6+ Alternatives To Clash Of Clans

August 29, 2016

Are You A Gamer?

If you are, then chances are you’ve tried games across all different platforms. If you are a dedicated gamer, then you will have undoubtedly tried mobile gaming at least once in your life. And if you’re big on mobile gaming, then it’s almost a guaranteed fact that you’ll have played or if not played, heard of, Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans is probably the most popular mobile-based strategy game out there. It offers players the opportunity to create their own army and in doing so, forge their own fictitious legacy. The main objective is to upgrade your empire and grow your army, both to prevent and fend off enemy attacks but also to ensure that you can produce deadly and effective attacks of your own. The more that you expand your clan and the more powerful it becomes, the more dominant you will become as a clan leader and your name will go down in virtual history.

If you’ve played Clash of Clans before (and there’s a very good chance that you have) and you enjoyed it, then why not try out some other games that are similar in game-play styles, but have an air of uniqueness to them as well?

I will be providing you with a list of the six best alternatives to Clash of Clans. Give them a try! You never know, you might just discover your true love!

(Warning: some of these games can become highly addictive and the author of this article cannot be held responsible for any subsequent occurrences. Including, but not limited to: loss of job, loss of family, loss of friends and (especially) loss of life in general – figuratively, not literally.)

Boom Beachog_boombeach

Developed by Supercell – the very same company who developed Clash of Clans – Boom Beach is another prime example of one of the greatest mobile-based games out there. It may have been developed by the same company, but that doesn’t mean that it provides you with the same experience. The basic objectives of each game are extremely similar: defend your own headquarters by fending off enemy attacks and onslaughts and also, ignite attacks of your own, striving to demolish the enemy forces. But, aside from that, Boom Beach offers a whole new range of features and concepts. As opposed to its predecessor, Boom Beach allows you to train troops and it also grants you access to more advanced weaponry in a more advanced world. Instead of knights and sorcerers as in Clash of Clans, you are given the ability to wreak havoc with weapons of total mass annihilation.

Other fun features are: the ability to create structures which have an array of different benefits, strengthen your defences through a boatload of various means, loot other players bases to accumulate (or basically, steal) resources which give you access to far greater power and of course, facing fear-evoking Blackguard Bosses and learning of their evil plans.

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, then let me put it plainly: Boom Beach is incredibly feature-rich and in turn, incredibly addictive (so I’ve heard. I don’t have time to play games. I’m too busy writing articles…) So, if you enjoyed Clash of Clans, then this is pretty much the next best thing. It’s almost slightly like Clash of Clans evolved. It went from medieval to modern and that is an evolution that I would highly recommend partaking in!

Call of Duty: HeroesCODH_Promotional_Image

Now, remember at the start of this article, when I asked you if you were a gamer?

Well, seeing as you’ve read this far, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the answer to that question is a big, wholehearted: YES! And if you fall into the category of ‘gamer’ then I wouldn’t believe you for a single second if you told me that you’ve never played Call of Duty. And I’d be even more devastated if you told me that you aren’t a fan of Call of Duty (I know it has gone downhill recently, but it’s okay, they’re remastering the old games so they can be forgiven.) And if you are a fan of Call of Duty, then this one’s for you.

Heroes isn’t your typical CoD affair. It isn’t the first person shooter that we’ve all grown to know and love. It is in fact, a strategy game that plays very similarly to Clash of Clans. You create and grow your own base, you fend off enemy attacks and you start attacks of your own – just like in the two aforementioned games. Only this time, the experience is much more dear to our little gaming hearts.

How I hear you ask?

Well, considering the fact that you can take control of and level up heroes (hence the name) from the franchise, such as: Soap, Price and Harper, need I say anymore? That pretty much answers your question. In this game, the player can manipulate their favourite Call of Duty heroes in order to fend off the enemy. What more could you want?

But just in case you do want more, here’s a list of some of the games other cool features: you can train and specialise your troops using units that already exist within the Call of Duty world, such as Juggernauts and CLAWs, you can activate classic CoD killstreaks such as: the drone strike, UAV recon, chopper gunner and care packages, you can fortify your base with sentry guns, SAM turrets, mines, howitzers and over thirty other upgradable structures and defence systems and way, way more!

If you love the Clash of Clans style of game-play and you also love the Call of Duty franchise, then I think you have just discovered the ultimate mobile-based game for you. Download it, fall in love with it and thank me later.

