Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

April 30, 2016

When you need your writing to be error free, you need the best to check your work. It can be hard to find all of your errors yourself. Using a grammar check tool can find those mistakes that you miss yourself. Here are excellent sites to check your online writing for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

All of these sites are free to use and many offer paid subscriptions with additional features. Another benefit to these online grammar programs is that they offer you training in your writing. They help you learn how to find these mistakes in your own writing—because after using these tools, you will find that you are noticing where you tend to err the most. This may help prevent you from making these errors to begin with.

After the Deadline

Hopefully, you are not checking your work “after the deadline.” And hopefully instead, you are checking your work well before it is due. This way, your work will be error free to whomever you need to turn it into. A tool that can be used to check this work for errors is the “After the Deadline” grammar tool. This tool was designed by the Automattic Company.

Other products by Automattic include WordPress—the blogging platform. “After the Deadline” checks for the following issues in your writing:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Word usage – it gives you suggestions for new words you can put in place of the ones you have.
  • And more!

The website is easy to use, and there is also a downloadable extension for your desktop.

Grammarlygrammarly-review Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

Grammarly is an online grammar tool that won’t cost you anything to use. You simply paste in the text you wish you have checked—onto the Grammarly website—and the tool checks your work. You can also install a handy extension through the Google Chrome browser that allows you even easier use of the service.

In addition to the Chrome add-on, Microsoft offers one for their Word programs as well as for their Outlook mail program. The Grammarly program can help you make sure your vocabulary fits with your writing. It checks for plagiarism—if you pay extra for the premium plan.

Hemingwaygrammarly-review Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

Hemingway is a free grammar tool. It lets you simply enter text on the Hemingway site and the program goes through the entire text to check for errors. When the results of your grammar check are returned to you, the tool helps you fix the mistakes or issues. This helping tool also explains why there was an issue in the first place. This explanation can help you learn what mistakes you tend to make—and hopefully help you stop making them. The Hemingway system offers simple color-coded explanations for each issue it finds.

  • If you have a red-highlighted sentence, the tool thinks the sentence is too complicated and should be simplified a bit. These sentences need major work done on them.
  • A yellow highlight signifies a slightly less complex sentence, but one that could still benefit from a little bit of reworking and rewording. It is helpful that the Hemingway tool gives you a range of sentences possibly being too complex. This makes the corrections easier to understand and ultimately fix and complete.
  • A word that has a purple highlighting on it is the tool suggesting to you that a shorter word could possibly be placed there instead of the one you have.
  • The Blue highlighting means the tool has found extraneous words in your sentences.
  • The green highlighting suggests that the sentence(s) are too passive and should be potentially be written in a more active voice.

Paste or type your desired text into the text box on the Hemingway site, and it will fix your mistakes. The desktop version can be purchased for $9.99. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Gingergrammarly-review Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

The Ginger grammar tool comes in the online website version and as a separate downloadable software for your computer. The following are features of the Ginger software program:

  • Sentence Rephraser – gives you suggestions as to how you could change words or replace words in your sentences to make them read more fluently or make more sense to the reader.
  • Dictionary
  • Grammar Checker
  • Text to speech – you can speak into the program and it will type what you have said.
  • Translation
  • And more!

WhiteSmokegrammarly-review Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

Many grammar sites offer simple text boxes where you can enter your text to be checked. Whitesmoke will help you find your grammar errors and fix them for you as well. The Whitesmoke website is easy to use; and you also have the option to use the desktop version of the tool.

This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. The desktop version does cost money though. And a mobile version also exists for the iOS and Android platforms. This is at an additional cost too, (of $9.95 for month). The Whitesmoke tool will check for plagiarism, punctuation, translation, and more.

Grammarcheckgrammarly-review Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

Another helpful online tool to check your grammar is one succinctly called: GrammarCheck. After typing in the writing you need checked into the text on the Grammarcheck’s website, your words are thoroughly checked for mistakes.

It will check your text after you have typed it as well as checking your text while you are typing to help you save time. Grammarcheck also lets you upload a page of information you wish to have checked, if you do not wish to type it into their website.

Spellcheckergrammarly-review Proper Grammar Saves Lives: Have your Grammar Checked Regularly

For ease of use and accuracy, Spellchecker offers you a chance to correct your writing by simply scanning your words and alerting you to your spelling errors. Remember that it is not just grammar issues that can plague your writing.

Your major concern might be your spelling. Spellchecker works very simply: visit the Spellchecker site and paste or type in your writing. The program will automatically correct them for you. This site could then be utilized with one of the grammar sites in this list—to more fully check your content for issues.

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