8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

April 18, 2016

In this era of advanced software development, there are several programs available for people wishing to do different things. GarageBand is popular and top rated free music software which has the capability to record complete albums thanks to an intuitive and friendly user interface. No doubt, this program is a perfect choice for many users. GarageBand is very popular because it has the latest features and add-ons required to make a good song.

Big names in the music industry have used GarageBand to either record hits or simply make music for fun. The main disadvantage of this app is its limited to iOS devices only. This means users of other operating system don’t get the chance to enjoy this app. However, this shouldn’t worry you because there are other numerous music apps on the market with equivalent or even better features compared to GarageBand. Note that while some of these apps are free, you need to pay for others. In this article, we have put together a list of popular GarageBand alternatives for your PC for those looking for something different and powerful.


Price: Free

Visit Site: https://lmms.io/

LMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

LMMS is a powerful free digital open-source music platform which has gained massive popularity in the recent years. Unlike GarageBand which is restricted to Apple devices, LMMS works with Windows, Linux and Apple OS X operating system. LMMS has won the hearts of many because aside from being free software, it has an impressive and simple interface. Using this interface, you can conveniently compose new music, sequence, mix and automate songs as well as ensure chords, melodies and patterns are fined tuned using the Piano Roll Editor. You can also access musical instruments as well as mixing features to enable you create perfect music and tunes.

LMMS project was founded by a volunteer development team that was keen to create an open source and powerful music production platform. Visual appeal UI, flexibility and versatility are some of the key highlights of LMMS.

Mixcraft 7

Visit Site:  http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/

Price: Paid – $89.95 with Free TrialLMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

GarageBand is popular amongst its users because this app has numerous library loops that simplify the process of making music. Mixcraft 7 is an excellent app that comes with similar features which allow you to select and put together different loops via a simplified drag and drop feature. Mixcraft 7 is very similar to GarageBand especially considering the user interface is simple and friendly to use. In addition, there are also several plugins included that can fine tune your music and include various sound and music instrument effects. Mixcraft 7 is a powerful app that can be used edit videos as well.

Stagelight by Open Labs

Visit site: http://us.openlabs.com/

Price: $9.99 with Free TrialLMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

This music software has an intuitive and simple interface which comfortably accommodates both novice as well as expert users. Stagelight is a perfect alternative for those looking for a perfect Windows alternative to GarageBand. The design of the software has a lot of similarities to Apple’s GarageBand but there are also different features that make Stagelight unique. This software uses a different approach when it comes to digital music production since it has an interface known as live mode. This feature tests various loops with an aim of trying to identify which loops or audio clips work well together.

FL Studio 12

Visit Sitehttps://www.image-line.com/flstudio/

Price: $99 with Free TrialLMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

FL Studio 12 is a good GarageBand alternative whose user interface has been completely redesigned with new features added to make good quality music. This music software is quite famous for the reason you’re allowed a free trial and only upgrade to the paid version if you’re satisfied with its performance.

A lot of users love the software’s workspace because it isn’t cluttered and therefore, you can quickly find the features you’re looking for. The menu simplifies how tasks are accomplished using the system. In addition, it is easy to create channels plus a host of new cool features to enhance user experience and performance. If you’re in need of music software that will guarantee you good results, FL Studio should certainly be on your list.


Visit site: http://www.reaper.fm/

Price: 60 day Free Trial thereafter $ 60 (discounted license) and $ 225 (commercial license)

LMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

This is sophisticated production software that works perfectly with live instruments. While there are numerous programs out there for making music, Reaper has been designed for users with advanced knowledge of music production by giving them various options of how they can produce good quality music.

When you start this application, it is expected that you should be knowledgeable on how to use this software because if not, you’ll need to spend some quality time to grasp how things are done. For its affordable price, this is one of the best digital audio workstations.

Music Maker Jam

Visit Sitehttp://www.music-maker.com/

Price: Free with In-app PurchasesLMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

If you’re looking for an exciting and highly efficient music application, Music Maker Jam is a good choice. For starters, this software is free and you can easily and conveniently use it to create music. Music Maker Jam has a variety of features to make your music making experience fun. For this reason, a lot of people consider Music Maker Jam a good alternative to GarageBand.

Using this software, you have the freedom to choose from 4 music styles and make changes to them each month for free. In addition, you can also have your own music library consisting of various music styles such as Techno, Hip Hop, Metal, House, RnB among others. Also, you can do track remixes and add real-time effects. Fortunately, Music Maker Jam is compatible with both Windows Phone and PCs. In addition, it can also be used for iOS and Android devices.

Logic Pro

Visit Site: http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/

Price: $199.99 (Apple Store)LMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

If you’re interested in a more powerful and efficient platform as compared to GarageBand, Logic Pro is a top rated premium music platform. Logic Pro is an Apple product and application which meets the expectations of a professional music studio. This software comes with a wide array of audio tools and features i.e. loops of 35GB, quality virtual instruments as well as synthesizers among others. Because of all these features, the price tag is reasonable considering the sophistication associated with this music software.

You can record up to 255 tracks as well as edit multiple tracks simultaneously. In addition, there are other sophisticated features such as Flex Pitch which serves as an auto-tune to correct any wandering guitars or errant vocalists. Both GarageBand and Logic Pro share an impressive and elegant user interface. However, Logic Pro is definitely superior in terms of features and performance.


Visit Site: http://trakax.com/

Price: $ 34.95 after 15 days free trialLMMS-Audio-work-station 8 Best Alternatives to GarageBand

TrakaxPC is slightly different from GarageBand because it provides a comprehensive multimedia solution as opposed to music creation only. However, this software has features that facilitate music audio sequencing, mixing tools as well as other audio effects. In addition, there are facilities for crossfading, track cutting, beat matching as well as audio recording. For users, there is excellent support thanks to plenty of tutorials and website support. Anyone intending to use this software can sign up either as a free or premium user. The Pro version has more features. You can also enjoy a 15 day free trial to have a feel of how the software works.

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