becoming very popular, giving iOS and Android phones a run for their money. They have been around since 2010 and have really sparked the interest in a lot of people.

Unlike the home screen of iOS and Android, they have tiles similar to the Windows 8 system on PC. They make it simple and easy to pick what app you want to use and it’s pretty aesthetically pleasing as well.

To some, the tiles seem cumbersome and don’t suit the screen, but to others, the tiles are big enough to easily choose exactly what you need.

As of 2015, there have been over 100 million Windows phones sold, according to Microsoft. However, recently, sales have been dropping. It might have to do with the popularity of iOS and Android devices, with their constant dropping of new phones, while Windows phones aren’t as highly publicized.

Even with that, they’re notoriously user friendly and run pretty smoothly, although some have reported problems with using Office 365 on their Windows Phones.Fix Error Windows phone

Error code 80072EFD looks pretty intimidating, but it’s something that’s easy to understand and not that scary after all. Basically, this error code is all about and issue in syncing a Microsoft Outlook email with Office 365. This makes it difficult for Windows Phone users to send and receive office files and emails.

Microsoft office has become a huge part of everyone’s life, including students, businessmen, and writers. Without office, we would be stuck with a lot of sub-par writing programs that might seem to do the right job, but don’t always work the way we want.

If you constantly use your email or use Microsoft office, then this could cause some issues. You might miss an important email that you’ve been looking for, which leads to you not being able to do something you’ve really wanted to do.

You could have an important document that you forgot to print out, but when you try to pull it up on your phone, you aren’t able to because you aren’t synced with your account. All of these things make for a more stressful life.

If you’re one of the users frustrated with this problem, check out this article for 3 methods to fix the problem and a how-to on setting up your account once you’ve navigated all the bumps. Save your stressing for harder problems and get Outlook hooked to your Windows Phone in a matter of minutes!

Error Code 80072efd will often look something like this:

Error code: 80072EFD We’re having a problem connecting to”

If you get this message, then read on for a variety of ways to solve it. If one method doesn’t work, keep going through the list until you find one that does.


This is a deceptively simple fix. It might even seem silly and sound like you’re talking to a tech guru who asks, “Did you try turning it off and then on?” but it actually works with many different electronic devices.

Why does it work? Because you’re resetting your Random Access Memory (RAM), which automatically gives you more memory space when you turn your phone back on and makes it run faster—and it helps solve problems like this.

Think of it as giving your Windows Phone a chance to sleep. When people don’t get sleep, they don’t function as well—the same goes for technology. So press that power button and turn your phone off.

For best results, wait around half an hour before turning it back on. (Fun fact: turning your phone off on a regular basis increases its battery life, so this is something you should be doing anyway. If you’re not doing it, start now.)

Many people who got Error Code 80072efd on their Window Phones were able to solve it through this simple procedure. It saves you a lot of pain and suffering in the long run.

If the power button didn’t work wonders for you, continue to:


Here’s another simple suggestion that often fixes Error Code 80072efd.

As a matter of fact, Method 2 follows the same pattern that Method 1 does. (Turn off, turn back on.) Mobile data is also known as data roaming, and it basically lets you access online networks without Wi-Fi. It costs extra money, though, so it’s a good idea to keep it off whenever possible.

This method is great not only because it gets you results, but also because it saves you money. It may not save you a lot of money, but if you’re the type who forgets to turn off Mobile Data and ends up hemorrhaging small amounts of money until it turns into larger amounts of money, this can be a very effective reminder to turn off Mobile Data whenever and wherever you have access to Wi-Fi.

This might mean you can finally start saving up for your child’s college account or that you can finally take a long needed vacation from work. Or, it just means a little extra money in your pocket every month. A little money can go a long way.

To disable Mobile Data on a Windows Phone 8, visit Settings, and then tap Mobile Network. Turn off Data Collection, and voila. Methods are similar for other Windows Phone models.

So turn off your Mobile Data and wait for 30-50 seconds or more. (Now is a good time to brew that pot of tea or heat something up in the microwave. By keeping yourself occupied, the time will pass before you know it.) Then turn your Mobile Data back on.

You could even notice a slight boost in your internet on your phone, making it faster the next time you do use your phone to search the internet. It’s always helpful when there’s a fix that will help more than one thing on your phone.

This method is known for solving Error Code 80072efd, so it’s very likely you won’t have to do anything else after this. However, if you’re still having problems, check out:


Sometimes you just need a little more elbow grease to make things work—even for technology. If the above methods didn’t work for you, this one is almost sure to. Yes, it requires you to put a little more work in, but the payoff is 100% effectiveness.

