10+ Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

August 29, 2016

In our technology-centric world, it can be hard to make new friends in real life. Back before the Internet took off, people would have to meet people by going to bars, or meeting mutual friends, or by just striking up a conversation in the street. Now that we’re constantly on our phones and we can get in contact with millions of people all over the world by touching a few buttons it’s become harder to meet people in a real-life setting, which may be why 1-in-3 relationships now start online.

Who needs real life?

This isn’t a bad thing. If you’re a little shy or socially awkward, going up to a stranger and striking up a conversation in real life probably isn’t your idea of a great time. But if you go to a chat room, all you have to do is write someone a quick message and see if they respond.

It can be a lot easier to talk to strangers over the Internet as a lot of the pressure is gone, and if you want to stop the conversation you can just close the chat rather than think of a convincing excuse and physically walk away. You can also get in contact with a lot more people online than you can in real life, and you can make friends and connections all over the world in a way that would be impossible through face-to-face contact.

Find the right chat room for you

Chat rooms are great places to meet people online. There really is a chat room for everyone; there are thousands upon thousands of chat rooms all over the Internet that focus on specific and not so specific topics, so you can pick an interest and find similar minded people far quicker and easier than in real life. There are also chat rooms designed for people who want to make new friends, for people who are looking for a relationship, advice chat rooms, discussion chat rooms and pretty much anything you could want.

We’re here to help

With so many options, finding the right chat room for you may seem a bit daunting. We have compiled a list of some of the best free chat rooms out there; whilst this is just a small sample, we’re giving you a broad over view of the many types of chat rooms you can find on the internet, and where you should go if your looking for new dinner party friends, the love of your life or just someone to chat to on slow evenings.

1. Second LifeSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

Second Life is an amazing user-created 3D virtual world that let’s you escape reality and step into a whole other world where you can be anyone you want to be. Explore and create this amazingly diverse user-made world with zombies, beautiful scenery and amazing destinations. Second Life lets you connect with people all over the world, and gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and let your alter ego come out to play.

Joining Second Life is very easy. You simply create a sim-like avatar to be your second life character (you have a choice between regular people, zombies or vampires), it’s very quick and easy to finish registering your account, and then you just download and play! Second Life comes in free and premium versions; we recommend trying the free version first.

Who will you be? What will you look like? If you need a break from your real life, why not escape into second life?

2. Elite SinglesSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

This US based site is more for dating than making friends, but it’s still a great place for Americans to meet each other. This site has verified profiles, which is really important because it helps ensure who you think you are talking to really is who they say they are. This website relies on personality tests and your own stated preferences to find compatible matches for you, and if you find someone you like you can send them a cheeky smiley to get things started.

Elite Singles uses the ‘Five Factor model’ that is verified by psychology and statisticians to find your perfect match. They take location, religion and ethnicity into account to find you sensible matches, and they maintain a high level of security.

3. PaltalkSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

If you want the experience of meeting new people face to face but you don’t want to leave the house, Paltalk could be for you. This app uses live group video chats to connect people, and with thousands of chat rooms available and millions of members all over the world to meet, chances are you’ll find some like-minded people and make some new friends.

Want the feeling of meeting people in real life, but don’t want to go out and meet people? Download Paltalk on your smart phone and have great conversations with real people then and there. If you don’t want to video chat, you can still join one of the text-based chat rooms. Don’t have anything to say? Start the conversation off with a nice GIF or gift.

4.eHarmonySecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

eHarmony is a very popular dating site that aims to match singles for long term relationships. New members complete a detailed questionnaire, which asks about their beliefs, values, skills and personality, and then eHarmony uses algorithms to match compatible people together.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the founder of eHarmony worked as a clinical psychologist for years and has a lot of experience counselling couples and giving relationship advice. He used his experience with relationships to create this website, and aims to help everyone find someone they can have a long and happy marriage with. Whilst not everyone does meet the love of their life, the website states that on average 438 members marry n the US every day after meeting on eHarmony.

This website is primarily suited for single people who want to find someone for a long term commitment and possibly marriage, so it may not be the best place to look for friends. If you are after that special someone however, eHarmony can use science to find your perfect match.

5.IMVUSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

IMVU is an avatar-based website that lets you connect with people all over the world. Like Second Life, IMVU relies on user-generated content that can be used to personalise your 3D avatar. With over 2 million users, a massive collection of 30 million virtual goods, and a range of emojis and communication options it’s never been easier to connect with strangers.

Some people find it easier to meet people online when they are using an avatar, as they are able to open up without anyone knowing their true identity. If you’re a little shy, or you want to explore different aspects of your personality that don’t come out in daily life, then IMVU may be for you.

6.CharmdateSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

Charm date is an online dating website that matches Russian and Ukranian singles with others all over the world. This is primarily a website for men to meet Russian and Ukranian women for dates and more, but it could always be used to make friends.

There are plenty of translation options so you can communicate with people who speak different languages, so you will be able to talk to each other with no problems. It can be quite a costly service, and some people have outed it as a scam, so it’s up to you if you want to look into it.

7. Enter chatroomSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

Enter chatroom lets you video chat or message via text with people all over the world. You can pick a country and select the chat room you want to enter to meet people from a specific place, or you can go to the ‘worldwide’ chat rooms to meet people from all over the world. You have the option to use the first chat room you enter as a guest, and then you can register for a quick and easy free account.

