5 Ways to Fix an iPhone 6 That Isn’t Connecting to WiFi

April 22, 2016

The iPhone 6 is truly a sensation especially considering the hype associated with this new smartphone with an incredible design and exciting features. However, despite the popularity and the excitement sorrounding iPhone 6, there are underlying issues with this smartphone that have given some users a headache especially when it comes to finding the appropriate solutions.

One of the biggest concerns of iPhone 6 is its failure to connect to WiFi a problem which has been noted by a significant number of users. Almost every user has encountered this challenge at some point in time when using their smartphone. It doesn’t make sense to have such a sophisticated smartphone which cannot connect to the internet. The good news is this problem isn’t permanent and therefore should be no cause for worry. There are different techniques that you can try to fix an iPhone 6 that has failed to connect to a WiFi network.

It has been noted that this problem happens especially for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners who have in the recent past, updated their smartphones to iOS 8. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a tech guru to sort this issue out because the solutions offered in this article are simple and straight to the point. Of course, before proceeding to any of the alternatives below, check your router to establish whether it’s working perfectly. Before taking your iPhone 6 to an Apple Store for technical support, one of the methods described below should be able to restore WiFi connectivity to your iPhone 6.

5 Techniques of Fixing an iPhone 6 that has failed to Connect to WiFi

Reset Network Settingsreset-network-settings-iphone 5 Ways to Fix an iPhone 6 That Isn’t Connecting to WiFi

Should you happen to find that your router is functioning well, it means the problem now lies with your iPhone 6. The next thing you should try out is to reset your iPhone 6 network settings by following these steps;

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone 6.

  • Next, navigate to General and choose Reset option.

  • Then, proceed and click on Reset Network Settings.

So far, compared to other methodologies of sorting out this problem, this procedure has been found to be the most effective and most preferred method of restoring WiFi connectivity to your iPhone 6. When you’re done with the above steps, your smartphone will be compelled to reboot. Doing this erases any saved WiFi passwords and therefore, you have to enter passwords afresh if you want your iPhone 6 to connect to a WiFi network.

Disable WiFi Service Settingsreset-network-settings-iphone 5 Ways to Fix an iPhone 6 That Isn’t Connecting to WiFi

This is another great alternative you can try out if you want to solve the problem of iPhone 6 connectivity to WiFi networks. Here, you need to do the following;

  • On your smartphone, Go to Settings

  • Navigate to Privacy and Choose Location Services

  • Scroll down until you find System Services and then locate the option, WiFi Networking.

If this option (WiFi networking) is enabled, you need to disable it.

However, it is often advised not to stop your troubleshooting at this point. You need to reboot your smartphone once the above process has been completed. After the reboot is successful, you can attempt to establish a WiFi network and see whether it will work.

Return your iPhone 6 to Factory Resetreset-network-settings-iphone 5 Ways to Fix an iPhone 6 That Isn’t Connecting to WiFi

In case your iPhone 6 fails to connect to a WiFi connection, another great option to try is to reset your iPhone to factory settings using the brief process described below;

– Navigate to Settings option on your iPhone 6.

– Go to General and then tap on the option, Reset.

– Then, select Erase All Content and Settings. At this point, if you had a WiFi password before, you’ll be required to enter it.

To finalize the process, click on the option Erase iPhone to finalize the reset process.

Note that a factory reset takes a long time to complete depending on how many services and apps you’ve installed on your iPhone 6. If you have several apps and services running, it will take several minutes to successfully complete the factory reset; this shouldn’t worry you.

Reset from iTunes

reset-network-settings-iphone 5 Ways to Fix an iPhone 6 That Isn’t Connecting to WiFi

Interestingly, you can use the option of resetting from iTunes to try and see whether you can fix iPhone 6 WiFi connectivity issues.

  • For starters, connect your iPhone 6 to a PC.

  • Then, move onto iTunes and choose the phone that will show on the dashboard.

  • From the Summary tab. Click on the Restore button.

  • Be patient and wait until the restoration has completed and the iPhone 6 has rebooted.

  • Immediately the Hello screen appears, complete setting up your iPhone 6 by following the steps outlined on the computer screen.

Some iPhone 6 users have admitted this process has worked in some cases where other options of fixing iPhone 6 connectivity issues to WiFi have failed.

Update iOS

reset-network-settings-iphone 5 Ways to Fix an iPhone 6 That Isn’t Connecting to WiFi

On many occasions, WiFi connectivity challenges for iPhone 6 and other iOS gadgets have been blamed on using older versions of iOS on your smartphone. Apparently, a lot of people whose iPhone 6 gadgets still run on older iOS complain they frequently encounter this challenge. However, if this is what is causing your iPhone 6 not to connect to the internet, you simply need to update your operating system and all these issues will be automatically resolved. A lot of people concur their smartphones are once again connected successfully to WiFi networks after they updated their operating systems.

If your iPhone 6 is having WiFi connectivity issues, do not hesitate to try any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting options. A lot of users manage to resolve this problem on their own using the methodologies discussed above. However, if your smartphone still fails to connect to WiFi after exhausting the above options, you need to take it to an Apple Store located nearest to you to have it examined by qualified Apple technicians.

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