If all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling helps iron out any errors that ruined the first installation and gave you Error Code 80072efd. Just make sure you follow the instructions below to the tee to make sure everything will work out for you this time. Sounds good, right? Then continue on to solve your Error Code 80072efd once and for all!

On your Windows Phone, go to and log in to Outlook Web App. From there, go to Options, and then See All Options. Select Phone, and then select Mobile Phones. Find your Windows Phone listed and remove it. Also clear your Office 365 account from your phone. Wait a few minutes (5-10) or more before re-adding your account.

Congratulations! You should have just succeeded in fixing your 80072efd Error Code. On the small chance you’re still having problems, or if you need additional details on setting up an Outlook account, continue reading below:


Some users have reported that it could actually be the Skype app messing with your emails. If this is the case, then you will probably be having some trouble sending and receiving text messages as well.

This is a pretty simple fix, as all you have to do is uninstall the Skype app and reinstall it. Then, you force a sync of all the problem accounts. If this doesn’t work, then try Method 2 of this article again.

If you are still having issues, then you might need to detach your Microsoft account from Skype and then put it back on. Hopefully, that will fix your issue and allow you to send and receive texts and emails.


You might already know how to do this, but it’s good to read over the instructions to be safe. For your benefit (and avoidance of future 80072efd Error Codes), continue reading and make sure you’ve followed them closely.

Or wait to reinstall your Outlook account until have the instructions in front of you. That way, you can be extra sure you’ve done everything you need to do to make sure your Outlook account will work properly.

Tap Start, and then go to App List. From there, tap Settings, and then tap Email + Accounts. Go to “Add an Account” and find Outlook. Type in your login details (email and password) to sign into your account.

This should successfully create your account. If you get the message “We couldn’t find your settings,” that means your account wasn’t set up automatically. If this happens, check out these additional instructions:

Find Advance, then fill out the following fields: Email Address, Password, and Username. For the Domain field, type in the domain or host name of your email—for example, For the Server field, go to Settings, then Options, then Account. From there, tap Account, then My Account, then “Settings for POP and IMAP Access.” Find your Server Name under POP Setting. Then type it into the Server field.

Find Show All Settings and tap “Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection” to place a checkmark next to it. Tap Sign in, and then tap OK when asked to enforce policies or provide a new password.

After doing all of those steps, you should have your Outlook account ready and able to be used!

This, beyond the shadow of a doubt, should solve your 80072efd Error Code. Outlook and Office 365 are now synchronized in your Windows Phone.

Windows phones, while they are incredibly user friendly, can sometimes be a little more difficult to use and could even have some additional steps that you need to take in order for your experience to be smooth.

While it is true that Windows phones have been less popular recently, maybe Microsoft will release a new phone that does things iOS and Android simply can’t do.

They have already been attempting that sort of stuff with the amount of things you are able to sync between your computer and your phone, but if you don’t have a Windows computer, having a Windows phone seems a little silly.

You wouldn’t have a Windows phone and a MacBook, especially when iPhones can sync with Macs similar to the way Windows phones and computers can.

Windows phones aren’t without their issues, however. Thankfully, these issues are worked on quickly by Microsoft and before they release an update, they will try to give out workarounds. Other people with these issues, of course, might figure out their own workarounds.

This is one of the many reasons why Windows phones are losing their steam. They seem to be coming out with more and more issues with every new release, even if they do try to get to them quickly. They don’t always get to them in a timely manner.

There has been a lot of talk about how Microsoft simply doesn’t care about their phones, which does seem to be seen in their phone releases, or lack thereof.

Windows phones don’t have the most killer technology, they don’t make you interested in showing off your phone to others, and they don’t really have anything super phenomenal about them.

The biggest issue is the lack of presentation when it comes to a new release. When you look at the release of a new iPhone or Android device, you get excited. The commercials are strong, the initial presentation shows off all the new things in the devices, and they make you excited because of the way they present them.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t do the same. Part of it might be that they don’t want to get people’s hopes up and make them super hyped for the phone, but they need to realize that not everyone is going to love their phone, no matter what.

Giving a better presentation might just make Windows phones come back in a strong and exciting way. Also, if they put a little more time into improving the overall quality of their phones, it will help even more with selling the phones.

Even so, Windows phones still have a place in society, even if they seem to be dying out. There will always be people with Windows computers, so there will always be people with Windows phones.

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