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March 27, 2016

It might surprise some that not everybody has yet embraced the evolution of mobile phone technology and owned a smartphone. Whether through decision, accessibility or spending plan, numerous individuals still utilize simple phone features and they’re happy to do so. Mostly they use their phones to call and sending messages.

Indeed, even the individuals who have smartphones would sometimes prefer essentially not to be playing any of the cool games that are made available in the app form. Luckily, there are a lot of messaging games that you can play. Most of them are exceptionally simple to operate. For those who have smartphones, they can even use chat apps like WhatsApp to play these cool messaging games. They can help reduce boredom as well as strengthen friendship bonds.

What takes after are some of the best and awesome messaging games that you’re able to play instantly without expecting to install or download anything.

Story Builder

They frequently say two heads are superior to anything one, and though I don’t generally concur, collaborative writing can be one of the most fascinating and imaginative types of writing in existence.

With this game, one of you starts the story by messaging to another person. The other individual then come up with another message in the story and sends it back to the first person. Gradually yet definitely, you two create an interesting story over the course of some texts.

To make the game even more interesting, feel free to add confinement like word count or other restrictions that hinder individuals from gushing off the first thing that comes to mind.

I Spy

It’s the great I Spy, a game, which has been a most loved of families for eras. Mostly, it has been played by friends and families in the same building. One would hold an object and then the others would guess what it was after being given a simple clue.

However, the blind version has the same amount of fun. Start by letting your opponent know where you’re, to give them a battling shot. At that point, check out your surroundings until your mind’s eye specifically fixes on something. Then, your opponent needs to think about what it’s you’ve spied, with just the very first letter of the item to figure from.

Note that you need to give clues after every negative reaction to an incorrect guess. Or you can limit the number of guesses permitted. You can also send pictures and ask them to find a certain object from given clues.

20 Questions

This classic and enlivening game gets significantly more insane when you play it by text. Much the same as the first, you’ll think of a man, place or thing. At that point your friend will ask you a series of “yes/no” inquiries. He or she will utilize the responses to figure out your subject, yet should do as such in 20 questions or less. Variations in this game include limiting your thoughts to particular genre.

Guess the Character

When chatting with friends becomes boring, you can introduce this game in the chat to liven up your moods.

In this game, you need to assume the character of either a celebrity, renowned actor or any other famous person. You then need to give your friends hints about the character, so they can start guessing who you are.


This game involves one person giving an abbreviation in communication, instead of saying a complete statement or word. This may be an abbreviation of a sentence, explaining what the other person is doing or any other thing. You are then supposed to try and solve the puzzle to understand what they mean, through giving guesses.

Would You Rather?

This is a game that will certainly reveal the nature or character of your friend. Its basic structure is one person asking, “would you rather…”followed by two contrasting speculative scenarios. The choices can be as interrelated or as distant as you need them to be, however the two situations ought to convey measure up to weight if possible. Attempt to be innovative in your questioning. Additionally, recall the best questions are the ones depicting two, uncomfortable and just as loathsome situations.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

The game needs only two participants, one to give the list of options from which to choose and one to answer in response. Here, you present names of three people and ask your friend who they would Kiss, Marry or Kill. However, this game may need to be played with some people who have some sense of humor and may not take offence to any question. You can drop some names that would put your friend in an uncomfortable situation to choose.

Silly Pictures

This is a very interesting game that involves sending pictures. In this game, you send some of the funniest pictures to your friends and ask them to do the same. Soon you will have a collection of some of the funniest pictures on the Internet. You can also answer questions with memes and troll pictures to make the whole chat interesting.

What If

All of us have some moments when we sit and think, “what if, I had done things differently?” This situation can be used to create an interesting game.

It involves putting your friends in a “what if” scenario. You send them a text with the message, ‘what if”. They then create possible situations and send them to you. Very funny answers can come out of this game.


Some texting games are very simple and some are complicated. They are all playable between 2 people or more using simple phones that have the capability of sending text messages, or even smartphones. Feel free to try some of them with your friends and notice how fun text messaging becomes.

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