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August 19, 2015

You can see this triangular logo from Google drive is top favorite among cloud-storage users. It’s effortlessly recognizable as well. Despite the fact that Google Cloud service is worthy and well famed tool, like with every computer-based program, it also needs improvements as well. Our Google drive tips for Android will help you to enjoy the features most. In the lines below we describe some tricks that help boost your pleasure to use Google Drive more efficiently.

Adding an Image from Camera Roll to Your Documents

In their ongoing process of updating their tools, Google recently introduced a feature to do the trick effortlessly. It enables you to load an image from your camera roll, saved photos, or even an instant shot to desired document.

To do the trick, open a docx file in Google Drive > Click Blue Edit Button in the down right side on your display > click the icon on top right of the display > you can locate the Images, choose the one you wish to join with any of your document either from Camera Roll or from your saved Photos. For instant shot click the exposed shot and it will directly be loaded to your desired document.

Saving Google Drive File to Your Androids Memory

Google drive basically serves the purpose to extend storage facility. It helps save internal storage of desired files in addition to saving the files on which you work on even while you’re offline as well. These Google drive tips for Android can teach you to do this effortlessly.

To work on offline files and add to them in your storage whenever you go online, you need to click and hold the key on desired device-format in Google Drive > Click the appeared Pin icon > the file will be saved in on your device for offline use of it.

To open the file, click the “Left-Hand Hamburger” or Navigation Window then click the screen to see the file/files you have saved earlier. For removal of file from your Android storage click and hold on the selected file > tap the pin icon, your file will be deleted instantly.

Sending a Drive Document through e-mail

In the line of Google drive tips for Android, we proffer another trick for efficient use G-Drive in your Android phone. It’s not necessary to share your document through Google Drive only, it can be done through installed Gmail services on your Android phone as well.
To do the operation you need to create a message on Gmail, Click the paper clip icon on top right of the display > then click “Insert from Drive”, select the Google Drive document you want to send > click the Send key.

Here in Gmail sharing docs, you can set the allowed boundaries for a sender to edit or view, or it will restricted to sender only as well. If you do not like the document to go viral, you can use “Anyone with the Link” or “Recipient of This Mail only” then press “Send” to share it.

Check Recent Activity on Your Google Drive Files

If you’re a regular and extensive user of Google Drive, editing and sharing your documents with others consistently, it’s worthy to check if someone manipulate the document and when and why? To stop any undue manipulation simply click the menu icon at the top right of your display and then see the Details.

Automatic Backup of photos On Google Drive

In the series of our Google drive tips for Android, we will also help you to backup and see your photos in Google Drive as well, thanks to them for updating this feature on March last year that enables you to do so. To do the operation, open the Photos” in Google Drive, click “Turn On” if the auto backup is set to off. Photo app automatically start saving and sharing new shots you recently take with your device’s camera. It will save and send each photo from now onwards up till you turn off your auto back system in Google Drive again.

To see the photos on your Google Drive, simply click the Google Photos in left-hand window of the Google Drive. You can adjust the Auto-Backup settings just by a click to menu at the right side of your Google Photos then visit settings select Auto-Backup and finally have your photos backed up. Here you can tweak whatever options you may add or delete too.

We believe our Google drive tips for Android help you to better manage above mentioned aspects of your Android phone. We appreciate your comments in order to let us know if these tips have really helped you.

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