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December 8, 2015

Well, are you tired of hearing tips, news, guides, apps-info, and every ingredient only about Google’s Android? If it’s so! Then I won’t tire you anymore because today I am bringing to you top 5 free apps for iPhone. Well, either you agree with me or not, but one thing is for certain that Apple has beaten most of the app stores in the world (even Android ones) when it comes to ultimate quality and the number of remarkable applications for their iPhone. If you have ever used or are using an iPhone, you will understand what I am trying to say with the above sentence. Well, let us not get into details of whose good or whose bad instead we shall focus on the top 5 free apps for iPhone that I have on my sleeve to tell you about.

Top 5 Free Apps For iPhone

Google Maps

Believe me that Apple’s own competitor’s application for navigation runs best on its iPhone. For all your navigational purposes, Google Maps will provide you an outclass service on an iPhone, and it’s completely free! Although Apple has its own pre-installed navigational application, but it’s certainly no match for the brilliant Google Maps. Let your data sync if you’re a Google user with Google servers online and save your GPS tracks/locations and all roaming activities around the world with this free and popular app right on your iPhone.


Having an iPhone and taking no pictures through its amazing camera is a thing for only grandpas. So another free and amazing app from the top 5 free apps for iPhone is the Snapseed, your primary photo editing & effect-making application in iPhone. Snapseed incorporates a bunch of great photo editing options and this is all free for you. So enjoy making innovations in your pictures in iPhone from Snapseed.

Weather Underground

So if you are always out & on the go and a weather-conscious as well, Weather Underground should be your app from the top 5 free apps for iPhone. Weather Underground is something like a complete solution to all weather related reports & news from around the globe including your local city/town as well. However, the only flaw or actually a way for the developers to keep going the app is that its free version displays ads. Other than that, Weather Underground is just a perfect weather app.

Google Chrome

Remember, no matter where you go you just can’t run away from the Google leadership. But without a doubt some Google apps, specifically Chrome, is the difference maker in the industry of web browsing today. And iPhone is also capable of running the world’s number 1 web browser quite conveniently. So, enjoy this amazing free app from the top 5 free apps for iPhone and stay ahead of the competition in web browsing.


This final app from the top 5 free apps for iPhone is actually one for some serious persons who likes to keep track and manage their finances. With Mint on your side, you can keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, investments, and almost everything that is confidential and financial. This type of applications comes pretty handy on the time when you urgently need to see your expenses or track down your reports for loans and mortgages. So, download and install Mint in your iPhone and know your financial world better.

Well, this concludes my list of top 5 free apps for iPhone, which is definitely far from being a complete one because of a number of numerous apps. But as a user of iPhone, you can certainly keep your quest going in which you will find out many more helpful apps for your usage. So, which one’s are you suing now in your iPhone? Do let us know!

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