Whilst there are a lot of people who use this (and other) chat rooms for no-strings online fun, Enter chatroom can also be used to make friends or even meet potential love matches. You can have group and private chats, chat with or without video, and it’s very easy to get chatting to people completely anonymously so you can choose if and when you reveal yourself.

8. Date.comSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

This is another dating website that aims to connect singles looking for love, friendship, dating and marriage. Like eHarmony, Date.com uses a scientific method to match people based on compatibility, and a lot of this is based on the profile you create and your tastes, priorities and personality.

It’s quick, easy and free to set up a profile and you will be able to give a detailed description both of yourself and what you want in a partner, so the people you are matched with are likely to be on the same wavelength and looking for the same things. It is very hard to meet someone in real life these days, and even if you do it can take a long time to find out if you are actually compatible. Save time and increase your chance of finding the one with some scientific based online dating.

9. BadooSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

Since its launch in 2006, Badoo has worked to connect people all over the world. Today they have 321,539,474 members from 190 countries. Badoo supports 46 languages, and offers a range of games and features to get people talking. It’s free to sign up for the basic service, and that lets you chat, send photos and videos and contact anyone from your local area or anywhere else in the world.

It’s very easy to set up an account via Facebook, and then thousands of people from all corners of the globe (or people from your local area) will be just a few clicks away. Badoo is dedicated to connecting people, and the primary aim seems to be friendship. Whilst you may well find love along the way, this is a great place for people who just want to chat with similar minded people, or play a few games with new friends.

10. ihookupSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

This is another online dating site, but whereas the others on this list focus on long term relationships and love, iHookup is more about casual meet ups and flexibility. This website isn’t for people who want to meet someone for a life-long commitment. I-hookup is all about being single, having fun and bringing like-minded people together. I-hookup states they have nothing against relationships, but that’s just not the focus of the site.

I-hookup also has quite a refreshing approach to dating; rather than base everything on scientific algorithms; ihookup bases everything on old-fashioned physical attraction. It’s all about finding someone you’re attracted to, establishing what you’re looking for and then having some fun. It’s a great way to meet people for casual arrangements like one or two nightstands, casual dating or friends with benefits.

11. ZobeSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

It’s very easy to use Zobe; simply choose a user name and select your age, gender and chosen chat room, and then get chatting with people from all over the world. This is a HTML5 and Java Script powered chat room, which works as you would expect; you can stay in the group chat, or if you find anyone you like you can opt for a private chat.

Your username will be displayed in the chat room, but apart from that you will remain anonymous unless you choose to reveal yourself. Anonymous chat can be a lot of fun and take the pressure off, but just remember that if you are anonymous everyone else is as well. Don’t share private information with strangers, because you don’t know who they are.

12. Match.comSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

Match.com is one of the most popular dating apps today. Match has been around for ten years, and they have built an impressive reputation over the years. As one of the countries most popular and well-known apps, Match aims to connect singles for dating, serious relationships and even marriage.

Match’s current advertising campaign is #LoveYourImperfections, which emphasises the importance of finding someone who loves you as you are. This is a real app for real people, and it has had a lot of success over the last ten years.

As well as offering an online dating service, Match runs events where single people can meet in person at informal activities, and they also publish dating advice and support via their blog and related publications.

13. ChatrouletteSecond_Life 10+  Best Free Chat Rooms For Making New Friends

Chatroulette is a popular video chat website which helps you meet people from all over the world. It pairs you with a random person, and the two of you can chat via webcam or through text. If at any point one of you want to move onto someone else, you simple skip to someone else.

The name says it all really, because you never know whose going to be on the other webcam. Whilst there is a lot of unwelcome nudity of the male variety and there are a lot of people on it for voyeuristic purposes, you can meet pretty much anyone on Chatroulette and it can lead to some hilarious and even meaningful encounters. All you need is a webcam, so go ahead and give it a try.

14. Chat for free

This is a free video chat website that has been around since 2005. They offer HD webcam chat, easy use on mobiles, and random group chats with thousands of users. There is unlimited access for guests (so you never have to register), there are tons of chatrooms dedicated to all kinds of topics, and best of all there is nothing to download or pay.

15. Elite Mate

Another popular dating site is elite mate, a dedicated matchmaking website which features singles events, video profiles, advanced astrological compatibility and even anonymous telephone communication.

Elite Mate is targeted towards young single professionals in their 20s and 30s who are looking to meet someone for dates friendship or a relationship. The first log in is free, so why not give it a try?

16. Matchmaker

Matchmaker is yet another dating website that has been around for a while and managed to build itself an impressive reputation. This site differs from the others, however, in that it is designed for mature people.

Matchmaker is best suited for single people aged 35+, perhaps those who have spent most of their lives working on their careers and are now ready for marriage. This site is very marriage orientated, and the idea is to connect older singles who are looking for a serious commitment and/or marriage.

You can join the 10 million people already using Matchmaker for free today and be set up with an eligible mature single specifically chosen for you by yet another scientific algorithm. This site is great if you are older and are ready for marriage, but if you just want a bit of fun or are only looking for friends it may not be the right fit.

That’s it for our list of the best chat rooms for making new friends and/or finding love. If you have any questions or know of anything we missed out, please let us know in the comments section below.

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