Vikings: War of Clansvikingswar

Vikings: War of Clans is a game that both feels and plays a lot like Clash of Clans, but instead of being set in the medieval world, Vikings: War of Clans – quite obviously – takes you back to the world of Vikings, recreating the feel of said world and harnessing the concepts of it.

In this game, the same principal applies: you must take over the weaker tribes, fight off the attacking tribes and also expand your tribe whilst doing so. But as well as the basic goal that it shares with pretty much every other game on this list, Vikings: War of Clans also provides the players with other unique features, meaning a subtle difference in the style of play.

For example, one of the awesome features that this game includes is boats. Of course, being a Viking based game, boats were a must in this game, but the ways that they can be used and the ways in which they are implemented into the game are brilliant. Other key features in this game include: superior graphics – you’ll notice that the graphics in this game are actually rather remarkable considering the platform, a vast range of worriers to choose from: horsemen, furies, archeresses, mercenaries and a whole lot more, battles against players from all across the globe, become a leader or a member of an almighty clan – we could go on all day here.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a game which plays like Clash of Clans, has amazing graphics and is Viking based, then look to further. This one is for you.

Clash of Kingsclash of kings

Similar in name, similar in style. Clash of Kings is a massive online battle game, which is more focused on real-time strategy game-play. It again shares the same basic goal: to crush your enemy and protect and build your kingdom, but it also adds a lot of unique twists and features to prevent the fun from ever ending.

Like the previous game, Clash of Kings has immense graphics. The detail in respect to the buildings and landscape is more like that of a more console-based game than a mobile-based one. Everything is crisp and richly detailed from the tool-stood trees all the way through to the grey, cracked concrete brickwork. Every visual adds to the whole kingdom feel.

Some of its unique features include: the ability to team up with or turn on other kings to better your kingdom, real-time strategy and resource management – building farms and sawmills to gain resources and strengthen your city, brilliant 3D MMO battles, multiplayer PVP battles online, build your city, upgrade your castle, build a fortress, an army barracks, a hospital and a whole lot more in order to forge your legacy.

Download Clash of Kings now and see for yourself! Your kingdom is waiting!

Dragon Clansdragon clans

If you’re big into your fantasy sort of games and you enjoy the feeling of the magical fantasy world, a land where mages conquer and dragons soar, then look no further. As the player, your aim is to build and set up your village in preparations for battler with villages nearby.

Grow your army and build your village. The stronger you get the further you will go in this game. Much like the rest of the games on this list, if you aren’t growing your village and taking over others whilst doing so, then you aren’t really progressing much.

This game brings yet again a whole new feel to the concept. We haven’t got another one on this list that is set in a fantasy style world and it is that exact theme which makes this game that little bit different. That little bit unique. If you like the idea of mages, dragons, magic and witchcraft and all that sort of stuff, then this is the version for you. One of the greatest features in this game is the ways in which the dragons can be used. Seeing as it is dragon focused, the dragons can be trained and upgraded – to guard your base when enemies attack, but they can also be sent out with the rest of your units to wreak havoc on enemy villagers.

It wraps all of these awesome features into one well-built, graphically brilliant, world of true fantasy. And if that sounds like your cup of tea, then drink up, you won’t be disappointed.

Ninja Kingdomninja kingdom

Yes, you heard right!

Yet another game that plays like Clash of Clans, but holds a totally new and unique theme, which ultimately, makes this type of game even better.

As I bet you’ll struggle to guess, Ninja Kingdom is a ninja based (is it really?!?!) interactive game in which you harness the power of your mini ninjas in order to cause the demise of your opponent.

In this game you can train your ninjas to maximise their potential. Make sure to plan your attacks carefully depending on how your army has been trained and also on the enemy’s base. You can opt for stealth based attacks or you can go for all out carnage, the choice is totally and utterly yours.

And that – much like with the other games on this list – is the reason that this game is so epically beautiful.

Grab your device and go!

Well go on! What are you waiting for?

You’re obviously here because you love Clash of Clans and the games which I have listed are all played in a similar way, but they all contain loads of different features which make them slightly different – sort of like with us as humans.

Just think of it as a chance to relive Clash of Clans over and over again in various different realms, ages and situations. Or, if you aren’t that big of a Clash of Clans fan, but you just love strategy games, then the same applies: get out there and play those games.

Download them, play them, become addicted, lose your job, lose your wife and then lose your sanity. You know, all that good stuff. But trust me, these games are so good, that it’s almost worth it!


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